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My mother is always putting me down, how can i make this stop?

I am 24 yrs old and the baby of the family. My mother for the past 5 years has only given me one compliment you have good grades. She is always helping my brothers and dotes on them. im not fat but im not skinny and my mother is a fanatic about apearences. ive lost 20lbs and all she can say is "thats it?" i love my mom but i havent been the perfect daughter to her all my life and what child is? im tired of being called fat, lazy, ugly and other nasty names by her. im a full time student and i have a full time job so i know im not lazy. I'm just very upset because last weekend she

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My mother is always putting me down, how can i make this stop?

Well, sweetheart, you can't.  Nobody can change anyone else, all you can do is change the reaction you have to their spitefulness.  Right now, she's baiting you.  Don't be the fish.  I am so very sorry it's your mother.  But you are better off without one if that is what it takes, than always wanting her attention and hurting when you don't get it (or getting nothing good from the cruel or snotty attention she puts out to you).   In your shoes, I would find a counselor (if you are in school, go to the counseling center) or therapist, and work some of this out.  You need to be able to detach from her c r ap.  There will be a grieving process, but remember, you are grieving for an idealized mom that you never had, not for the real mom you do have, who is a terrible mom to you.   It is possible to have a good life.  You'll have to have it without your mom being a good mother.  Face that what she has done is awful, and your revenge to mend this is to do some serious work on you, so YOU can go on and have a good and successful life.  The worst thing she has done is to imbed in your psyche the idea of you are fat, lazy, ugly.  You will have to work hard now on yourself if you are not going to hear those names in your head all the rest of your life, on bad days.  Just don't hand your mother the "win" of hurting you so much that it goes down to your kids.  Break the cycle now so you can have much, much better relationships (with your spouse and your kids), later.  Having a happy life is the best way to get back at her for her tries to ruin your life and break your spirit. Again, I'm so sorry.  This is not the way mothers are supposed to be.  But I think you can lift yourself up, as soon as you don't expect anything more from your mom besides grief.
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how do i stop my child eating so much junk

Sit your wife down, put your foot down and say no more! When I was reading  the post I thought you was going to eventually venture into he gets it from school, another family members house, neighbor, Granny/Grandpa, a close friends house or something. He's getting it from home, sir (or in this day and time ma'am). Stop buying so much at one time. If buying in bulk is cheaper, go shopping WITHOUT your children, buy a lock, put it in a tote, and lock it in YOUR bedroom closet, then put a lock on your bedroom door and you issue them out! Problem will be solved, at home anyway. OR you can do like my mom did with me and my brother, take the kids with you to the store, buy in bulk, put them in the cupboard and DARE one of them to take anything out the kitchen without permission, and see what happens. Well... Don't do that, you'll probably be arrested for child threatening or some law they've passed that makes it illegal to discipline your children. Lol. And you know I'm telling you the truth. Lol. Tho my mother was proactive with the snacks, we did get rather hefty off of soul food because we didn't leave the table until it was ALL gone. We had no room for snacks. Lol... Especially when she made field peas, yuck! I remember falling asleep at the table in front of those. But guess what, she'd come and tell me to go to bed for school around 8:30pm, mind you dinner was at 5pm. Lol. The next morning, guess what was for breakfast, those same field peas I mashed up to make it look like I at some... lol... Long story short, I just said the hell with it and I'd gobble them down and chase it with the mac and chese, because we wasn't allowed to get our drink until all our food was gone. Now that should have been child abuse! Lol! But anyways, I'm off subject! Bottom line, don't feel bad because your restricting junkfood, that's your job as a parent! And stop allowing your children to assume they can have what they want when they want, YOUR the ADULT and I'm sure the children dont pay any bills nor the grocery bill! You look them in the eye and say "you eat what I give you" lol... Well... Don't do that one either, they'll go to school and say they didn't eat and they'll come up to your job and arrest you for 27 counts of child neglect... LOL! One thing my mom did that cut down on snacking and portion control. She allowed (made) us help her cook meals. Something about cooking makes you eat less, she'd always say. And to mm this day it's true! Hope I helped!
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2 year old anger

It would be a good idea to see a counselor.  It would be a normal thing for a kid to do if he had been harmed a lot, but it doesn't seem normal for a kid who is never treated harshly.
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stop talking to some one?

What kinds of things do you talk about?
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6 Year old always putting things in mouth/chewing on "stuff"

Constantly chewing can be a sign of anxiety or stress.  Could this be the problem?
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I believe my mother is bi-polar

The bad news: Your mom is obviously on the wrong meds: The worse news: You can't change your mom. You can't fix her. Don't waste your time. The good news: You can change how you respond to her. Get some therapy; read some books on boundaries, forgiveness, and acceptance of your situation and hers. When you change toward her, she will resist at first ("Change back!") but your willingness to work on your issues may inspire her to work on hers. Good luck.
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How to make the best out of my insanity?

Gumby I am sorry for your anxiety & misery but you must remember that anxiety feeds on negativity. You need to create some happiness in your life. Have you tried any meds? They might help,. They have been a godsend to me. Best wishes to you, you deserve a happier tomorrow!
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86 year old w/asthma

The textbook answer is "absolutely not". But my answer would be there is no significant harm in doing so. The problem with albuterol is that the cells become de-sensitized to the chemical, and  suddenly it doesn't work at all. Sometimes a short "holiday" from albuterol will cause the cells to reset. You mom has what is sometimes called a "twitchy" lung. And it has to be de-sensitized. Often a single week or two of prednisone will do the job. Look into getting a long-acting beta agonist such as Formetrol. A bit expensive, but some people do quite well on this. Remember that the half-life of drugs is extended in those over sixty-five. As far as a dose goes, if she is 100 pounds, starting her on thirty mg in two divided doses if she is severely twitchy, then the next day dropping by five until by the second week she is on 10 mg a day, in two divided doses. Meanwhile stay away from the albuterol sulfate. You are trying to clear the cells of this substance. Prednisone causes bone changes, adrenal changes and behavioral changes, but for the short-term "settling" of a really twitchy lung it's the only game in town.
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The little things do help...

grl---we are so much alike..i had done my nails in a yr..not like me...I have not been taking care of myself either ...And when you wrote that, i thought it ws just me...i will need to do the same.. thanks for sharing R2R
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always wrong

A lot of people suffer similar things to yourself. Were you noticed it. Most people don't. Be it we are told we are useless and will never amount to anything in life. Such things said over and over as we grow up. It just creates such negativity within us. And it is kind of like to get better we have to try and undo all these years of negativity. Just to try and explain. People in talk in such a way to make up for the own low esteem. So if it was me doing any kind of exercise at all I would sit down and write a letter to the people who had put be down for years. Telling them all the hurt they had caused me. What is has done to me. How I feel now. Noth in myself and towards them. Now you are not going to send them the letter. The whole idea is just to get it all out. But the best part is, can you bring yourself to answer that same letter from their view point? What you imagine they might reply to that same letter. I am sure it will touch on your emotional senses. But that is the whole idea. Like a very big release. But then you have to begin with a few affirmations. They are just things you say to yourself. Say them as often as you like. Because remember you are trying to undo years of negative wording. So nothing will be fixed straight away. Say something simple, like you love and approve of yourself as you are and for who you are and that you are a good person who will make something of your life. It is just a case of getting this into your head. May sound a bit odd. But it does work. If we want it to work. But I would begin with the letter writing exercise and clear you mind fully. Because that is what you really need to do. Let it all out. No matter how much it might hurt to do so. This is just one idea. Others may have better ideas and suggestions. Just trying to help.
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