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Electra Complex issues? How old to be concerned? (BF & his 11 year old daughter)

Before I really start I have a couple of disclaimers:  1, this is pretty long.. in fact I'm apparently exceeding the character limit, so I'll have to split my post into post and response, so if you read through it all, thank you. 2. I've been doing a LOT of reading on this topic over the last few days, before posting, so I understand that there is a whole range of reactions to the behaviors I will describe (some insisting that it's totally normal, and having an issue with them must mean I'm jealous --- to --- that's just wrong, she needs help, and everywhere i

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18 year old SD lazy and potentially has an Electra Complex. ... but in front of his 18 year old daughter??? ... not his other daughter or when the other daughters BF ...
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Health is wealth especially as you grow older.

Electra Complex issues. How old to be concerned? I have been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years. My 7yr old son and I moved in with my boyfriend and his 11 year ...
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My daughter is 6 years old and she touches her genitals a lot ...

Girls at this stage experience the Electra Complex. ... My boyfriend's 5 year old daughter is too attached to me. ... may cause issues for our daughter down the road?
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Should I be concerned? 2 years. details. ... It may be the Electra Complex playing out. 2 years. details. report. ... I posted about this 50-year old I met a year ago.
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Electra Complex issues? How old to be concerned? (BF & his 11 year old daughter)

Issue: There have been a lot of changes for her lately (BF traveling more, the mom recently having a BF move in with her, etc), that I'm sure are contributing, but here's what's been going on: 1. She is still trying to convince BF to sleep with her almost every night he's home, acting extremely disappointed/pouty most nights he says no. Wants him in the bathroom with her while she showers (he's started just staying outside the bathroom the whole time, yet she'll still have no problem coming out naked or toweling off in front of him, despite her growing breasts). 2. Because she's tiny, Because she's tiny, it's easy for BF to think of her as a "little girl" doing those same things, especially he doesn't like thinking of the fact that she's a pre-teen who acts more like a teen, and is going through puberty. So, lately, she has become even more clingy/needy with her dad, to the point of being inappropriate. She is constantly trying to lay on top of him, sometimes letting her hands coincidentally fall to his privates (which he jerks away from), and has recently started trying to touch him skin-to-skin to massage him (the way that I frequently do).  Sometimes he ignores it, so it continues, other times, he tells her to stop, and she gets pouty, just like she will often pout if he doesn't let her spoon with him. She's doing a lot more of just hanging on him, sitting on his lap, stroking his face, etc.  Even something as simple as kissing on the lips (which they've always done, and I do with my son sometimes, so in and of itself, I don't have an issue with it), she's started trying to do more and more lately-- which he just sees as her "wanting kisses from daddy". Might be, but might be more. 3.BF recently told me that with her current behavior, he's actually worried that she might have a crush on him right now. The other night, staying in a hotel, he was sick, so I was massaging his feet reflexology style to help him sleep. She was in the next bed, and I could see in the dim light that she lay awake with her eyes open for 15+ minutes just staring at me while I massaged his feet, until I finally told her she needed to close her eyes or she wouldn't be able to sleep. Next day, she was constantly trying to touch him and just "be close", more than normal. She's had moments of jealousy in the past-- 1. a time he got me a gift at the same time he got her a souvenir (which he does for her every time he travels), and she was upset that she didn't ALSO get what he got me (even though it was a dress which would not have been age-appropriate for her) 2. a time she started being very vocal about how she didn't want any other little brother besides my son (who she loves), and making pointed comments about how her dad wouldn't have any more babies (even though the decision was still in the air for us-- him leaning against, me leaning towards). Those issues went away, and things have generally trended towards improvement, and honestly, she loves me and has always pressured BF "When are you going to get married?" "When will you at least get officially engaged?" "Am I going to be the flower girl?" (and then being excited that I said she'd probably be a jr. Bridesmaid, instead of flowergirl). But in the last week, it's suddenly shift to "IF you guys get married...."  instead of "WHEN you guys get married..."  Subtle, and I would normally think nothing of that, except that it's coming in the same week as her suddenly mimicking so many of my behaviors towards BF (sitting on his lap to kiss his lips, trying to rub his bare skin, etc.), and BF worrying that she has a crush on him.  I know the electra complex is common enough, but it's usually around 3-5 years, not 11, while going through puberty.  So is this an issue of competing with me for her dad's romantic affection, and something I need to figure out?  Or it is just an electra complex a few years delayed (just like she's a bit delayed in some other areas of development, i.e. sleeping alone, thumb-sucking, etc.). Not quite sure how to address it.  I feel like the only answer is to have more clear boundaries, and be more firm with her about them, but that's exactly what I know BF won't want to do, and will get very angry/defensive about.  I've got one shot at "presenting" this to him in a way that he'll probably take into consideration, but basically, I just want to point out to him that some of the things he enjoys doing with her as a "little girl", just have to stop because she's NOT a little girl anymore (i.e. she shouldn't be naked in front of her dad anymore, no matter how comfortable she is with him, she shouldn't be spooning with him, she shouldn't be sitting in his lap a certain way anymore, she shouldn't be trying to rub his bare skin under his shirt, and definitely shouldn't be sleeping with her anymore, etc, etc).  And it's not that he can't show her affection, and in fact, he should probably increase appropriate forms of affection, so that she doesn't feel like she's suddenly been cut off and losing him.  But that he should not be showing her affection the same way that he does for me-- that she should not be allowed to act like a mini-wife, and that HE is the one who has to set those boundaries because if *I* do it, it will just seem like I'm jealous and trying to compete with her.   So...  thoughts?
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My 7 year old touching boys and girls

   What is a mystery to me (among other things) is how a six year old girl would have the ability to buy those movies on line.  Its not an easy thing to do.  In almost all cases like this, the child has learned these actions from an older person.  I do think seeing a therapist is a good idea.  I would also try an figure out where she has gotten this info.  Six year olds do not go an order porno movies out of the blue.
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3 1/2 year old daughter says 15 year old cousin touched her in her privates

Well, why DON"T you go see a professional about it.  It is true that information coming from a 3.5 year old is not always reliable and they project things in a way that they seem to be telling a story but it is not what happened at all.  However, as a parent--------  it is your job to follow up on such a thing.  You do NOT want to continue to talk about it with your daughter but I would make an appt. with a child therapist and allow them to explore the possiblity. Remember that this is also a 15 year old boy you're talking about.  While you feel sure your daughter is telling the truth--------  there must be an ounce of uncertainty there and what if you are wrong?  And if the 15 year old did do it-----------  you also have to remember that most young people who molest have been victems of molestation themselves.  I'm not suggeting that you pity him or say it is okay--------  but keep in mind that he may have had some terrible things happen to him to change who he is.   The boy's mother sounds like she sought some expert advice on the subject and I'd advise you to do the same.  good luck and hopefully this is just an ugly misunderstanding.  (and do not talk about this with other family or a family feud will break out.)
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17 year old daughter with 5cm fribroadenoma concern possible phylloide lesion.

Hi there, We are having some problems submitting answers,...Also we have No e-mail notifications of private messages,we only know we have one if we are on Med Help. Our Community Leader Japdip has sent you a private message. Please Click on the "inbox" at the top of this board (right side) to obtain her reply to your post. Thank you
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Is my 10 year old step-daughter lacking empathy? Common sense?

I don't think it's really jealousy as much as it's immaturity. At the age of 10, and child still hasn't fully grasped the concepts of cause and effect outside of themselves much. It seems she may lack empathy a little bit, but that could be something that doesn't change--it's just part of her personality. Some people are more empathetic than others and while it may seem odd or insensitive sometimes, it's something they can't help. Their personality traits and talents often lie more in the fields of reasoning and logic, or even effective and efficient management of social behaviors and structures of others because they don't "get attached." I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. I think if the behavior of lacking common sense and failing to recognize cause/effect outside her own personal being persist into her teens, then get concerned. Right now, she just sounds like a typical 10 year old child that is not and should not be left in a babysitter position of a toddler for more than a few minutes at a time (as in, if you ask a young child to keep an eye on their younger sibling for a couple of minutes in your own home while you use the bathroom, for example. Small increments of time being "responsible" for their younger sibling under your supervision teaches them the responsibility towards more vulnerable people you hope they learn as they age into teens/young adults).
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Lump behind 21 year old daughter's jaw line

take her to the doctors and have it checked then take the bill down to welfare and they will pay it..hope this helps and good luck
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6 yr old daughter cries when I leave her at school.

Or not enough time with you??  Maybe she is seeking the attention.  Does she stop crying after she is dropped off?  That is very telling and if that is the case, she'll be fine.  Our school recommends a quick drop off rather than lengthy goodbyes and maybe best if she'll ride the bus or if someone else takes her instead of you.  Are either of those an option?  
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6 yr old kissing same sex

Here is the dilemma, we know this family very well. We were friends while pregnant.  The girls were in the same preschool and kindergarten class. She is not only best friends with this little girl, I would say she is obsessed. So many times have I heard nasty and mean things she has done to my daughter(putting a leaf w/ bird poop in her hand for one). She is very passive agressive. I've seen her stroking her back and 'petting' her hair while seated next to each other. Yet have heard her call my daughter names and threaten not to be her friend if she doesn't do as she wants her to.The mom however, has 4 other children total. She would roll her eyes at this. With my own eyes I have seen them pin her down and force her to kiss. When she pushed them off the sisters (6 & 7) rolled around on the floor kissing eachother. I stepped in and played it cool saying-"what would mommy say if she saw you play like that?" They rolled around responding sarcastically-"we're only sisters!". I'm sorry, but I think that is totally weird.  My brother was over fixing our computer at the time and thought so too. As for the 'sexual' nature, I wasn't sure what to call it-but apparently these aren't just your friendly pecks normal at this age. Her interest is peaking and 6 is just way too young for this in my opinion. I don't want my daughter bullied into anything by her 'bestfriend' either. She considers her to be this, despite reports of mean things she does to her. I find every excuse I can for cancelling playdates although we are friends with her parents.  Am I overboard??
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My 5 year old daughter is still pooping in her pants!

Has anyone talked to you about encopresis?  She might have a colon that is not functioning, and simply not be in control of when the poop slides out the way you are.  She should be checked (and probably X-rayed) by a pediatric gastroenterologist.  And no, her pediatrician might not know anything much about encopresis and might not have thought of referring you.  This does not mean you should not see one.  Look it up, and if it looks familiar, get her in to be seen.
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