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So this is embarrassing but I find myself in a situation in which I feel I cannot talk about to anyone about. I have found myself contemplating suicide quite often. I know its pathetic and selfish, that my situation may be a joke compared to what other people go through but i am emotionally and spiritually drained. I keep telling myself that what I have gone through and continue to go through is all part of GOD's master plan for me; that I have to go through this in order to become the person he wants me to be. I strongly believe that I was destined to help children and teens that are goin

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Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Suicide - Wikipedia

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Risk factors include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality ...
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suicide - Dictionary Definition :

Suicide is killing yourself on purpose, dying at your own hand. Some people kill themselves by accident, but that’s not suicide, it’s just clumsy and unfortunate.
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Suicide and Depression: Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Suicide

SUICIDE WARNING -- Depression carries a high risk of suicide. Anybody who expresses suicidal thoughts or intentions should be taken very seriously.
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Suicide | Definition of Suicide by Merriam-Webster

Define suicide: the act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living — suicide in a sentence
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The Ten Minute Suicide Guide -

So you're thinking about committing suicide. That is, I figure you probably are if you're reading this, judging by the e-mail I get every day. I obviously can't ...
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Suicide: Read This First

If you are feeling suicidal now, please stop long enough to read this. It will only take about five minutes.
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Suicide | Psychology Today

Suicide, or ending one's own life, is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for its survivors and for families of its victims. More than 44,000 people in ...
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Suicide: Get the Facts Coping With Suicidal Thoughts

Learn the warning signs and symptoms of suicidal behavior (writing a suicide note), and get the facts on suicide prevention, causes, treatment, assessment, risk ...
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To feel good, normal good, like everyone else ? Stable, not depressed, not suicidal, even happy ?
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Suicide: MedlinePlus

Suicide is the tenth most common cause of death in the United States. Read about the causes and treatment available, including a suicide hotline number
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i hate my life

That's a great poem.  I know how you feel.  I've been there myself.  Lately it seems to be a battle for me to keep from getting back there.  I wish I could offer some advice that might help.  For me it took therapy and medication and a good support group.  That's what this site is for.  It takes time, but things do get better, nobody can change overnight.     Sincerely,   Molyba
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Anxiety and scary thoughts

After I has my first panic attack, I was in a really bad place. I was getting a lot of physical symptoms and was always worrying about my health ect. I did not have suicidal thoughts per sey, and did/do not want to commit suicide, but I remember thinking how could I live the rest of my life feeling as ****** as I do. Can you try to get in to some counseling, even if it is short term?
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So Sad. This War needs to stop soon.

This is so sad.  I dont know what else to say.                   sara
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Suicidal Thoughts Log

I have never had suicidal thoughts where I intended to act on them. I did before recovery have suicidal thoughts when I was in an agitated mixed state and psychotic and I called my psychiatrist but they were never realistic. I do have thoughts of that nature now when I am in pain from my physical disability but I would never act on them and the medications I am taking are helping.  When I had those thoughts the first thing I did was look up new treatments and focus my energy on that. Ultimately though if I did feel that way again my first call would be to my psychiatrist. If they were just thoughts in the back of my head I would start listing all the reasons I want to live or to get actively engaged in something positive. Obviously, people will have some remaining depression from time to time as medication adjusts but your psychiatrist should be more actively involved if you have suicidal thoughts and treatment should be adjusted so they don't occur. That's something too unnerving to live with.
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pls help me

That's a pretty big mix of drugs.  Hard to tell if you are having a hard time because of mental issues or side-effects from one of the meds.  Tapering off and on different meds can cause havoc with an already compromised nervous system.  I can't believe your doctor changed your whole regime.  Usually an SSRI and a benzo like Klonopin are the first try, unless you are bi-polar.  I would really talk to your Doc about your feelings and the amount of meds you are taking.  Good Luck!
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question about pristiq

if you do some research on Pristiq it has been found that it actually increases thoughts of suicide in adults under 24. so yes this is an effect of the medicine but at the same time i would urge you to talk to your doctor immediatley!
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suicide screening

I have suicidal ideations all the time and when I was screened it was mostly around questions to evaluate if meds are impacting this and if there is any concern with actually acting on any of these thoughts.  I was told it was to determine whether I needed to be monitored more closely for acting out or if I was okay to work through this with just med treatment.  Suicidal thought are serious and if you ever feel you would act out on any of them.....see someone right away!  This is normal for BP but if you ever really feel you could act out on anything....that is when it gets to a point that more serious action may be needed.  I have not reached that point thus far so thank God...but I do tell my doc about these through the use of my mood tracker.  I would recommend using this for your therapy.
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That is so strange! I don't believe I have ever heard of these agreement where I'm from. When I od'd, I was in ICU for a few days, then someone came and talked to me about going to a psych hospital for inpatient. Suicide wasn't what I had in mind when I took the pills, I just got extremely overwhelmed and instead of taking 1 like I was prescribed for situations like that, I took the whole bottle. These agreements definitely sound like a joke. I can't believe they would believe that it might actually work...unless they just don't care and simply do it to cover their ***. Thats about what it looks like to me. When I was in the ICU after my od, I was completely messed up the whole time I was there. I drank the charcoal stuff, but I guess the effect of the pills stayed in my system for a while, because when I went to the psych hospital (straight from the other hospital) I couldn't remember anything about my whole time in ICU, only bits and pieces. I didn't even realize how long I had been there. I'm sure half of the ppl who are signing these agreements aren't even sober.
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Scared to Take Medication

I hope you came here wanting the truth... because everyone here has been on some of these meds and honestly sharing their experinces good and bad... so here goes, skip if you feel your in a really bad place right now though okay? If you have been properly diagnosed with the OCD and such, they may very well help. Chemical imbalances in the brain , iv been told can be corrected with the proper medication,, and there are people here who have felt some of these meds have really helped them. But you DO need to be very aware if you start having intrusive thoughts. If you start having thoughts that seem rather bizzare , please do whatever it takes to get off the meds as quickly and safetly as possible. The choice is yours,, if you have others around who you trust, you could ask them to please get you help if they notice you acting really strange , even if it seems to come on slowly, catching one of these reactions before something happens to the person is really important. Not everyone reacts to these medicines the same way,, so it make take a few attempts to findd the right dosing ,, if your willing to work with your doctor to get the best results to control the issues your dealing with they may be what your needing. Incidently, when it comes to OCD... I read recently that a university did a study where they recieved permisson from the government to run a trial using 'magic mushrooms' on OCD volunteers. ALL the volunteers noticed their symptoms almost instantly resolve after the study and felt they had a 'mystical ego loss' experince that freed them from their compulsions. 'Shrugs" I dont know about you , but that sounds alot kinder on the body and head to me! I dont know if the study will be granted permission to run the trial again or have to go through pharmacudical clearance first or not.. but it would be wonderful if they continue with the work for many people with this problem. *bowing and blessings*
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Intrusive suicidal thoughts while stable?

It seems like the moodswings of some kind may be returning but right now you can only experience them occassionally and they may start to become worse later on. Episodes of mania and depression don't always start all at once and these could be warning signs. Best to speak to your psychiatrist about it just to let them know and they could keep track of it.
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