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Incident of Abuse from 6 Years Ago Still Affecting Me?

When I was 13, my brother sexually abused me on Christmas Eve. It wasn't meant to be violent or anything and it was just one incident. My parents weren't around and my brother (who was 15 at the time) started touching me under my underwear, which I was cautious about although there was no malicious intent. I was somewhat okay with it until I told my brother I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, to which he responded "No you don't. You just think you do." And I insisted that I had to and I went into the bathroom and closed the door. What scared me was when he walked in

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Incident of Abuse from 6 Years Ago Still Affecting Me?

Im sorry for what happend sweet heart. Now that you are an adult you should look for help, im pretty sure that all of these things that are happening to you now is because of what happened to you when you were a child. you are not weird at all, just look for help to resolve this problem. Have you talked to your brother about that incident? how old are you now? how is your relationship with your brother and your parents now?? i would like to know more details about it
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Still recovering

wow sorry to hear that , you need to know what he did was wrong and you did nothing wrong, yes anxiety can stay with you long time or life if you dont let go and try to move on. i know it has to be hard but you need to know your worth it and you need to live your life and be happy dont let him keep abuseing you , hes gone get some help if you need to but plz try and forgive him first than move on, dont let it eat you up inside, if you do he still wins, dont let him. good luck
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the Abuse and its effects are still there. Having a Bad Day today.

The abuse continues because you let it and he knows that. I went through years of therapy to deal with abuse and it did help. Just a suggestion. Please hang in there.
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Prescription Percocet Misuse-Abuse-Addiction?

You are asking good question. The addict question is the big question for sure. I wonder if you've let your doctor know what's up, You feel so lousy that you believe you can't help but to take what makes you feel better. So, you are taking them all in the beginning of the month. Have you ever asked him/her to bump up your quantity? Speaking personally, I just took pills because I wanted to feel good. Now, i'm almost 60 days clean, and I realize that I was hurting myself more than helping. Some others on this board are good educators when it comes to "addiction." I don't really understand addiction even though I do KNOW i am an addict. I look forward to learning about the devious nature of addiction. It is relentless and completely self preservating. At the expense of the addict.
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10 year tramadol abuser wanting to switch to cymbalta

Hi & Welcome to our Forum. It sounds like you have done this before so you should know the drill. Can you taper back the trams and then stop? Have someone hand them out to you. I am so proud for you to do your homework about the Trams. There are many Drs who do not think they are Addictive, nor do they know much about them hitting the Serotonin. That is what makes them one of the worst to w/d from. I had done a lot of research since I went c/t from my 3meds in 2012. I found out many things that these type of pills do to the Brain Chems. Any or all the opiate based ones and the synthetic ones like Trams, Methadone and Subs. The big thing about getting clean is that WE have to really want it. I do go to many meetings and I also found that my Church offers so much support too. Learning all I can in a more scientific way has saved my behind to this day too. I am a Addict and have had this disease since I was young. Well we know it is a Progressive one. Very wise of you not to mix the 2 together right now because of the serotonin syndrome. Just keep checking your post and other will chime in. WE do have a special site on here that is all about Trams. Maybe some one will come along with the post # to get in. I think it is in Emily's Journal.  Anyway, I do wish you the best and if you could taper back a bit and take it slow and easy while your Brain/Body adjusted to each drop, I do believe this will make it a lot less intense to come off of. Good Luck and Be Safe! Bless
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Side affects of my medicine or..?

Anybody? :/ It's kinda important.
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detoxing opiates

Hi Randy, So sorry about your fall. Talk about adding insult to injury. Are you still taking 25-30 a day? I know to bow out of work/life/responsibilities for a week or more is not easy, but you need to do this to get your life uprighted. Can you make a Dr. appt. and explain your addiction? He/She can guide you along and give you a few non-addictive meds to ease the process. As your finding out a habit like yours is impossible to keep up forever and your tolerance will just build. More will be along that have tapered/ct off the same dose. In the meantime check out the thomas recipe in the health pages and start feeding your body the supplements. You may also be surprised if you speak with your mom and tell her you are ready to stop this nonsense, she may foot the bill for inpatient rehab. Prays to you.
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Lower Back Pain that's getting worse!!

sounds like your getting degenerative disc disease from the injuries....
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What should I do?

  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. A true Chiari NS is what u want to help u sort out all that is going on....many of us do have an auto immune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's thyroiditis... There are several related conditions to Chiari u will want to rule out....and a Chiari specialist will help u do that.
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suboxen? help with opiate abuse please read!

It sounds like you're self medicating for your depression!  Have you thought about talking to a doctor about that?? Also,Suboxone is not a panacea. It's a program. Have you seen a therapist? Gone to meetings? AA? Something?
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