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Boy Friend anger problem

I have a relationship for five month.He loves me a lot. When I'm not do the things he likes and what he is telling ,he is suddenly VERY angry, yelling loudly, swearing and using foul language,but he is saying I'm not leaving you .Two times he touched my neck and got the hand soon.Not squeezing the neck.I love him a lot.but I'm fear about his anger.What shall i do ? please help me

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Identifying Anger Problems ... Do You Have an Anger Problem? ... Has a friend or spouse ever accused you of being angry and you felt you had to prove him or her wrong?
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Feb 27, 2007 · my boyfriend of over a year definately has an anger problem. little stuff makes him mad, he yells alot and gets irritated easily etc etc etc. he has
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Helping Your Teen Avoid the Anger Trap. ... I told Samuel I was sorry that we had just assumed that all of his actions were because he had an anger problem.
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Aggressive 4-yr-old boy - not out of meanness, just wild/active

I think maybe you might need to reconsider whether he's doing this out of "meanness" as you say in your title. Overly bouncy boys who run around corners and knock adults over accidentally,  or get to swinging plastic bats that bop other kids behind them are one thing - all these behaviors your son is doing are purposeful,  and at four years old,  he knows they hurt.  The tickling thing is a form of aggression that people often overlook as trying to be funny,  but if he does it often and other kids are clear they don't want him too,  he's being aggressive. Obviously,  I could be wrong. But I think if you keep approaching this as a problem of a child with too much energy who doesn't recognize what's happening,  you may be missing the main point. Best wishes.
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Autism and playdates

Hi, well.  At two, kids need lots of help and guidance to actually play appropriately in just about all cases.  They do something called 'parallel play' which means they play along side another child.   Anyway, I would sit right down with the two of them.  I would tell your son no if he pulls away or won't share and guide him into HOW to play with the child.  Two reasons-----  it really will ultimately help your own son with flexibility.  You'll find as he gets older that lots of kids--  typical or atypical will have different play skills or likes and dislikes and the most flexible children by far have the easiest time getting along with others.  It's actually a wonderful skill to be flexible in play and adapt to another child.  The other reason is that the play time for the other child is wonderful for that child.   If your son screams when he tries to take his toys ----  don't allow it.  Then stay calm yourself and smooth it over by giving your son a toy and her son a toy.   That's the thing----  this type of play date is much more hands on.  I know we moms like a break and a play date is catching up time for the grown ups but in this case,  her son needs the help in HIS play skills and your son needs help being flexible.  So, the two moms (you and your friend) are really on a 'working' play date to help these two kiddos adapt to one another.   Does your friend work with him?  How does she handle things??   Anyway, bless you for TRYING to get them together as this little boy (your friend's son) will always have difficulty with friendships and peer interaction.  it's a blessing that he has the opportunity to spend time with your son.  Many a parent of a special needs child feels abandoned and that hurts so I'm glad you are still there for your friend.  peace
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My Boy friend is a crack addict that wants to get clean

You ahve been with him for three months, and you didn't know about this. As a mom I would say "head for the hills sweetie" I feel bad for him, but it's been three months, and he has been lying to you the entire tiny time he has known you. If you were together for a while and shared in each others pain and good times and all of that, I would maybe think differently, but .... Look, I am not advising him, and I feel bad for him, but I am advising you ...  RUN. THere are plenty of fish in the sea that don't coem with this baggage. hugs, Lily
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4 year old anger problem

Good heavens.  No he should not be in anger management.  Your husband is  a wimp and so are you.   Actually,  your husband is a much bigger wimp than you are.   For God's sake, take control of this child and stop allowing him to hurt other kids!  This is a small child,  take control.  
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Son with Anger and Depression Issues - Need Help

Avoidance behavior, manipulative behavior and lack of hygiene and a sudden increase or decrease in appetite can be symptoms of a variety of psychiatric disability but a psychiatrist would have to provide a specific diagnosis but it would be worth it for him to see one. In the meantime if any of this behavior is being worsened by the way he is treated at school (if this is encouraging him to react in kind even though that's the wrong solution) it would be essential to discuss this with the school guidance counselor.
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Snobbish moms, to avoid or not?

Hi there.  Well, it is funny, mom's of this generation, isn't it?  I'm one too, don't get me wrong.  But we tend to over involve ourselves in our kids social lives.   What the other moms or mom is dealing with is hurt feelings with her own child.  If your son is then excluding with play at school, that is something to talk to your child about.  That we ALL are friends and all can play---  especially at that young age.  And I've always had a strict rule with my kids, they are not to talk about play dates with other kids to their friends.  It absolutely DOES hurt feelings.  So, my kids don't talk about when they play with someone else to their friends and have learned this. Don't request anything about his class.  Try not to be so very involved with every aspect of what happens with his life socially.  I get that moms of young kids have to facilitate to a certain extent the get togethers but let things happen more naturally with your child and his friendships.   By second grade, you can no longer say "how about we have X over" when he'd rather have Y.  They have distinct preferences by then.  And your job is to begin to understand that our children is separate from us.  I have son going into third grade and a son going into fourth grade.  I've been where you are at and it's not worth it.   Don't get too wrapped up in all of this as it is fleeting.   Again, yes, it would be outrageous to request the other class.  By the way, as your son gets older, other things could happen such as he is in class with a child who bullies him.  Reserve your overinvolvement in his class placement for something like that when it will really matter. good luck Kids have immature emotions and if you think about your sons good buddies who have hurt feelings, then it might help you know where the other mom is coming from.  
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between and perplexed

Well a case manager could coordinate services depending on what you need. You have a good support system but they need to coordinate. Sometimes there are support groups for people with all disabilities at your local independent living center. There's one in every county of every state. Here's a list: Any constructive activity that helps you is worthwhile. Its good to set specific and targeted recovery goals for becoming a part of the community again. All of these people helping you should do some legwork and do some contacts and see what's out there to help you.
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help for my brother

I'd try to get him into a cartooning class or a games club.  Do you have access to things like that where you are?  How do you know he has a mental problem?
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my 11 year old boy poops in his pants

  My first thought is to find a different doctor.  If this has been going on since 3, its more than just a behavioral issue.  Do try posting over on the Child behavior forum.  There are numerous posts by parents having similar problems.  Just reading through some of those posts may give you ideas.  Best wishes.
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Antch is Little Reason

Yes.  I think it can be upsetting when things are different to how we would like or want things. I have my moments.  I can get frustrated when driving (and there are slow road users or people cut me off or don't indicate) or when I'm shopping (and people, especially old people, are either way slow or leave their trolley across the whole aisle).  Sometimes I can be the world's most intolerant and inpatient person. You didn't JUST get angry.  You got angry because he didn't phone back.  Often this is because we feel rejected or abandoned, etc.  Sometimes even criticized.  We can be extremely sensitive to rejection and criticism.  This is usually because of something that has happened in our past.  I think this is quite a common theme in bpd. I would try and identify other stressors in your life and see if you can reduce those. I once felt betrayed by my doctor so ended up thinking of ways to hurt him. Are you in therapy?
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