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Need some advice for GF kid

So, I started dating an old friend almost a year ago and she and her kids moved in about 4 months ago. Short background-- I grew up wrestling/rough housing with my dad and have done so with my 3 kids(all girls) and my gf's kids.(1 girl and 2 boys)  They love it and enjoy the interactivity.  Recent-- Lately though, her daughter has been asking for a lot of piggy back rides which I give to all of them but she will deliberately get loose and start falling so that my hands touch her privates.  I have stopped giving them after i noticed a pattern forming and became

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Need your help PLEASE

HI welcome to the forum you dont need a doctor to detox from heroin you can do it at home it wont be pritty but it will get you over it it has a strong grip and takes a good week to run it course but your better off just kicking then going on a maintenance drug like methadone or sub both are ruffer to get off of in the long run heroin is a tuff 7 days but methadone can take 90 days to get better and sub can take 3 weeks look to the lower right for the thomas recipe pick up the stuff pick up a case of gatoraid and just stop your withdrawals will be ruff butb they dont last forever and whats a week in the sceam of things keep posting we havew members here who have kicked that will be on to give you advise good luck and God bless....Gnarly
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Pediatric daughter

My 13 year old had horrible ha a few years back tons of testing even MRI and ended up saying migraines.  She has not had one in a very ling time.  I will pray your daughter does not have chiari too.  My daughter would turn pale, throw up, had an irregular ekg during one.  We had neuro do MRI and EEG and went to ped cardiologist and nothing.
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Pain killers

Hi and Welcome! No one here is going to judge you. You can certainly just stop taking the pills, but you need to be prepared for the withdrawals..about 5 or so days. I personally have not heard of anyone having seizures from oxycodone. That's a heck of secret you are carrying around. May I ask why you feel you can't tell anyone? If you have any further questions about the w/d's, just ask. Take care.
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Need some advice for GF kid

Show the mom what you wrote here, and talk together to a family counselor.  If something is going on, you need to learn it, but you also don't want to make false accusations.  Any questioning of the child might be best done by the counselor after you three discuss the situation.  (And should probably be filmed when she does talk to the child, so there will be no accusation later if charges are brought that the child was questioned in a way that coached her to say things that weren't true.)  The reason for all this caution is that when there is suspicion that something has happened to a child, accusations can fly around that you are the molester from the person who is the molester, and/or assumptions can be made that aren't even true at all.  Get the question of sexual abuse figured out right away. Regarding the child being frightened of going to sleep alone, once you are sure the child is merely anxious in general and not being molested (and of course, that is the biggest thing to deal with), you and your wife should get the book "What to Do When You Dread Your Bed" by Dawn Huebner, and work through it with the child.  (It's a workbook, you don't just read it to the kid and everything is magically OK.)  It is very well done and I can tell you from experience that you don't want this bedtime-fear thing to be a continuing issue. But again, since she could be the victim of the dad's roommate or someone else, you really need to sort this out first and take it very seriously.   Good luck, I'm sorry this has fallen on your plate and sorry if it is true.  What you can do for this child is model that not all men are bad.  If she is being molested, you can show that most men would find that an outrage and that you will fight to protect any child from any predatory adult.
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  Hi.....I posted a link to the Health Pages.....look for the page on Tips for the Hospital stay....this list was compiled by the members... It does sound like u have a great start on how to prepare..... Deff take ear plugs....the staff at night work and talk like it is a day it can be diff to sleep......   Take a look at the list and ask more questions after if we missed nething. ANd do not forget to post on the surgery date thread so we can post a Prayer thread for u.
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Please please help!!!!

Please give me something to show him.   There is no way I can go back through the forum posts from my phone
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Please help!!

Hi releaseme, well I'm not sure how helpful I can be but wanted to reach out to you. I'm 3 days clean and NEVER thought I would be able to get off of it. You could jump in cold turkey or try and taper. Tappering is difficult for most of us. I tried many times but that's not to say it can't be done. This is what I have realized in the last few days. We are so retried of the WD but we are not scared to overdose and die. Your taking large amounts. At any point in time, your liver could shut down. Sorry to scare you but it's the truth. You have children. Oh honey, please don't leave them. Those stupid pills are not worth it. I can't tell you how terrified I was to walk away from my Vic's but I swear to you, if people on this forum could do it, than you can too. We take large amounts for a reason and that is for you to figure out in time. But for right now, just start thinking about putting down the pills. Keep posting! There are a lot of OTC remedies you can take which will help with WD. Hang in there. I'm here for you and believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
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Seeking advice on how to help 17 year old addicted to Oxycontin

Oxycotin is a very difficult withdrawal, be wary of him going on methadone, that is just substitution, Mehtadone has an awful withdrawal also, I have been clean off of ALL drugs for 23 months now, what got me clean was 12 step programs like Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. For a person to get clean they have to want it for themselves, Treatment will help if he is willing,  Just being their for your brother may help him but do not pressure him into anything, this will push him  further away, if you know anyone in a 12 step program contact them and they will help you, if you do not you can always phone the helpline to talk with someone, the phone number is in the phone book. Their is help available, Personally I have seen some very sick people, all ages get recovered from any type of drug.  Hope this helps you. Jim Carrigan
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Dealing with new partners Aspergers son ??

It is very difficult to blend a family with or without aspergers.  With 4 kids in the mix, it was highly likely at least one would have an issue or two.  That is just the reality of what happens.  It takes a lot of patience and understanding from the adults which isn't always easy. An aspergers child DOES NOT think like other kids.  They are wired differently.  I think it would be helpful if you took the time to read as much as possible on aspergers to understand it better.  Not just to whip him into shape but to really understand this kid that is now living with you.   I feel like when parents decide to remarry, the kids do suffer.  Their world and enviroment changes a lot.  And they have the immature emotions to deal with it-----  and an aspergers guy is really in trouble.  Your wife was raising these boys along with their dad prior to you and they had a life in which they were comfortable and everything was okay.  Now they are being judged differently and by someone new.  That can burn a little.  So it would really help if you try to think about it from their/his point of view.   It will take some time (lots and lots, probably) for this boy to trust and respect you.  You can't yell at them to make them do it.  You build a relationship the honest and slow way.  If you have hostility torwards him and anger . . . he will maybe never get to the point of trusting you and then showing you respect.  So, try to back off a little.  Let his mother handle the discipline with him.  You can talk to her about what your concerns are in private and then she can come up with a plan to help improve his behavior.  Your yelling at him will compound the problem.  And yes, your wife will at one point become very mad at you (as I think I'd get protective of my boy at some point)-----  and your relationship will be in jeapardy. Lastly, this kid is different.  He isn't taking this change well.  If he starts to go downhill at school------  take it seriously.  (I dont know how old he is).  While having expectations of change in him may be valid-----  you must consider any damage your approach might be having.  His mother should have considered all of this before remarrying.  I have a child with a developmental delay and I would have made sure that my new husband would have understood what he was getting into.   I wish you luck and know it is frustrating.  Hoping it gets better for all parties involved.
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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this.  How terribly difficult this must be for both of you.  I don't have any experience with this kind of thing, but I'm sure someone soon will come along and offer some solid advice to you.  I just wanted to lend my support.  I hope this all works out well for all of you.  I do know one thing, though.  This baby will be very lucky to have you.
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