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i think my sons father is molesting him, how can i catch him?

when my son was 4 months old, i left his father. he abused me physically, emotionally and mentally. he also has a drug addiction. i know that when he was younger he was sexually molested and that he has NEVER talked to anyone about it. the only reason that he told me (briefly via email) is because i caught him talking on a male sex line. i know he has wierd sexually tendencies, such as talking on these sex lines, calling "special" massage therapist- both male and female. my son is now almost 14 months old. he stays with his father one night a week and every other weekend. i am scared

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I think my son's father is molesting him : Parenting -

It's a crime of passion if you catch him doing it, and kill him on the spot. ... She made a post with the title "I think my son's father is molesting him."
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i think my sons father is molesting him, how can i catch ... when my son was 4 months old, i left his father. he ... i think my sons father is molesting... on how to ...
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My father molested me for the next ... I used to think my mom would hate me forever ... When I turned 13 I would catch him sneaking out of my room at night and even ...
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His parents had divorced when he was a toddler and his father often molested him when he stayed with him at weekends (file ... 'I did think about getting breast ...
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Dad Went ‘Catch a Predator’ to Catch the Man Molesting His Daughter ... ‘I don’t think I can do this,’ her father said.
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My Dad Molested My Friend at a Sleepover. ... my father passed his saxophone on to my son, ... I think you should tell your father to speak directly to him about it.
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i think my sons father is molesting him, how can i catch him?

You first need to take your son to the DR to see if he has been abused, alos if he has this kind of lifestyle do not let the child stay with his father  luck  jo
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Here, it is safe and you are not alone.  I am a year older than you and have experienced much of what you have experiienced.  The hardest part is the kids and them giving up on you or just thinking, it's the way Mom is always going to be.  The side effects or the not working is where I live as well.  Love my psych but can't there be a drug that does not adversely affect two percent of the population? I am finally thinking of making a paycheck after twenty years. Just started a craft after putting them down for at least ten or more years. The depression sends me to the bed for days, weeks, months...I hate it. It was easier in twenties to just bounce back.  Not now. This is a good place to vent, make friends and just be yourself. zzzmykids
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dad has given up on his 10 yr old son

      An important question is how is your son at school?   Does he have problems there?  How is he doing grade wise?   Does he get into trouble for talking or hitting?    Its one thing if its just things going nuts between your husband and him.  Its a whole different matter if he is having the same problems at school.   And this is something that you want to talk directly to his teacher about.  Don't get just general "report card" statements.  Oh, and it even more important to know if he has had problems at school if they have been steadily increasing, stayed the same, etc.
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Its hard to take away someone's parental rights. You have to be able to prove that your son's father is a detriment to your son. Having a difference of opinion in terms of discipline is rarely going to stand up in court as being detrimental, unless your son's doctors can provide ample evidence that failure to provide the same type of discipline will be damaging to your son. If your son's father continues to give him medications on the weekends then it will be even harder to take away his rights-- because he is complying with medical advice for your child. But if he fails to give him the medication, that could be additional grounds for you-- because he is failing to provide your child with prescribed medical treatment. So, my suggestion would be to document very clearly -- first for you, and then for an attorney -- what the exact damage is that you think your son's father is doing. Then, for each bullet point of damage, think about how you would prove this damage-- drs reports, some other type of evidence. If the argument seems strong to you that your son is being hurt, then you could pursue it.
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conners parent scale- revised

Please know that children are misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD quite a lot. My son, who is 17 now, was diagnosed with ADHD in the 2nd grade. He was diagnosed by a pshycologist after have him do a computer test. We started him on medicine and did notice a change. But the change was that while on the medication, he was not himself. Meaning he became extremely quite, almost no emotion, and not really interested in much. He got to where he wasn't hungry, he had a hard time going to sleep. Every summer I would take him off his medicine and just let him be himself. (He never yelled at my husband or I though) I think the yelling is because he is uded to getting away with it so he continues to do it. Lets put it this way, our children know how to push our buttons. There are so many side affects to the ADD/ADHD medicines: loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, stunted growth, depression, and these are just a few. PLEASE think real hard before resorting to any medications, because it is like if you start one the next thing you know they have them taking something additional. I would take your son to a phsyciatrist and have him evaluated. This type of doctor can rule ADD/ADHD in or out and also check for other issues at the same time. My son actually ended up have what is called NON-Verbal learning disabilities. What this means is that he will take things people say very literally, he has a hard time processing things like math and science. In other words he learns better verbally than say like reading to himself. He still, to this day, gets very frustrated when he reads something and doesn't understand what he read. If I read it for him he does a lot better. My son doesn't have a problem with reading, except for a little bit with comphrension. He has read since he was 3 yrs old. Check out every avenue before putting him on medicine. I had to learn the hard way and find out by trial and error. I finally took my son off all med's at the end of 7th grade. He is now in 12th grade and only had to go for one semester of school this year. At the end of the first semester he will have all his credits to graduate. From February until June, he will just have to wait for the rest of the 2008 class to graduate so he can walk with them and receive his diploma. Another thing to, is that ADD/ADHD is hereditary, and it is more common in boys than girls. So if your son does have ADD/ADHD, it probably came from your husband. My husband found out, after we had our son tested, that he was ADD and our son, from my husbands previous marriage, has ADD/ADHD also. Best of luck and my blessings are sent your way.
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Children who sexually abuse children?

I'm so sorry for all you and your son went through. But you shouldn't blame yourself. I understand how you feel because my oldest son (now 30) was molested by a baby sitter's son. I blamed myself because I felt I should have known. But then one day I realized it wasn't my fault. I considered her one of the best sitter's I had. We even socialized outside of her babysitting my children. I still hurt for my son and pray he doesn't blame me. There is hope for your son to get better and live past what happened to him. I was also molested when I was 7 or 8. I barely have the problems that was caused by the molestation. My relationship with God was the cause for my help. Praying for you guys.
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me and my son are suffering with back problems please help

Please someone help me, I am struggling to hold down my job with this back pain now. I need to reasure my son that he is ok. I really don't know who turn to for advice about our above problems. Please help a desperate Mum.
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Please! I am DESPERATE for help now. Read my story please!

Hmm. That's a tough one. I'd be worried too. I'd probably clue in his dad, if I truly believed he had no idea. But it would depend on circumstances. Anyone violent?
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breaking down

If you can, see a therapist.  The drinking and the anxiety are part of the same spectrum.  Time to get comfortable in your own skin, well balanced and self-secure.  
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Abused 6yr old obsessed with sex.

Please don't blame him for this behavior!!  Unfortunately, this is typical behavior of kids who were sexually abused.  It isn't his fault.  Discipline may deepen the victimization. At this point, your only recourse is to work with his therapist.  Make sure the therapist is aware of these behaviors.  If outpatient therapy is not intensive enough, the therapist needs to make the call as to whether a treatment facility would be the most appropriate for him at this time until he has better control over his behavior.   If you don't feel that this therapist is effective, seek out another therapist who specializes in child sexual abuse.  Please keep in mind that developing rapport and a therapeutic relationship is easier said than done with a very young child, especially when discussing very private and personal matters such as sexual abuse.  This can take some time.  But again, if he presents himself as a danger to himself or others, a different treatment venue may be needed.
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