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A verbally Abusive son ...

I have a soon to be 19 year old son that has gotten way out of control with how he treats me. March 29, 2009 he watched a friend die ... (there was four boys swimming in a pond in March here in NC --- water was FREEZING ... they all got hyperthermia) and one drowned. He has guilt with that. Even though the final autopsy showed the boys heart had stopped and no matter if he had been gotten to or not, he would have died.   Then a year later a very close friend of his that practically lived here died of an asthma attack. AND 6 months after that, another close friend passed away from an

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Why Children Are Verbally Abusive | Empowering Parents

Parents create verbally abusive and defiant children when they let bad behavior alter their routine. Here’s how prevent kids from having power over you.
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Mark, Thanks for your prompt response, the most pressing for now is for him not to be very loud and verbally abusive at home (FYI-My son is 6 ft tall and I'm 5"3. and ...
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Adult Son Is Verbally Abusive - Anger Management

Adult Son Is Verbally Abusive. by Marilyn (Canada) I have a 31 year old son who is married with a 3 month old baby. He was always a difficult child ...
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My Grown Son (33) Is Abusive To Me : I Am Abused Mentally ...

Feb 16, 2011 · My Grown Son (33) Is Abusive To Me : A true, personal story from the experience, I Am Abused Mentally. My grown son (33) is verbally very abusive to me.
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So where does it begin? – Unhealthy Relationships

Defining verbal abuse; So where does it begin? Heart ... Children growing up in an atmosphere of verbal abuse by the father can ... The son may grow up to ...
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Verbal Abuse of Children: What Can You Do About It ...

Verbal Abuse of Children: ... Do you know any children with a verbally abusive parent? ... My son's gf is in a very abusive home in my opinion.
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Parent Abuse by Teen | Psych Central

Parents -- just like anyone else -- can be abused by a child or teenager. A young adult is just as capable as inflicting emotional, verbal and physical abuse,
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My son is abusive and aggressive towards me - I have to hide ...

My son is abusive and aggressive towards me ... make it clear that the advice I’m about to give you would be different if we were dealing with an abusive partner ...
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adult son bullying me and being verbally abusive - MDJunction

adult son bullying me and being verbally abusive: Hi, everyone, I'm new and trying to learn to use this group for support. I'm currently having trouble
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Verbally Abusive Son-in-law? - Mamapedia™

Verbally Abusive Son-in-law? Updated on July 23, 2011 K ... If anyone was verbally abusive to anyone in my family they would have to deal with me.
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teenage verbal abuse and behaviour, whats too much'

Please forgive my spellings,  I'm typing on a phone. I wish I could delete this as I don't really know how much sense the above actually makes. Family are trying to be supportive, apparently to someone I'm throwing him out,  what I replied with was no, I. Am just choosing not to live that way anylonger. I'm hoping that if you take me and my illness as an excuse out of the equation, they will see the extent of his problems and give the help he needs and deserves. While they keep looking at me as a reason for his behaviour, they aren't looking at him properly.
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Teen son told me to commit suicide

hi, i'm sorry to here your going through this. your son is going through alot right now too. i would not give up on him. what about joint custody? he's lashing out because he's mad and can't deal with what's going on. maybe he thinks you want to give him up, that's why he's treating you like this. divorce can be so very hard on the kids and they get forgotten about. i would keep telling him you love him but you will not argue with him. if he wants to treat you with respect then you'll talk. try to give him special attention. he does need to get into therapy to deal with his anger. i hope everyhting works out for all of you. take care. remar
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18 year old daughter has turned against me

Sorry to hear that I'm 23 n a Mom of one. Um I can relate to both sides. My Mom n dad both are very violent ppl and drug addicts alcoholic...  watching that stuff my whole life n my Mom giving me drugs I've turned into they. I'm an alcoholic n was a very mean person now I have a domestic violence charge against and I have mental health court now I have no choice but toee a better person. Sometimes it takes getting n trouble to see that life isn't good for them or b forced to go to rehab I hope all gets better for u
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My abusive diabetic husband is killing himself w/Alcohol....

Blaming life's problems on the rest of the family is typical alcoholic "stinkin' thinkin'."  Drinking when you know it's destroying your body and your life is typical of an alcoholic.  Verbal and physical abuse, particularly when confronted about drinking, is also typical alcoholic behavior. Yes, your husband is very sick, but only a doctor can tell him if his liver, pancreas, stomach, esophagus or other organs are damaged from both the alcohol and improperly treated diabetes.  Generally speaking, if you worry that someone is an alcoholic, the answer is likely "yes."  There are also a whole lot of functioning alcoholics and addicts out in the world.  Functioning or not, they're still alcoholics. My husband's doctors have told him for several years that he MUST stop drinking because his liver has had enough.  It made no difference in his behavior other than to drink more out of fear.  Alcoholics and addicts have to hit bottom before they'll get help, and sometimes that bottom is death. I get the feeling you're still trying to help him even though you're taking steps to move on with your life without him.  You aren't responsible for his health.  He will do what he will do no matter if you and your son are there or not.  Losing you both MIGHT shake him up enough to do something about his drinking, but that's not the reason you need to go.  You need to go for your own sanity and serenity and to get your son out of the abusive environment for HIS sanity and serenity. If you haven't tried Alanon, find a meeting and give it a shot.  They recommend 6 meetings before deciding if it's for you or not.  It's only an hour out of your life and it's run on donations from members only, so you have nothing to lose.   You might also want to sit in on an AA meeting just to find out what you're up against and gain some insight into your husband's behavior.  Meetings labeled as "open" mean you can attend as an observer only and don't participate.  One thing I learned is that simply quitting drinking isn't enough.  That's what's called a "dry drunk" - a person who stops drinking but doesn't work a recovery program and get his personal demons sorted out.  Relapse is all but inevitable. It's time to get your focus off your husband and onto yourself and your son.  Let Alanon give you a hand with that.  I've been pleasantly surprised myself.  :-)
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Relative who could have Bi Polar disorder

It could easily be bipolar disorder but only a psychiatrist could make a specific diagnosis but it would be worth encouraging him to see one in a positive manner that it will help on his recovery because it will.
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verbally abusive home

for one , you can only help those who want the help... I' ve learnt that no matter the past its all up to the person who is having this issue. You can let him know that you love him and your there for him but dont give him the tucked in bed felling when you do this youve lost. Your not helping him.. Hes 20 you say, I have 2 children out of five that have dropped out of school had kids been in trouble with the law you name it and Ive been there holding the bag 'so to say' . Its time to let go hes of age now and there are no excuses or blames you set the path you did you what as a mother you were suppose to do for your child well hes no longer a child and you need to not let him grow but give him no choise but to grow up. It killed me to let go but when I  came to see I was only hendering and I to was falling due to 'HOLDING THE BAG' I let them go... At first they had it hard very hard but now their fine and proud I put the law down Momma's law . Set the bags by the door if need call the law but you have to breath and have a life you've done you part now let him have his>>> My prayers are with you! Donna
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My 4 year old

Hi there.  Well, sweetie, why are you living with a verbally and 'sometimes' (one time is too many) physically abusive man?  Clearly that isn't good for you or your son.  That is dangerous to you both.  Yes, that impacts your child negatively.  yes, that makes for a rotten home life. Yes, your son deserves better.   You need to leave this man.  for your sake and the sake of your children.  good luck
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My son does not talk to his sister or myself

ive been there. i was very verbally abusive when i was an addict. not to scare you but that sounds like cocaine use. pot tends to make people lazy. but theres nothing you can do. hes over 18. you cant ground him. time will decide whether he wants to get clean. however i would question cocaine use. that sounds like the problem to me.
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A verbally Abusive son ...

Hey sweetie, I am sorry you are going through this. I will tell you something I found out.  The world will treat you as you let it. Meaning, you take bull, you will be given bull.  With that being said, though times call for tough measures. If I were you, I would physically leave with your youngest child.  These grown babies will not know what to do with themselves. This will provide a real wake up call for everyone. Take your self respect back. Also, if you have the time, buy the book.  The Greatest Miracle in the world by Og Mandine. This will help you. I am not saying to leave forever, but you must not take this.  Life is too short. You and everyone to be loved and respected.
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How do I let go of my 18 year old son?

Hi.  I'm sorry that things went in this direction with your son, but you did everything right.  If he can't respect you and your rules then he should live somewhere else.  This will give him a taste of life on his own and hopefully he will learn a new appreciation for you.  It's like tough love, it's harder on us than them but if it makes them's well worth it.  He's thinking life will be easier anyplace but with you, no rules etc.  He will learn quickly that there are rules for everyone and everywhere, and this should be a big wake-up call for him. I know it's hard for you, but you are truly doing your son a big favor.  It's always best for things like this to happen while we are still here and can help if need be, than after we're gone.  Our goal is for them to be able to stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves. Kids know we love them unconditionally, and some take advantage of this.  By standing your ground you are showing him that you do love him and want him to be the person you know he can be. Without your safety net, he will be forced to start thinking about his life and what he needs to do. I had a brother that did the same thing.  We lost our parents very young I gave him a good home with rules to abide by.  He didn't like our rules, and since I was raising 3 children I had to show them as well what happens if they were to act that way one day.  I did the same as you, we gave him choices and he chose to move in with a friend.  He struggled for awhile but got his act together, married, has a daughter and earns a very good living.  He told me eventually, that had I not forced him to stand on his own two feet, he would have not turned out so well.  He was hanging with a wild bunch, and was headed down the wrong path.  I know you've instilled some good morals and values in him, and they will eventually surface.  He just thinks he knows better than you right now, he will learn differently.  Don't make yourself sick with worry, I do think he will come around.  Let him have his month of "freedom" and your rules will look good to him!  We never stop being mothers, but try to not make yourself sick over this.  We do the best we can and then it's up to them to find their way, and they normally do.  I wish you all thebest and take care of yourself.
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