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I don't know if I was sexually abused...

When I was younger (about 10) my family went church. There was this guy there that I instantly hated. Nobody in my family even disliked him. He would constantly try to get me to talk to him. I never would and I always refused to be around him. I didn't even want him to see me. I would tell people I would only talk to him if he apologized. (I honestly don't even know what I wanted him to apologize for.) One day at church he took me away (he didn't take me there but I don't know how else to say it... he led me?) to somewhere away from everyone else and tried talking to me. Asking

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Austistics and Sexual Abuse

It would be a good idea for your Mom to take her to the Doctor and ask him then get an evaluation done,it is always good to believ e  the child and check out the facts, make sure she is never left alone with the cousin, there are ways a counsellor will ask specific questions and know by the answers ,if you beleive as you have said that it is true you need to protect your sister ,find out what the abuse consisted of,it is possible the Counsellor would know how to do this so not to cause your sister any more Trauma.What do your parents say to this how have they reacted , it seems they should be very concerned.
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help for someone who has been sexually abused

There is a thread on this site for people who have been sexually abused.  You will probably find more help there. Good Luck
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What causes BPD?

no one knows what causes it, i'm surprised your doc even said that about bullying - the truth is he doesnt know. no one ever mentioned borderline personality structure to me, but i was diagnosed with bpd several years ago. i was never sexually abused, physically abused or bullied as a child. my childhood was pretty much sunshine and rainbows all the way. some studies do suggest that there is a connection between early childhood trauma and bpd - that could be anything from a situation where you might have been "abandoned" (whether real or perceived), or abused. right now the general consensus is that bpd is probably the result of a number of things, including genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, and traumatic experiences. i wouldnt stress about the cause - you can't change that anyway - focus on dealing with the effects.
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Husband and mental illness

Some aspects of what you described such as extreme irrational anger could be from a psychiatric disability but only a psychiatrist could provide a diagnosis. The substance abuse issue is making things worse and should be addressed and would worsen any psychiatric disability. You should encourage him to seek help, the best way being from a distance such as a phone call and other family members and friends of his should be able to support you on this. However the way he is treating you is unacceptable and should stop. Any steps you take you should insure your children are safe and will be treated properly.
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Abused by a doctor and medical staff in Finland

Asking about sexual history is a part of a history taking by physicians and I highly doubt that they meant to be rude or abuse you especially with so many people around.
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Was I sexually abused?

It does sound possible.  If you are a legal adult now, seek counseling.  Tell the therapist that you are concerned because you had an abusive mother and have blocked out your childhood memories.  Then what comes up will come up.  Go lightly and give yourself a lot of leeway, this was not your fault.
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Sexual Abuse

I really think you should see a counselor.  There are reasons why this is coming up for you now.  You were never protected from him, and it's wrong that you were made to live with him like that.  I really hope you see a counselor.  Best wishes.
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Adult who Acted Out Sexually as a Child no memories of abuse

   Wow!  I am also the CL on the ADHD forum and am now trying to figure out which place you should be posting too.  Well, it really doesn't matter.   The fact that you are posting and putting this down in print is a very healthy sign as well as a cry for help.      I am guessing that you never really got much help for the ADHD as a child.  If so, tying that into the abuse, would explain a lot.  By the way, ADHD is also genetic. If you have it, so might your daughter.    And, ya - if you do have ADHD, then you certainly were missing the dopamine screw.  But man, you also got a few extra screws, nuts, bolts, etc. along the way.   Because of my work on this site -    I have links for adults with ADHD that might prove helpful to you.  But, I think, what you really need is a good psyc to explain to you what has been happening to you and that its not your fault.   If that won't work, then understanding what ADHD is and what it does to kids and adults will also be very helpful to you.    I must add that your post is very well written.  It must not have been easy for you - and yet, you must have had a reason to do so.  I think ( and this sounds kind of crazy based only on one post from you - but I have been doing this for years) that you have the strength and intelligence to deal with this if you can get the right information.   If I can help with that let me know.  But obviously, a one on one with a professional would the best choice.  Let me know if you need more info either here or on the ADHD forum.  Best wishes.   
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child sexual abuse

She was a child, and children have no context within which to put sexual abuse.  They do not necessarily get indignant and call the police, either because they have been manipulated by the person abusing them or because they simply don't really understand what went on.  I don't think she did it because she liked having sex.  Something else to consider is that women are trained by society from the time they are young girls to allow males to tell them what to do.  I assume she is not in contact with the abuser any more?  This was probably the best she could do, breaking away from contact.  Where you or I might have yelled and called for legal assistance, perhaps her breaking away was the same thing, for her.
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i think my sons father is molesting him, how can i catch him?

You first need to take your son to the DR to see if he has been abused, alos if he has this kind of lifestyle do not let the child stay with his father  luck  jo
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