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What to do with a 7 year old kid who watch porn?

My little cousin is 7 years old. His dad is veryyyy strict and very abusive towards him, his 12 year old sister and his wife. He's both mentally and physically abusive. I'm going to the main topic so, this 7 years old kid, I caught him watching porn several times, and the history on his tablet is just full of inappropriate videos and images. He makes inappropriate moves with his sis or any other female when no one is around. His sister went to me and cried because he was asking her to remove her top. He always get off his pants and just makes a very disgusting moves, he asked my sister

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What to do with a 7 year old kid who watch porn?

In cases of abuse like that,  children react in different ways.  It's highly possible his interest in porn and sexual relationships is a result of his abuse. Are you in the US?  You need to call CPS.  Locking a child in a room for 2 weeks (which, if you're correct,  would be very easy to confirm with a school absence of 2 weeks) will get their attention,  as well as hitting him with a large stick.  
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Please Help! 1 year old NEVER stops crying!

Wrap a baby blanket around her like an Indian papoose, this may help her feel as though she is being held, offer maybe a bouncer activity stationary walker, and place it in middle of house so she can play yet see you wherever you go, and she can learn to assure herself of your return....lavendar scented oil aromatherapy throughout home...this will relax her whether she knows it or not...this worked wonders for me and my kids.....warm bath w Johnson's lavender  bubble bath - this will also help to change the scenery, or step outside when she fusses with her , change of scenery usually gets their attention....if all her needs are met then maybe she is under stimulated and needs more to watch, see, and play with too maybe stimulate her senses...all of them...good luck...and just keep loving her anyways....stay strong
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11 year old son caught watching porn daily

My son has similar behavior boys do this around that age especially if there on medication for behavior problems I caught my son on the toilet sing it and he said his medicine makes him do it he been watching on his phone and mine his brother do the same and 9 out of 10 his friends showed him at school there curious around that age I also have alto of brothers they did the same when they was younger I caught them numerous times I would talk to him about it and tell him God does not like it and he can see him I told my son that and he completely stop from what I know
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was I sexually abused .....?

Honey, you are absolutely not perverted and touching yourself is not abnormal at all.  Did you know most young children do this?  And it continues into adulthood.  The reasons change.  Young children are not sexual, so to them it just feels good.  There are nerve endings in that area that when touched help people experience pleasure.  As we get older and go through puberty, it does become more of a sexual pleasure, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and again, it is not perverted or abnormal.  Its normal, its human, and most people do it. Your feelings of possible sexual abuse are something completely different.  I will say that being exposed to porn is not a normal thing to expose a child too.  As for the naked father..well, plenty of small children see their parents naked.  It really depends in what context or how old you were i guess. I do think you need to sort out these feelings and this worry.  Is there someone you can talk to?  A counselor at school perhaps, or any adult you trust?  Someone that you can trust to not judge you and to listen to you is important.  There are also all kinds of free programs and hot lines for teens if you don't feel you have any one to turn to.   Take care sweetie, and if something did in fact happen to you, it would never ever be your fault.  It does not make you a pervert, abnormal or weird in any way.
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my 3 year olds shynes

what changes when your partener goes to work that you cant look at him  , he will also pick up these vives  ,, have you spoke to any one about how your feeling ,, you need to totally look afer your self too in order to support your child  ,, this could be a change due to his age but needs to be monitered ,, have you spoke to his nursey ,,
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7 year old son sexually focused - worried

What is missing from your post is discipline.  You need to set appropriate boundaries with your son in terms of what is appropriate behavior and what isn't.  Just talking to him without the discipline as backup isn't going to do much good. On the other hand, the behavior you describe is rather excessive sexual behavior for a 7 year old.  I wonder if he is simply mimicking behavior he witnessed on the adult channel as you state or if he was sexually abused.  Therefore, I would definitely encourage you to get you son evaluated by a mental health professional to rule out sexual abuse.  Not to mention that just witnessing sexual acts such as pornography can be considered sexual abuse.  So, if his behavior has been negatively altered after viewing adult programs, this is another reason why he should be evaluated by a mental health therapist.
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HOCD or am i just in denial of being gay

You could be bisexual but prefer women.  There's nothing wrong with that.  There's nothing BAD about having these thoughts.  If you've always liked women and are attracted to them, that's not going to change IF you find you COULD be attracted to men as well.  Bisexuality is a real thing.  You might find one day that you can be aroused by men but that doesn't mean you will suddenly wake up one day and like ONLY men.  If you decide not to act on your bisexual desires--if you're perfectly happy with being attracted to women, then that's fine.  If you end up experimenting one day with a man, that's also fine.  You need to worry less about what these thoughts might "mean."  You're young.  Your naturally going to sexually explore ideas.   You need to stop worrying about labels and as if its gay vs straight.  You also aren't going to learn anything by sitting in your house hiding from the world.  I suggest seeing a therapist about the issue and talking through your fears and depression, especially if you're suicidal at times.  This is a VERY VERY stupid thing to think about committing suicide over.   My advice (after speaking with a therapist, which I strongly urge) is to go out on a date with a girl.  Kiss a girl.  See how you feel.  This very well may put your mind at ease.  If you're attracted to her, then cool.  If you occasionally have thoughts about guys, then that's cool too.  Human sexuality is very fluid.  It's not straight vs gay.  Its not so rigid and so easily broken.  
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Is my 6 year old son being paranoid? Is his behavior normal?

I have mental health problems and they are nothing to be ashamed of. I think you should take him to a Doctor before it escalates into a more serious problem.
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roxy addict stepdaughter

You really only have a couple of choices. The first is a family intervention and try to get her into rehab. It seems as though this probably wouldn't work. The other is to contact Children and Family Services if you suspect even a sliver of child abuse. It doesn't have to be physical. If she's in active addiction, the children are in danger. I read where you mentioned her and her BF. Is the father in the picture? He could possibly get custody, which at that point might make things easier.
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overly affectionate 6 year old girl

She is too young for this to even be considered a problem. Maybe she just needs more attention than what you are giving her , or she feels insecure.
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