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My 3 year old son says my boyfriend touched him

2 weeks ago, my son was sleeping next to my boyfriend (I’ve been dating my new boyfriend for a year) My 3 yr old woke up crying ( I was in the other room with my 7 yr old)  When I walked in my bedroom, my bf said he had a bad night mare. In the morning after my bf left to work. I asked my baby why he was crying... He said my boyfriend touched him and it hurt.  He also said why did you leave me mommy?  I was sickened, scared and confused.  When I tried asking more details he became shy and didn’t want to talk anymore.  My bf was molested as

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My 3 year old son says my boyfriend touched him

Do everything to protect your children, including stopping having boyfriends, until you figure out why you are tolerant of things many women would not put up with, and are able to protect them from trauma by being able to spot and stay away from the guys who have sexual problems and sexual abuse in their background.  It doesn't sound like the 3-year-old is lying.  Pedophiles often put on the nice and hang around in places where women wouldn't be suspicious, and target women with children, not because they love the women so much as to get access to the children.  Please get your boyfriend out of your house and see an attorney about your ex and what your son has said there.
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4 year old touching and kissing

I highly doubt that at the age of 4, any of these behaviors are sexual in nature.  He is much too young for this.  Odds are, he is mimicking something he saw or witnessed.  Additionally, he could have been sexually abused which could also explain these behaviors. What I would do is have your son evaluated by his pediatrician to rule out medical or developmental problems.  Additionally, I think it is very important to have him evaluated by a mental health professional to rule out sexual abuse.  What bothers me is the speech issue.  Someone might be taking advantage of your son's inability to articulate.  I'm not saying this he was or is being sexually abused.  However, this would explain a lot of these behaviors and should be checked out.
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12 year old boy touching 7 year old boys

No more sleep overs ...and the 12 year old has to be spoken firmly to and  needs counseling .It very often is a learned behavior so possible some has done the same to him to leave sleep overs alone this happens a lot young children should be at home ..
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Boyfriend or son.

You are a mother your son never picked you for a mother and it is your job to do for him everything he needs it is not your parents job because they never asked for another child however they do it because they have unconditional love for him.  You need to look at the relationship with your boyfriend if he doesn't want you to take care of your son he is too selfish for you and your situation.  He should have more compassion for you and your son.  Who is more important to you?  If you could never see one of them ever again who would you pick?  You need to look at your priorities. A boyfriend who acts like a child or a child who has unconditional love for you?  Sorry for the honesty, but someone needs to give you the truth so u can make the right decision. Julie
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A 5 year old tried to touch and kiss my sons butt

oh there is something going on. what your son told you is definitely true because i don't get how he would just make up  story like that and next time they would both be spending 30 minutes in the bathroom. i think you should make him tell his friend that if he still wants to be his friend they would not do that and make him apologize even if he didn't start it. be sure to tell him how this could affect him in any way
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3 1/2 year old daughter says 15 year old cousin touched her in her privates

Well, why DON"T you go see a professional about it.  It is true that information coming from a 3.5 year old is not always reliable and they project things in a way that they seem to be telling a story but it is not what happened at all.  However, as a parent--------  it is your job to follow up on such a thing.  You do NOT want to continue to talk about it with your daughter but I would make an appt. with a child therapist and allow them to explore the possiblity. Remember that this is also a 15 year old boy you're talking about.  While you feel sure your daughter is telling the truth--------  there must be an ounce of uncertainty there and what if you are wrong?  And if the 15 year old did do it-----------  you also have to remember that most young people who molest have been victems of molestation themselves.  I'm not suggeting that you pity him or say it is okay--------  but keep in mind that he may have had some terrible things happen to him to change who he is.   The boy's mother sounds like she sought some expert advice on the subject and I'd advise you to do the same.  good luck and hopefully this is just an ugly misunderstanding.  (and do not talk about this with other family or a family feud will break out.)
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inappropriate touching by my 10 year old son

    If I read this correctly, this happened earlier this year - and nothing else has happened since then.   This is also not uncommon for young boys to experiment.    I think that the fact he came to you and confessed so much longer after the fact, means that he is still troubled by either the experience or (perhaps your reaction).  Either way, I think it would be appropriate to congratulate him for telling you and make sure that nothing else is still bothering him.
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Well, I think you answered your own question.  If your daughter is unhappy and the two of you argue frequently and you resent caring for his boy---  then moving on with your life elsewhere seems like a good idea.  You are not trapped-------  you have your own income and home to go to which makes you lucky.  You DO have options and if you want a more cohesive, pleasant relationship----------  you'll never find it sticking around with this guy.  He probably isn't a bad guy but the issues between you and he and his family make it a bad match.  And your daughter is watching this probably wondering why the heck you are staying (won't be aware of it yet as these things lay in our minds like seeds-----------  rather than planting a seed of just 'dealing' with someone and getting by, show her that it is better to be on your own and drama free ----  to wait for the right relationship and a man that you don't have major issues with, that kind of seed will do her better when she makes choices for her own life).   I would say that you make a clean break--------  just move out and start life on your own again.  If you meet someone, great.  Ha, but look for someone without children or children that have left the nest.  Makes is much less complicated.  good luck and don't feel guilty for wanting a different kind of home life for yourself than the one you have with him.  Peace  )ps---  not marrying is a blessing.  Now you can leave and it will be much easier than divorcing.  
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My Four yr old daughter

This is a VERY odd story.   The way this is written is very,  very unusual.    It's all very odd, but the high point is when you call a 9 year old molesting a 4 year old a "little boy". If this story is true,  you are reporting it in the most unusual way I've seen.
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