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It's been happening for too long and I don't know how to make it stop

Hi. I'm gonna try and make this quick. My parents have physically and emotionally abused me since I was little. My first memory is of my mom taking me out of my bed when I was about 2 and throwing me all the way across the room, at my dresser. They stopped physically abusing me when I was about 14 (4 years ago). My mom had a slip-up once since then this year but I'm over that. Lately I've been having major flashbacks about the abuse and it's making me ignore all of my negative emotions. Much more relevant: my younger brother has been physically abusing me since I was little but

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It's been happening for too long and I don't know how to make it stop

Well,  the simple fact is you do know how to make it stop - move out.  It's unlikely you will be able to convince them to suddenly begin respecting you. No one that you talk to can help you,  I don't think.  Since you are an adult and free to leave,  no one can come to your home and tell everyone to be nice. So it's your choice.  Stay there and benefit from the free housing and chance to go to college,  or move out and lose those benefits.   Either way,  you are CERTAINLY not forced to live there forever,  cultural norms or not. Best wishes.
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Has anyone had this happen?

I would get him tested and this is what the Dr should have done. An  ADHD child is impulsive and can hurt themselves, there mind runs at high speed and they act to fast to relize what can happen. My son has nights that he don't sleep and he is on meds now, but its hard for us to stay awake with him, and I hope your a light sleeper. My son went on ADHD meds and they also give him clonidine to calm him down, if they do use clonidine for your son give only what the Dr says it is a med that slows the heart down and to much can stop the heart. My son has calmed down some he is 6 and been on meds since he was 4. He now only takes the Clonidine at bedtime. Take him to a specialist, there are many places that deal with that now. He can't help what he is doing, so try to be patient. It is possible that its not ADHD, I know someone son that was dignosed but the meds didn't work and they tested him some more and he had Asberger Syndrome, this is a type of Autism, but I don't think they are as impulsive. If you don't get him tested right away you may try to give him a dose of benedryl at bedtime, and sometimes coffee will work the opposite and calm them down I would try this when you can watch him. My son still drinks a sippycup, for a long time he would ask for his milk and I think he done this to calm himself down. You also need to check what he is eating, chocolate wires my son up but not sugar. I would keep him off different foods at different time, food dyes also can cause a problem. I read one time a lady said pizza affected her daughter. The MD can also check for food allergys. Hang in there it can be a nightmare at times when you can't do anything for them. God bless you and your son Karen
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Need help

hello and welcome. i understand your frustration,anger,hurt,sadness and feeling of helplessness. living with an addict can be all consuming. you see the devasation and the havoc it is causing,yet them seem oblivious to it. denial,mood changes,abusive,deceit,lie are all part of the cycle of addiction. you are right he has to make the decision to stop. the first step is to admit he has a problem, to himself and then to you. how long should you wait for that to happen? that is up to you. begging,pleading,crying,arguing,threatening doesnt work. it will just cause you to get more frustrated and angry. when he comes home and is abusive, dont talk to him,leave the room,leave the house. just get away from him. do you have a clergymen you can talk to? i would suggest you attend alanon meetings. here is the link many times we become enablers. we can become just as sick as them. addiction is a family disease. we have to learn not to live in their addiction. alanon provides support from others who have lived with or are living with addicts. there is so much to learn about addiction. how long have you been married? how long has he been drinking? there is hope... keep the faith.. sending support and encouragement debbie
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Excited for a Revelation.....need answers!

I would go to an NA meeting and ask them what they think.  Many of them are recovering pill addicts.
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Brain zaps???

Oh man. You definitely want to tell a doctor if you have one. I know that may be bad news for people who cannot afford it, but to those reading this who can't, you must try to find a way. It doesn't sound like anything too terrible, but...I am not a doctor. I just quit Xanax cold turkey and am on day six. I'm getting the twitches. But I am happy to have seemingly gone through the worst of it. I never want to touch a dependancy causing drug again. But you what they say about wants and needs. Still, my guard remains up. I had no choice but cold turkey as I had a doctor that cut me off just before the weekend. Not a good Doc, and now my ex-doc. I saw my new Doc today. People like me and you have survived cold turkey but many people have not. Its dangerous. I realize with this condition we are all fragile to fear. So don't be afraid, especially if you're up and kicking 6 months later. Just see a Doc when you are able.
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why doesn't anxiety go away

Chronic anxiety is perpetuated by the way we think.  There is no known cause and no known cure other than those who spontaneously get better and those who learn to change the way they think.  Most do this in therapy, with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment.  You don't mention if you've done therapy, you only mention a drug.  Drugs don't cure anxiety, they just suppress it by changing the way the brain works naturally.  If you want to treat the disorder solely with drugs, then the fact one bit of stress put you back into chronic anxiety suggests you aren't ready to be off the Zoloft.  Or you can try therapy and see if you can learn to get rid of it for good.  In your case, you say you know what triggered the original anxiety -- most of us don't -- and so that's what you should have worked on in therapy, probably instead of going on medication, but you chose the medication route.  I'd suggest at least trying to fix the problem through therapy, but of course it's your choice.  Now, as for damage to your neurotransmitters, if there were, you would have noticed it as soon as you stopped the Zoloft.  The fact it only started up again when you faced stress again suggests it's just the same old same old.  Taking meds can alter the brain's ability to function without drugs -- sometimes the brain just can't re-adapt to functioning without medication.  But again, you'd have noticed that upon stopping 8 months ago, so I don't think that's what's happening with you.
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How long will this last?

It is different for everyone but the average seems to be 3 to 5 days for the really rough physical part. You already have 24 hrs down so you could keep going and you will be through this! It ***** for a little while but you can do it!
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A question and some advice needed

Very hard to tell you how severe it will be ..Everyone is different. Usually for Ultram is 4 to 5 days...Talk to your prescribing doctor and see how he can help.
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