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Playing "house" as a kid

GRAPHIC DETAILS. warning So let me start with this.. I usually smoke before I sleep. Last night I was very high, paranoid and emotional. I don't know why, it has never been like this. I went to go masturbate as usual. As I was, I suddenly stopped and was overcome by my childhood memories. As a kid, I used to play house, when I was 6-9 years old with all my female friends. I would always be the "dad", we would always be kissing and such and "having sex" (kissing for more than 2 minutes.) Usually, i was the initiator, but we were just kids and didn't know any bett

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How can I get my daughter to stop playing ... Children do not necessarily see genitals the same way. "Playing ... She was satisfied and resumed playing house.
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Does my 5 yr old boy have autism

ask you neurologist if he may have asperger's. the mildest of autism. e-mail me back ***@****
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My 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter like to play booty please help

You were not overreacting. Given the same circumstances, I would've freaked out too. I think that no parent is ready to talk about sex with their children at such an early age. However consider yourself blessed that you were made aware of their behaviour at an early stage. Here is my opinion: 1. Look up "booty game " in urban dictionary. 2. Find out how and from whom have your kids learned the expression and keep them away from these kids. It is hard for me to believe that the "game" was invented by your little boy. He must have seen it somewhere, TV/media,  other kids or adults.  So you might need to do some more serious digging. When did the behaviour started? Before you moved? After you moved? 3. Find out what they really know about sex, porn, etc so you know how much in the details you can go. Make them talk without putting words in their mouths. I would talk with your  6 y.o. first separate from your 4 y.o.Ask them why are they in such a hurry to grow up? 4. Maybe you can tell them that if they love each other they should not only respect their sexual differences but protect one another from inappropriate touching. Private parts are private parts. If they are curious and have questions they should come to you, right? Where else could they go? Maybe you can explain them about incest and what is bad about it. I'm only giving you some options here. As I said before, first you need to find out how much they know, who started it, why, when, where, etc. 5. Don't let your kids out of your sight. Make an effort to go out with them; if you cannot go, tell them that you are busy and they cannot be outside without adult supervision for they are too young. (I would never let my kids out of my sight at that age. Nothing is more important than my kids, so they never had unsupervised play time). I know,  we didn't grow up with constant adult supervision but pornography started to become a plague of our society maybe in 1980s and it is now that the effects of it are surfacing. Besides, everyone with access to a computer has practically unlimited access to pornography anytime, anywhere regardless of age. 6. Be the parent. If your kids try to be rebellious make them switch places with you for a day; see how that pans out for them! LOL.(you get to sit on the chair and watch TV for few hours - watch something they are not interested in and dont forget to ask to be waited on hand and foot  every 5 min or so).  It worked with my kids.LOL (they only lasted as "parents" for 1 hour or so until they got hungry).   You can explain that adulthood comes with lots of responsibilities and that they are too young and inexperienced to trouble their minds with. Help them understand that they are kids and they should let nobody take their innocence away from them. 7. Last but not least, educate yourself about sex and porn. Here are some videos for you to help educate yourself in order to help your children. Good bless you! PS: the genital organs are called "private parts" because they are private. No touchy! PPS: if nothing you do works, try to seek professional help before they take the "game" to a different level.
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5.5 yr old playing with older kids

      Think about it.  If you have ever watched Americas funniest home videos - what always brings a big laugh.  Its some guy getting nailed in the groin by a ball, bat, hat, cat, whatever.   Even if your son has not seen it, other kids his age at school have and maybe have tried to hit him there.  Its learned.  The problem is at his age he has no clue about it being wrong (till now hopefully).      So yes, I would say its normal.  Tell him it can be painful.  It is not funny and some big kid may take it the wrong way and that could be painful for him. And maybe let the big kids (or the yard duty) know that if he does it when playing with them- it should be an immediate timeout.  
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Snobbish moms, to avoid or not?

Hi there.  Well, it is funny, mom's of this generation, isn't it?  I'm one too, don't get me wrong.  But we tend to over involve ourselves in our kids social lives.   What the other moms or mom is dealing with is hurt feelings with her own child.  If your son is then excluding with play at school, that is something to talk to your child about.  That we ALL are friends and all can play---  especially at that young age.  And I've always had a strict rule with my kids, they are not to talk about play dates with other kids to their friends.  It absolutely DOES hurt feelings.  So, my kids don't talk about when they play with someone else to their friends and have learned this. Don't request anything about his class.  Try not to be so very involved with every aspect of what happens with his life socially.  I get that moms of young kids have to facilitate to a certain extent the get togethers but let things happen more naturally with your child and his friendships.   By second grade, you can no longer say "how about we have X over" when he'd rather have Y.  They have distinct preferences by then.  And your job is to begin to understand that our children is separate from us.  I have son going into third grade and a son going into fourth grade.  I've been where you are at and it's not worth it.   Don't get too wrapped up in all of this as it is fleeting.   Again, yes, it would be outrageous to request the other class.  By the way, as your son gets older, other things could happen such as he is in class with a child who bullies him.  Reserve your overinvolvement in his class placement for something like that when it will really matter. good luck Kids have immature emotions and if you think about your sons good buddies who have hurt feelings, then it might help you know where the other mom is coming from.  
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Is different bad?

    Ask his teachers.  They are used to seeing how kids interact.  It may take them a few more weeks of watching to get an opinion.  But if you don't ask now, they will not watch.
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1st Grade Daughter Got Recess Taken Away

My thoughts would be you could possibly request to have her switched to a different class. I had a kindergarten teacher like that. She always singled me out and would call me a liar when I tried to tell her that the other children were starting to pick on me. My mom some how had me switched to a different classroom and everything was much better. I can't stand the fact that teachers find ways to bully students and they always have their favorites. It's not very professional. I hope all works out for your daughter.
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isit autism or delay?

My son has sensory integration disorder and here is what the occupational therapist told us.  Sensory is a delay of the nervous system and involves the brain's messaging system.  If motor planning is involved with sensory then some kids will have a difficult time playing.  They aren't getting the signals straight to organize play. They often wander a room if in preschool because they can't organize to sit and do something there.  Play can be this way as well.  Socialization can be difficult as well and having problems with other kids is a hallmark sign of sensory (and other things).   How this works into your question, I don't know.  But sensory is diagnosed by an occupational therapist and therapy looks like play.   One thing I did to help my son was "floor time".   I would get down on the floor with him and let him lead us in play.  I'd encourage him to pretend----  I'd say things like, "then what did the train do?"  ETc.   For social play, I was my son's first play mate.  I showed him how to build with blocks, how to set up a train track, how to take turns, etc.   Pretend play is key-----  does your son ever pick up a car and pretend it is driving?  That is important.  The repative stuff would matter less if he was playing like that at times.   Anyway, good luck.  An evaluation never hurts . . .
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Could my 3 year old son have Aspergers?

Go with your mother's instinct.  We are usually right about these feelings that something is not right with our kid.  You can call your local school district and have him evaluated for free.  They can also provide some social skills classes for free to help him before he starts Elementary School.  You can also have him evaluated by a private specialist such as a child psychologist.  Ask your pediatrician for a referral, assume you can afford the evaluation.  Is he stuck on certain topics? For example, does he only want to talk about trains, play with trains and knows everything that there is to know about trains? Aspergers kids usually have one topic that they really like. They also tend to have very developed speech and sound like " little professors".   I am not an expert, but your child sounds more like he has ADHD and not Aspergers.  ADHD kids tend to be socially immature.  Please get him evaluated, make sure he gets the early intervation for his social skills and have lots of playdates with one peer at a time to practice his social skills.  Have you asked his pre-school teacher what she thinks? Good teachers usually have lots of experience and know things. Good luck.
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