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my sons tells me **** you to my face several times when angry , hes 21 yrs old

I know ...he's disrespectful...he's been doing this since 18.

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my sons tells me **** you to my face several times when angry , hes 21 yrs old

why  ?
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At a loss

Discuss this situation with your son's therapist.  After all, this is an issue that directly affects your son.  This therapist might be instrumental in drawing your husband into therapy by phoning or talking to him.  As a therapist, I did this quite frequently.
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4 year old son, need help asap

Is his father like this?  Is his father there to help you teach him how to behave?
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12yr old out bursts, help?

You are afraid that a different crowd can cause harm to him, when actually he is the aggressor. Or maybe his schoolmates know he has a short fuse and purposely rile him up. In any case he is not the one getting punched. He needs to learn self-control. A course in anger management is in order. He is on the verge of entering puberty. Nip this problem in the bud before testosterone kicks in.
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This is ridiculous.  Your son is obviously a gifted child.  The school should not be complaining just because your son is 7 and is just being a typical boy when it comes to his behavior.  If he had bad grades and was defiant then maybe they could complain but what is wrong with these teachers today.   There are really good teachers out there and then there are some that just ruin the reputation of the rest of them.   The problem here is that they do not want to deal with this due to the fact that in one more year he will be taking state tests and they are afraid that he will not score high due to his daydreaming.  They think that since he does this that he will not be able to remain focused enough to score high on these tests and the easy way out is to clinically diagnose him with a problem that will put him in a classroom and IEP(Individualized Education Program) which will protect them.  I know this totally from experience since my son has ADHD and has been held back from achieving all that he is capable of achieving.  This is where the problem really lies.  Schools get money from the state based on these test scores.   "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 You are his parents and have every right to choose the best path for your child no matter what the school system says.  Gifted children are often overlooked because the some teachers and schools do not understand or have the capability of dealing with.  That is something that some teachers may understand but do not want to deal with because it is not the norm according to them.   Every child is different and should be able to learn at their own level and ability.  I do not understand why this is so hard for them to understand.  This did not go on when I was a child.   I hope this helps.  GOD BLESS
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2 year old anger

It would be a good idea to see a counselor.  It would be a normal thing for a kid to do if he had been harmed a lot, but it doesn't seem normal for a kid who is never treated harshly.
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5 year old son hearing voices

Here's a well written article that will give you a start on researching.  It sounds like many normal healthy children hear voices, and often grow out of it.
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My 8 year old is telling big lies

I don't know,  Mom.  My middle son was kind of the same way,  and I couldn't  tell at ALL when he was lying.  He's matured now and knows the value of a good reputation,  but all through elementary and  middle school I wouldn't take up for him with his teachers because I was sick and tired of going to them with a concern only to find out my son had completely twisted the whole thing around and then I felt like a fool.  I found out much later that a couple things I wish I had brought to teacher's attention - but like the boy who cries wolf,  how can you tell? I would say to him,  are you SURE you're telling me the truth,  because I'm going to call the school and talk to your teacher,  I won't be mad if you tell me right now you're making this up.  He'd stand there and insist it was all true - he turned in a paper on time but it was written in the wrong color pen,  I forget all the other **** he said.    I finally stopped taking his word,  and just let him work out his own stuff if he was having a problem,  and I'd tell him you know what,  I can't tell when you're lying and telling the truth,  so I'm not going to embarrass myself again.    If you want to have the teacher call me to work this out,  please do,  I'm not calling them though.   In high school,  he finally got it.  If you screw up,  no big deal,  just admit it,  and if you've been wronged and need help tell the truth about it.   My other two boys,  I could always  tell when they were lying.   I guess my advice would be to call the principal right NOW and leave a message on the answering machine and also call very first thing to pre-empt the call to you and say sorry it was all made up.  And tell your son that if he ever does this again,  ever,  you're done taking his side with the school even though in the years to come he'll need an advocate.  And I think I'd have him write a note to the principal apologizing for lying. Best wishes.  You'll get through this.
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child moslested my child

CALL THE POLICE!!!!!! (at the very least the kids would get some help) Plus keep in mind, there might be something going on thats a little deeper than you would like to think. The father not being concerned with his children's behavior is VERY alarming to me and gives me a reason to believe there is more to the story!!!! As far as your child.... SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP for him like yesterday!!!! Don't let him live with the pain of that for ever! He needs to talk with someone, 3rd party un bias, so he will know it's not his fault. It's more important that you counsel your son then report it to the athorities. However, I help but think that if they've done this to your son, how many other neighborhood kids have suffered as well?? What are they forced to suffer in there own home?? They learned that behavior from somewhere and it's important that someone find out where and put a stop to it, before there's another sexual preditior in the world!!!!! Good Luck to you and just as a resurrance your in my prayers!!!!
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Your son is an adult at 21, so is capable of reasoning through lots of problems, and I trust you have taught him right from wrong when he grew up. The fact his grandfather is coaching him today seems unimportant to me. Everyone knows right from wrong - some just make wrong decisions intentionally. If your son chooses to disrespect you or his step-father then all you can do is make your feelings known and if his behavior continues to be childish or mean, then accept that he has decided to live his own life as he chooses whether you like it or not.
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