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My step father spent the last year molesting me constantly. The last day he did so he told me he wanted to have sex with me analy (I was raped this way) upon doing so all the memories of my rape were brought back and I developed a sever PTSD disorder. I was going to end my life that night but decided to tell my mother what was happening instead. At first she was willing to help me but then reverted and decided she didn't believe me. She wanted me to live with the man who had molested me constantly FOR A YEAR. She never supported me through the entire investigation and both of them working

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I'm 16 right now attending online school and I'm super close to being done so it's about time to look into college. My situation is complicated.
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Hello,everyone!I strongly need your advice !My husband has got melanoma stage 4 with various mets in nodules and brain.As we live in Russia the access to new drugs is ...
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My son needs help

We are not allowed to advise a taper schedule but i have been tapering for 25 days from 8 norcos a day down to 3 and next step is 2 then one then jump. They say the best taper is a slow one as he will avoid withdrawal at its most intense. The only important thing for him to know is that he will be given a ample supply to taper but then no more. He has to understand that he is given the opportunity to avoid the worst part of withdrawal but must be committed. Once the drug starts to leave his system it gets quite easy to deal with it but you need a game plan and a commitment from him.
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Pain killers

Hi and Welcome! No one here is going to judge you. You can certainly just stop taking the pills, but you need to be prepared for the withdrawals..about 5 or so days. I personally have not heard of anyone having seizures from oxycodone. That's a heck of secret you are carrying around. May I ask why you feel you can't tell anyone? If you have any further questions about the w/d's, just ask. Take care.
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I need help

You have an addiction, just like the rest of us. And you can't stop something like this on your own. Call NA or AA in your area and get to a meeting asap. No one will judge you there, like no one will judge you here. You can be free of that horrible addiction, but you have to take the first step.
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   I don't understand.  If you are over 18, the meds should be prescribed to you.   Chances are that the doctors office is still going by what happened in high school.  Call them and tell them to change the name on the prescription.   Of course, the other thing to do is to show your parents something like this chart.         It shows virtually all the ADHD meds and the recommended dosing.     The other thought is that if you are taking more then the prescribed amount.  Its possible that your doc needs to up the dose.   So that you don't need to take more of the ineffective med.   How much and what are you taking?     Also, a good high protein breakfast will extend the effectiveness of most stim meds.   And, a good nights sleep is also really important for functioning the next day.    So, basically, a lot going on here.  Hope I can help with a bit more info from you.
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Advice for quitting cocaine?

Welcome to the forum. I was a heavy cocaine user for just over 5 years and it cost me so much. Just like you, I relapsed over and over and over until i came to terms that I was powerless and needed help and the tools to get through those insane cravings. I had to delete #'s, stop hanging around those that used and seek support when those cravings first hit. When we keep this a secret, most of us stay sick. You have taken a big step coming here and admitting you have a problem. I created a few health pages about cocaine and avisg also has a good one on coke cravings if you look in the top right of this page under health pages and a great read. You don't have to live like this and we are here to help. Put an end to this and I promise you will feel so so so much better. We do have the CHOICE to fix our lives. Would you consider any type of aftercare such as N/A or anything? Good luck and please keep posting:)
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need some advice please.....

hey med help can you move this to the other side please??/ thank you!!
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Potassium/Magnesium levels

Hi.  To what extent has his potassium levels gone down?  If he's putting out a lot of fluid from his colostomy, that may explain his low serum potassium (diarrhea fluid is usually potassium rich).  If he has a primary colon or prostate cancer, these may uncommonly produce a hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH.  ACTH can directly cause a decrease in serum potassium levels, among other metabolic effects. The presence of this condition (ectopic ACTH production) can be tested by doing a test called  the "dexamethasone suppression test".
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I'm the same with diseases and dieing thing.  Do you worry about others dieing?  My mom keeps telling me to do yoga and take walks, which in a way help. FYI- Do not up your dose on xanax.  I'm on it too.  I would have panic attacks and take one and it would help me and then it wouldn't go away and then I would take a half of one and then I would fall asleep.  Less is better in other words.  Are you seeing a psychiatrist at all? I hope this helps ya.  You are not alone on this.  Try to get your mind off of it.  Think of happy things instead of bad.  I went to another website about anxiety and they say when you start to worry or think about things to say NO to yourself.  It helps in a way...  
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can someone help me with a tapering programme for coming off dihydrocodeine

Hi and welcome. Unfortunately we aren't able to advise you on taper schedules here. However you and your partner are welcome here for support!!! Tapering is best done under doctors care. Good luck to both of you and hope that you stick around for support!! Keep us posted please!! Stay strong!!!
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