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Paranoid or is this incest?

I've recently started seeing a man who lives with his 18 yr old daughter. They seem more like a married couple than anything else and it's begun to concern me.  Especially when the other night after making love he & I got on the topic of 3soms and he said he'd had one once at the house. For some reason I asked where his daughter was at the time and he said, with a straight face, "she was there too". When my eyes widened and I said "what?!" he paused a bit too long then smiled and said she was gone, out. But there was something about the way he said

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Paranoid or is this incest?

Well, why would you want to continue dating someone that you believe was testing the water to see what your reaction was to him having a threesome with his daughter and a friend??? Even if you just suspect he was trying to tell you that, it's weird. This seems like a no brainer.  Move on and find a better guy.
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Father-daugther incest or am I crazy?

Having a dress in one's parent's bedroom is not in itself grounds for suspicion.  (As we speak, my son has several garments in my husband's and my bedroom.)  I kind of also think that a man sleeping with his daughter would not openly point out her beauty to people, he would pretend not to notice it.  Don't know what to tell you about the hugging.  Yes, it is possible in this day and age for fathers and daughters to be incestuous.  But I don't think you have the evidence to do anything about it, and I think only a family member has the right to file any kind of charges anyway.  Not just an interested co-worker.
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might be paranoid

   Yes that could potentially be paranoid and it would be worthwhile to discuss this with your psychiatrist. What is also important is to see if these type of thoughts are there all the time or come and go and especially if they are more present during mood swings and discuss that with your psychiatrist as well so they could have a fuller idea of how to diagnose and treat what is happening.
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Paranoid about cancer (need help)

I know how you feel because when I was younger I use to think that I had aids or hiv.  That is because at that time it was all over the news and I hadn't done anything to put me at risk of getting it but I had myself convinced that I had it and would get "symptoms".  Well after many, many years of struggling I finally went and got tested and it came negative so I had caused myself endless worry over nothing.  I think that this is probably what is going on with you.  I would suggest going to your doctor and getting a physical and full blood work up.  Tell your doctor your fears and symptoms and go from there.  I think the odds are that you most likely do not have cancer but I am not a doctor so I think you should talk to one.  If by some chance you do have any type of cancer it is best to catch it in the early stages and begin treatment.  On the other hand if everything comes back fine then you can put your mind at ease and enjoy your life.  I hope this helps you....
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Super Anxious And Paranoid About HIV

Sorry you are so troubled by this fear. I too have health anxiety and it is absolutely debilitating. The mind is a powerful thing and can convince you of things that are very unlikely to happen. Have you spoken to your doctor about maybe getting on an anxiety medication? I'm taking a very low dose of Xanax and it has helped me immensely. When I was younger I feared I had HIV too.. I think its our conscious telling us to be more aware and protective of our bodies and who we share ourselves with. I'm a big advocate for seeing your doctor regularly, being honest and having proper checkups. Do what you feel you need to have peace of mind, but also, believe what the results are.. So if you go get checked, and its negative, believe that and use this experience to be more mindful in the future. Hope I was of some help.. :) God Bless.    
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why do i feel so paranoid all the time?

It will most likely go away as you get more comfortable with being clean. I know what you mean though. The brain mimics a lot of different psychiatric conditions sometimes when trying to readjust to the new situation it has found itself in( no pills dulling reality) . Just try not to worry and chalk it up to detox. You are doing great and it will start paying off for you very soon .Just keep it up and don't ever go back !   ;)))
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addiction, paranoia and depression

Vent all you need sweetpea.. That is something I would be concerned about.. What sleep med are you taking?? How long have you been taking them?? Have you concidered any of the amino acid therapy myself and others have had success with on the other forum??  It could help with the "slump" you are in and any anxiety issues.. Talk to me girly..
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Can Bipolar Disorder cause paranoia?

When it is serious yes it most certainly is something associated with Bipolar. Many people with bipolar can suffer from delusions and hallucinations and many bipolar sufferers share symptoms with paranoid schizophrenics. How much of a real problem would you say its posing to you?
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Paranoid Stomach feeling. (Worryful stomach)

It defiinitely sounds like anxiety presents itself most commonly in that manner for you.  That is a pretty common complaint...anything from "butterflies", to just an "uneasy" feeling. As for the Lexapro...5 mg is a pretty low dose.  If you have done well on it...and are tolerating it...I think it wouldn't hurt to up the dose (after 2 weeks).  As long as that was the plan with your doc. Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things to help with the anxiety.  Keep it up!
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Paranoid in traffic

You symptoms are much stronger than mine, and I share the nervous feeling when a police car is behind me.  If I pass one at a corner I watch the rear view mirror to see which way he turns, hope not behind me, if yes I keep track of him in my mirror until he exits or I exit and he doesn't.  I of course give mover than 85% of my attention to what is ahead and on both sides, but I watch the police car. Bridges, especially high ones with flimsy looking guard rails make me nervous.  Still less symptom-wise than you describe.  Heavy traffic with lots of big trucks, 18 wheel trucks, make me nervous and on a three lane I prefer the right hand lane but will pass if that lane is too slow  That said I pick a time to pass when I don't have big trucks approaching from behind. This has been a "problem" since about the age of 30, guess when I was younger than that I thought I'd live forever anyway. The only way I can lead a normal life is be careful but go ahead and do the driving I need to do...I can even enjoy driving when the car and road feel smooth.   I think we have to face our fears, and "stare them down" but always have an escape plan.  I am always ready to slow down and pull off the road and stop, but thankfully I have never had symptoms bad enough to cause me to do that.  But that is a good reason to drive in the curb (right hand) lane, easy to escape traffic if necessary. I think many people have difficulty dealing with driving because of fears rather than a lack of driving know-how.
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