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Confused what I should do?

Hi guys! So I'm confused, I recently started using this mild face wash and says it contains salycilic acid because after a long time my cheeks that are clear grew 1 pimple (days before that it started being oily and having small tiny skin tone bumps).  my skin was better for 5 days then suddenly I started getting 3 pimples on my cheeks and now after they start healing new ones appear. Im confused whether or not a mild face fash is causing me to purge or am i just breaking out? So I read about it and says face washes aren't on the skin long so it won't have any effect so I

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I am very confused. What should I do? I am a 17 year old girl. ... I am so confused right now. Should I wait for her or what? Gopal Sinha. Answered Apr 29, 2014.
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The Possibility of Today. Facebook; ... Have you ever had those times where you were confused about the direction you should go in or your best next steps forward?
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You know when you feel really unsure about what to do? As confused as you may feel in those moments, ... How to Find Clarity When You’re Confused About What to Do
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Home › Forums › Complicated Situation / Mixed Signals › Confused- What should I do? This ... so” and he said “No I do let’s just not pick a date ...
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I am confused, what should I do? Anonymous. ... this time I told him no one has say so when we do say I do. He got upset then to. I am one confused girl and hurt so ...
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Mental confusion in dysphoric mania - is it normal?

  Loss of awareness, memory and perception of time is common in mood episodes in general. This can persist as long as the episodes. Medication should be helpful on this. Some medications can specifically helpful with mixed sates and a psychiatrist would be aware of the clinical specifics.
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What is wrong with me? Do I need to up my dosage of Zoloft?

If you are still reading, God bless you. To the point here..  I have SERIOUS social anxiety that is absolutely debilitating at times. I absolutely go out of my way to AVOID interaction with people (strangers AND people I know).  It has an ENORMOUS effect on my life and the lives of my family! All negatively!  I don't even want to talk about it, it's so stupid.  I HATE being this way. I just want to be normal. I don't want to feel so panicked and scared when I have to interact with someone. It is EXHAUSTING!  When my doorbell rings, INSTANTLY I feel all the blood just leave my arms and shoulders, blood rushes to my face, my heart beats like I am running, I feel like I am not getting enough air like I am running out of breath, I get really, really, REALLY nervous. I feel AFRAID! And it is the stupidest thing! It is SO irrational, it makes NO sense.  I am not afraid the person, what I am afraid of is literally that I am afraid to interact. I am afraid I will not say the right thing, I won't know what to say, I will sound stupid, I will look stupid, I will sound rude, I will sound too nice, I will sound nervous! I am afraid they will know I am feeling afraid!  And the thing is, I can most of the time pull it off and not look like I am being so uncomfortable. I do not think most people even have a clue I am so nervous! Just the people who know me well know that I have the social anxiety issues, and they are supportive of me and really don't think too much of it (though most of them do not know quite how bad it actually is for me!).
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Confusing other illness with ADHD

hi i am having simular probs i also am looking for advice it is driving me crazy they say he is ADHD ABUT HE HAS MULTPLE MOD SWINGS FROM SWEET NICE TO SILY EXSENTRIC .i have ust been told by a an who deals with this sort of behaviour and he thinks he has multile disorders ie-adhd,autistic,autism .attention defesit im goint to fight for a new medical assesment ,illet you know how i get on ,he is 14 on ritalin but it dosent make any difference good look and best wishes x zena
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Panic Attack and then confusion for weeks

why won't anybody reply to me :(
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Social Anxiety Disorder - It Can't Be Just Me

Awwww hun, trust me you are not alone in the way you feel, i know people can be so utterly confusing and too dam scary.... trust is the thing that ties people together and if you find it hard to trust people and you are even a tiny bit different from everyone else then it makes the world a very lonely, scary place to be. People within society are always looking to fit into a group and be accepted, it is the basic instinct within us, and within that group there is an expectation of how you should act, dress, speak etc..... , an upper class business woman would feel totally uncomfortable and out of place trying to be one of the 'girls' within a gang of ganster hoodies who come from a lower class city.   What i'm trying to say to you is it would be best for you to look for people who are similar to yourself, people who are also quiet, don't try to interact with those who are loud and extravert as it will put too much pressure upon yourself to try to be someone you are not and this will just cause the problem to become worse. So next time you are within a group of people, just take time to have a look at who is there, take in their body language, if they are quiet, not keen to talk, if their arms are crossed or their head is lowered with legs pulled into themselves or tucked under the chair, or if they sit towards the back in hope that no one will see them then they are more likely to be passive, introverted people.  Make a note of those people and go sit next to them, maybe you could say a little 'hi' to them to break the ice and see what happens from there.  Trust me they will proberly be just as nervous as you! As for helping yourself it may be a good idea to arrange to see a counsellor or a therapist who can teach you techniques to boost your self-esteem, as it is extremely low at the moment.  Self help books can be good but they don't work for eveyone, especially if the problem is complex and i personally feel you really need some strong, sound support by your side to answer all those questions you really need answering and someone to help your confidence and teach you more about people. Also have you thought about maybe doing a psychology course?  Or a sociology course?  Learn more about how and why people act he way they do, this will open up your mind and teach you not only about others but also more about yourself..... Anyway, if you ever want a chat about anything please personal message me, i will be here as a friend to you, internet friends is so much easier to form i feel, as you can express how you feel without the face to face interaction so cut out alot of the anxiety.  Hope you found some usefulness from this and take care....... remember your not alone!
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Confused what I should do?

Oops sorry I accidentally posted 2 posts same question how can I delete? Lol!
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Confusion and disorganized thinking?

I do know when a person is manic their thought process becomes disorganized. It happenned to me before recovery but more because of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia which many of the atypical antipsychotics (Risperdal onwards) helped on. It would be worthwhile to speak to your psychiatrist about. I know Lamictal helped me with rapid cycling and mixed states but every person reacts differently to every medication.
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Anyone get confused when having a panic attack?

Yes, it's very easy to get confused while having a panic attack.  Your mind is racing so it's difficult to think clearly which results in confusion.  This is when you need to take a few deep breaths and try to relax as much as possible. Therapy can help with the panic attacks, and sometimes medication is needed. Look into getting help and working thru all this.  Take care...
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im confuse

hi there,i'm not sure what is going on with your period exactly but birth control can help to regulate your periods. this may be one reason why the doctor suggested it. but ultimately it is up to you.
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Hi there, A complete clinical evaluation is extremely important for determining the correct cause of your symptoms. There are many causes of irregular periods like stress, anxiety; hormonal imbalances etc.Pregnancy tests are negative so the chances of pregnancy are very less. If you are still doubtful about pregnancy consult a gynecologist. You may need clinical examination and investigations like blood test for determining whether you are pregnant or not. Do keep me posted. Best luck and kind regards!
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