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I believe I have cystic acne but I am unsure

I generally get pimples or acne that doesn't come to a head and is very tender to the touch. When it does come to a head it is probably one of the worst pimples I've had. I currently have one which is open next t my right temple and in my beard line and I'm wondering what I should do as its becoming unbearably painful.

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She had cystic acne on her back onl, ... though I am unsure what her symptoms were. ... And I believe that the acne I've got now is because of to much testosteron.
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I am heavily depressed right now and even contemplated suicide ... I have pretty bad cystic and hormonal acne all over my face. ... unsure of who you are becoming.
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“These are indicative of hormonal acne,” he adds. “If we are still unsure, ... the main causes of acne, many people believe that birth control ... cystic acne ...
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I believe I have cystic acne but I am unsure

Hi, We often forget how important our skin is for our health. Clear skin is a reliable indicator of our overall level of health and well-being. Being the largest organ, it provides an immediate barrier between the internal tissues and the environment. It protects the body from the effects of temperature and chemical and microbial attack. At the same time as preventing harmful substances from entering the body, the skin also tansports out what what the body does not need any more. Recent research shows a clear association between gut problems and skin disorders. Check this! Hope it helps to long-term improve naturally your skin!
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Best birth control for cystic acne?

Hi there, Cystic acne is the most serious kind of acne blemish. They are soft, fluid-filled lumps under the skin's surface. They are caused by overactive oil glands, large number of Propinobacterium acnes and excess dead skin cells within the hair follicle. For cystic acne systemic antibiotics, Isotretinoin are used. Combination pills like Yaz, Estrostep and Ortho Tri-Cyclen are used in severe cystic acne caused by hormonal surges at puberty and during the menstrual cycle. The combination pills suppress the release of sex hormones from the hypothalamus and lowers estrogen levels. Before starting on any type of birth control for acne, it is best to consult your health care provider. Do keep us posted. Best luck and regards!
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Cystic Acne

hi. my son is now 8 and has had childhood acne all his life (he is in good health but has cerebral palsy and aspergers syndrome) As well as going to a derm, do also see an endocrinologist. They may test blood and urine for hormone levels and do a wrist x-ray for bone density. Childhood acne must be fully investigated as it could be a symptom of an underlying condition. Please let me know how you get on. Eloise x
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What is this? Cystic acne?

Have you visited a Dermatologist? I went through hormonal and cystic acne for a year...nothing over the counter worked. I spent over 1,000 at Sephora buying high end products and still. My dermatologist prescribed doxycycline hyclate. I take then twice a day .....and in two weeks i was clear!! My face didnt even hurt from the acne. Its been a year and I see the difference. Good luck
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Post Accutane

It is possible to relapse after roaccutane and about 20% of people need a second or third course. As you say, anti-androgen contraceptive pills (We called them Dianette and Yasmin in the UK) are helpful for clearing acne but repeat prescriptions may be necessary for as long as you are prone to acne. I have taken roaccutane twice and relapsed both times. Statistically, my best hope of a long term remission is a third course of roaccutane but it is not without risks so for now i'm back on Dianette and oxytetracycline. This is an effective combination but if anyone is going to try this she should use a condom as there is a risk that tetracyclines could lesson the contraceptive properties of the pill. Loiloi xx
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Adult Acne and Diet?

Hi, I'm glad that your acne is improving. Officially, no causal link has been established between diet and acne. They once did a study where one group of people ate only chocolate and their acne was no different from that of the control group who ate normally. That said i do avoid cow's milk as it has hormones in, and as you know hormones are one of the causes of acne. I know we've spoken before, but please remind me: Why are you reluctant to take an anti-androgen birth control pill? and have you ever taken Accutane? Thanks, Eloise x
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Acne related

Squeezing spots seldom helps and spreads the bacteria under the skin making acne worse. It sounds like you've done the right thing goind back on the pill. Were you having any particular side effects or just worried about potential ones? The combined pill is generally well tolerated and your doctor will check your blood pressure and if necessary your liver function while you're on it. If your acne is taking a long time to respond to the pill, talk to your doctor about using oral or topical antibiotics as well. You could also use a topcial synthetic retinoid like Differin. Eloise x
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Cystic acne

Hello, I also suffer from cystic acne. My main problem spots are on my cheeks and chin. They had put me on all the same medications as well yet nothing would hell. I ended up getting steroid injections on the site of the cyst and it used to hurt like he'll but within about a day they would drain and disappear. I grew very tired of scarring my face as well as dealing with the pain of the injections. I began looking into other options and found a place called "Murad" they were able to help me so much, I ended up going once a week then every 2 weeks and further and further spread apart only going as needed. They had amazing dermatologist as well as esthetic Ian that would do facials and help out with the best cleansers and masks to take home. It was somewhat price but I can honestly say since 2008 I have only had 2 cysts. I used to got one every other month or so. I believe the place was in El Segundo.  Hope this helps
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Cystic Acne Scar Between Eyes

Hi there! You could try OTC skin lightening creams/ ointments containing tretinoin, hydroquinone, arbutin, azelaic acid, niacinamide etc. If these do not seem to help over a few weeks, I would suggest considering seeing a dermatologist for alternative management. There are other few interventional techniques other than lasers that are used for scar removal. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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