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Hi, I have this huge red bump right under my eye, it's been there for weeks and is really painful when touched. I am pretty sure it's not a spot as I have had acne in the acne, and this spot is different and doesn't seem to go away. Any help would be great, thank you.

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Soft spot issues

  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. I did not have the titanium plate, and there r many here that have it...I wonder how large the soft spot u have....? There r pros and cons for the plate....and we r all  diff as to if it can be used.... Do u have continued symptoms since this concussion?
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Spotting on Birth Control?

Both low-dose and continuous cycle birth control can contribute to spotting. If you tell your doctor your experiences and concerns about weight gain, they may able find one that hits the sweet spot.
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Spotting all the time on Depoprovera

I have endometriosis too and am trying to decide on a birth control treatment.  I have not been on the Depo shot but was considering this option.  All that spotting sounds very frustrating.  I was using a Paraguard IUD before I knew I had endo.  I'm not sure if it is a good option to treat endo since it does not stop you from having periods.  In fact it made mine heavier.  However, the Mirina IUD does contain hormones so it may be a better choice.  I went into the ER a few weeks back with severe abdominal cramping which led me to finding out I had endo.  They also removed my IUD because they said it caused me to get a bacterial infection.  I'm still not sure if this was the case after all since my laprascoic surgery indicated I had endo and and endomitrioma on my left ovary.  But it is something to consider if you get an IUD.  The t-shaped contraption could allow bacteria to travel to the fallopian tube and to the ovaries.  I might have been a rare case.
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Can't get a diagnosis or relief, can anyone help?

Hey skyblueskyblue. My first recommendation  is to do a fast benefit/risk assessment for Nexium. Should you not have a serious & confirmed issue excess of gastric acid, you may be either causing significant adverse symptoms and/or contributing greatly to long term chronic disease. Too many to list! Esophageal Candidiasis According to the Nexium website, long-term suppression of stomach acid using Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors may lead to the growth of fungus in the lining of the esophagus. Normally, stomach acid kills fungus and other microorganisms that enter the body through food consumption. Esophageal candidiadiasis causes painful swallowing and is treated using antifungal medication. Please post what tests you had to establish the need and safety for Nexium (or was it just based only on symptoms?- the majority of sufferers have LOW stomach acid with the same symptoms!) and how long have you been on it. Millions of patients have been up against billions of $$$ of PPI drug business and doctors prescribing them too easily without testing stomach acid levels, as this has become the "established" practice. Why??? How about your other meds, what are they, dosage, how long etc? Have you done any blood or stool  tests for candida? Have you followed a comprehensive long term anti-candida treatment plan? Any hormonal testing, like thyroid, adrenals or other? SSA and SSB tests are frequently not positive in Sjogren's Syndrome, which is already a very difficult A/I condition to diagnose. Unfortunately there are no Auto-Immunologists, (I believe there's a huge need for such a specialty) so many patients get bounced around from Rheumies to Neuros to Endos,to Gastros often getting conflicting information and suspicions, resulting in a barrage of testing, medications and treatments, mostly without resolve. BTW, Nexium may cause dry mouth! Just thought about this side-effect. You may use Coconut Oil as a supplement, which actually works better than most antifungal medications according to research. You can also do Oil Pulling using Coconut Oil. I have been doing this for years and I only use Organic Extra Virgin. My oral and dental health is excellent, as most of the toxins and bacteria get eliminated on a daily basis from the oral cavity, by doing the Oil Pulling. If you need details please let me know. I'm looking forward to your reply. Best wishes. Niko
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Soft spot near around incision

  Hi...I had a spot that was soft, but it was where my drain was placed....not sure if that is the same with you or not.... CSF should be absorbed by the body....and most small leaks can seal on their own....some do, some do not and not sure why. It is very possible this is a  tender area and I am sure your Dr could help identify why.....I can only guess.... BACK to work? Already...really are you up for that?...goodness I never would have been ready that soon....keep in mind your body has a lot of healing yet to do and doing too much at this point can cause set backs.....
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many tests no real answer

My first question would be if your doctor has recommended any repeat studies as a result of the PET scan, if not, I would suggest getting a different doctor.  2nd and 3rd opinions maybe necessary for absolute peace of mind and, believe it or not, most doctors aren't offended by another opinion, they actually appreciate the additional input! I had clear discharge from my nipple for about 1-2 years before my diagnosis (which I ignored) and my "cyst" (so called by my primary doctor after she found it on my routine physical) hurt periodically so I was SURE it was a cyst because "cancer doesn't hurt."  After it started growing and I questioned it, that's when I was diagnosed. If you have an abnormal area, nipple discharge, and it's hurting, ABSOLUTELY get another opinion or insist on additional testing.  When it's your body and your health, there is no such thing as being too aggressive or too paranoid. Good luck to you!
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is this autoimmune Disorders

Hi Kerry, And welcome to MedHelp. Yes, it is possible you have an autoimmune disease.  One of the many test for this is an ANA.  Be sure and spend time in the sun prior to this test.(maybe an hour or so before)  If you have lupus, it will cause the ANA to be elvated.  This could help out with the usually long process of diagnosing an autoimmune disorder. Another disorder that is similar is celiac disease.  This is a glutton intollerance, which can cause diarhhea and joint pain along with fatigue.  I'm not sure it can cause the alopecia (hair falling out).   Hope this helps out.
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Go to a doctor.  Could be nothing but I would be on the safe side
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