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Water and acne?

1. Can drinking tap water be bad for acne as it may not be filtered? 2. I don’t usually drink a lot of water but I am starting to now as I want to improve my acne, I am worried that if I suddenly start to drink a lot now my skin will get a lot worse as it can purge if toxins are brought to the surface of skin due to suddenly drinking a lot of water, would a solution to this be to ease into it and slowly drink more and more water? 3. Is drinking bottled water better than tap water for acne? Some people do say that toxins from plastics in bottles may be bad?

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Fight acne with these 10 lifestyle changes from WebMD. Skip to main content. ... Increasing the amount of water you drink is a great way to flush out internal toxins ...
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The connection between drinking water and acne comes down to 2 key factors. A simple, inexpensive acne healing protocol.
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Water Cured My Acne; Post to Forum. Reviews ... my husband read an article about a woman who transformed her skin by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.
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Since water is a central part of life, it is important to know how it affects acne. Here are answers to the most important acne questions about water.
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That does not mean you should give up on water entirely. Drinking water instead of other refreshments when you are thirsty can keep you hydrated and plump up your skin.
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Drinking Water reviews on members rated Drinking Water an average of 4.2/5 and 94% of members would recommend it to a friend. Read all 41 reviews.
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Aug 12, 2015 · When you develop an acne breakout, instead of reaching for prescription medications or harsh skin cleansers, grab a glass of water. Drinking enough water ...
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Does drinking water help acne? Drinking water is not the cure-all for pimples, but hydrating helps your skin self-moisturize and cleanses your cells of built-up waster.
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Does drinking water help prevent acne? How important is it to drink eight glasses of water each day?
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Avoid splashing water on acne affected face?

No that is not true. People with oily skin will need to wash their face 2 or 3 times a day preferably with a cleanser you mix with water rather than one you tissue off. Estee lauder make a good cleanser called Sparkling Clean it comes in a green bottle and can be used frequently without aggravating the skin. throughout the day use estee lauder toner to absorb oil. As well as thinking about what you wash your face with you should also consider some oral antibiotics to help your acne. x
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Dry and acne prone skin

Hi there! Hormonal changes do not affect skin cells production or exfoliation but can cause increased sebum production and changes in the quality of sebum. Langerhans’ cells do not have role in uv protection but are primary immunological antigen presenting cells that can be damaged by uv radiation; and though benzoyl peroxide can have few side effects specific damage to langerhans’ cells is not proved.              Well, all medications would have some benefits and some side effects. The aim in fighting a condition is to use a medication with minimum possible/ bearable side effects and increased benefits and strike the right balance between the two. Hence the best suitable/ appropriate medication may vary between individuals. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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Natural ways to cure acne anybody?

Proactiv...and not the off brand stuff, use proactiv. When I have no insurance i used it and although Im on Accutane now Proactiv kept my acne under control for years. I highly recommend it.
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Stop waisting money. READ

How can you say that you  have acne worse than everyone else? Acne is a condition, which cannot always be cured by nature. Same with a lot of other illnesses in this world. I do agree that sun does help some people with certain types of acne, but all in all...Incorrect
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side effects of Differin gel

Hi there! Oily skin is due to increased sebum production which could occur secondary to stress, a few environmental factors, systemic medications, hormonal/ endocrine causes, metabolic issues, environmental factors such as pollution etc. Short term use of skin ointments is unlikely to result in prolonged oily skin. I would suggest avoiding stress and washing the face 2-3 times a day with a mild soap and keeping it adequately moisturized. For mild acne one could use ointments containing benzoyl peroxide/ clindamycin; while for severer ones it is best advised to consult a dermatologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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Hi. Hydrocortizone cream is useful for irritations, allergic reactions and redness. However, it can cause acne or make existing acne worse. I recommend you re-post this in the dermatology forum as I only specialise in acneic skin and am not an expert on burns. I would like to remind readers never to use hot water or soap immediately prior to, or following use of a hair removal product. Follow the instructions exactly including carrying out a small patch test to check for reactions. Do not apply any astringent product to the treated area for 48 hours. Eloise x
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Should I get back on birth control to clear up my acne???

I was like you, I started to breakout once I got off of my birth control. I even went back to the doctors to get back on birth control cause my skin was so bad, but I decided against taking it soley for that reason. Try washing your face with antibacterial Dial soap, once in the morning and once at night. Pat dry, do not rub your face after washing. It will dry your skin out, so you will need to get an all organic oil free Moisturizer. Try that for two weeks. It really helped me. My dad is an RN and he suggested it to me. It has really cleared my face up. If it doesn't work for you (because everyones body is different) then talk to your doctor about birth control.
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Do not pop your pimples as this will spread the bacteria and cause scarring. Chicken pox has no bearing on acne, nor does having sex. Diet has also not been proven to affect acne. Your doctor does not seem sympathetic so find a new one. You say you have tried 'everything' but you may have to take your medication for longer, or combine an oral medication with a topical one. The best prescription topical lotion is Differin, especially when used in conjunction with an oral anti-biotic like oxytetracycline. If you are female take an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Diane35. The 'gold star' treatment for acne is accutane, have you taken this? If you really wish to avoid the doctors you could have laser treatment at a private skin clinic. Please get back to me. Loiloi x
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