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What is this pinky red skin after popping pimple?

I popped a pimple and this pinky red patch has been on my forehead for about 5 days. What is this and will it scar? Will aloe Vera gel help? I have olive skin if that helps. I don't have acne but this skin appeared after I popped a normal spot. I'm worried it will scar.

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Red pimple on breast

hi, The skin of the breast is like the skin on any part of the body and subject to many abnormalities.This is most likely a skin problem, probably a boil.In the mean time you may apply warm compresses,use antibacterial soap and see how it goes. If after a week or two, it doesn't get any better,please consult your doctor, because if it's a boil or an abscess,it needs to be treated. I don't think that this pimple has anything to do with breast cancer,but as you well know,we can only guess about this lesion and it's much safer to have your doctor or a dermatologist take a look at it for a correct diagnosis. I hope that it's really nothing to worry about. Best wishes...
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Wow, you have really, really sensitive skin! You didn't mention, but do you have oily skin? No matter if you do or don't you are overwashing your skin. Shower in the morning, moisturize, makeup, blot thruout the day, then clean your skin at night. Why so many showers? You are right, it doesn't sound like acne, could be keratosis pilaris, but your description doesn't quite fit. Lean off of the washing, and the benzoyl peroxide, try a lotion for sensitive skin, and a sensitive skin acne treatment at night (a lower dose of clearasil?). Do you have insurance? Is a trip to the derm an option? or a general practitioner? Get an appt. and let us knw! p.s. if you can afford murad, you can afford the derm!
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lump under the skin

Hi. I think the bump and the discoloration are caused by scar tissue from when you popped the pimple. Although it is tempting to do so this seldom helps and can leave scars. In future apply ByeBye Blemish drying lotion to pimples. If one looks infected put some antiseptic lotion such as TCP on it or some diluted tea tree oil. To reverse the discoloration try Clinique's Even Better Skin Tone Corrector or a product to reduce scarring such as Dermatix or Bio oil. Eloise x
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Big red pimple on my nose!

Acne is caused by hormones, oil and bacteria. It may be that you can only get 10% benzyl peroxide on prescription, but there are a lot more effective products. Ask your doctor for a topical lotion like differin and a course of oral anti-biotics such as oxytretracycline. If you are female you could go on the pill when you're a bit older as this can help (sorry if you're not!) do not squeeze spots as this can spread the bacteria. This redness and scarring sounds superficial and will fade as your skin is young. Loiloi x
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Red spot on left breast

This doesn't sound like ringworm from your description but it could be some type of infection. I think you would be well advised to ck. with your Dr. about some possible treatment rather than just let it go and become a bigger problem, especially since you are pregnant.   Regards ....
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Tiny red dots under skin

The reason I put it here is because I read it can be caused by hormones and pregnancy too. I'm on birth control could that have caused them?
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Hard marble sized lump under the skin between my breasts

It's worth a visit to your doctor to check it out.
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Chest Acne

Do not pop acne pimples. Doing so spreads bacteria under the skin leading to more spots in the same place, delayed healing time, secondary infection and even scarring. What you feel under the skin is probably scar tissue. It is common to experience acne spots after delivering a baby, due to hormonal change. If this continues you can use acne medication, when you finish breast-feeding. Oral and topical acne medications are not suitable for nursing mothers, as the medicine may pass into breast milk. Best Wishes, Eloise.
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