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Help i have bumps next to ,my knee and i vcant get hem off

They ares skin color i tryed bug bite cream it doesnt work and it itches a lot

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Help i have bumps next to ,my knee and i vcant get hem off

Try exfoliating ?
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Just checking in!

I'm only day 9. I can't imagine GOD Bless you. There is the new IV Tylenol that's supposed to be great. Also I was a nurse for 33 years & I know they won't let you have NSAIDs post op but I would try to convince my doc to prescribe low doses. Also ice, ice, ice.
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Tapering down

I think some sort of taper will make it better ... unless you're willing to spend five or more days feeling crappy.
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Hi, A physical examination is very important for determining the exact cause of your symptoms. The treatment and management of your condition depends on the cause. These flesh colored bumps could be related to any allergy, inflammation or infection. It is possible it is some cyst a cyst is a fluid filled pouch under the skin it could be the fluid from your knee joint is leaking, and your body has created a pouch to protect it. Flesh colored bumps can also be seen in a condition called Molluscum contagiosum.Acne on the knee cap responds to good skin care and over the counter treatments. Salicylic acid washes and pads containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid may be helpful. See a dermatologist. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
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Arthritis in my knees, help

Hi.  I can relate to weight gain as a result of immobility due to these painful conditions.  My knees were in pain but it was due to my back.  I can tell you that once my pain came under control compliments of shots, I have been helped by exercise and weight loss.  I would encourage you to try it as it may put off surgery if it does not allow you to escape it all together.   There are several of us here trying to take off some pounds put on since getting ill.  One gal does weight watchers, I bought a Wii and Wii Fit (amazing but it really is working for me) and I am using slim fast.  I had success some time ago with Jenny Craig, but since getting ill I have not been up to going in to their office.  What are you considering trying?
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help me please. my b/f is snorting roxy pills

well...there is not a whole lot that YOU can do...first he has to admit that he is powerless over this drug.  my guess...from what you have that he is addicted. one of the most powerful things that YOU can do is not enable him.  dont make "idle" threats...say what you mean and mean what you say.  
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Not getting sleep from past 2 weeks

Were you diagnosed with a concussion?  When you went back to the ER did they do a concussion test?
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Help in quitting pain meds

The best idea I can come up with is pick a time within the next week or sooner and make that your quit day.  You're gonna have to go through the wd's.  They're bad but they're not as bad as our mind makes us believe they're going to be.   That's the addition working on your mind.   A lot of folks quit on a wednesday or thursday as the worst days of wd's seem to be the 3rd and 4th and this way they don't have work or school during those days. Obviously if you could take a day or two off of work that'd be even easier.
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Help for Codein detox

i honestly never had the will power to ween off percs..(250-300mg daily)..i always would want to in my head buy beinbg an addict i would take my last 10 and say f it ill just go to another drs office and get i commend you for #1 is always the worst. day # ***** just as bad..but by the end of day 3 youll feel some day #4 and 5 youll start feeling so much 1 week youlll be free of the poison..and have the rest of your life to look forward too..its sooo worth it..if you make it, and i know you can, get some support thru na or another type of group..its much easier than doing it alone..gooodluck and godbless
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please can anyone help my son

I am so sorry your son is suffering.  I can only imagine how helpless feel and desperate you must be to find something or someone to help.  I will try my best to address your concerns and help you in the ways that I can. 1.  An MRI and x-rays are good news.  Those test results plus symptoms plus lab results are how they diagnose a problem.  Lab results are not enough to diagnose a patient.  You can have a condition and have the lab come back negative for it.  It is called Sero negative xxxx.  You can also test positive for something in labs and not have it.  The symptoms, x-rays and MRIs are crucial pieces of the puzzle. 2.  Alternative medicine, in my experience, can help relieve symptoms.  I went to an accupuncturist, a muscle release therapist (specialized form of massage)and an iridologist/herbalist (diagnosis by looking at the eye) while waiting for a diagnosis and treatment that would help me (I have RA, Sjogren's and Ankylosing Spondylitis.)  For me, the combination approach helped but western medicine was critical to returning a large degree of my quality of life. Because of the additional tests the 2nd rheummy is ordering, I think your son is on a good course to getting diagnosed and treated.  The worst part is having to be patient.  It takes time to get a diagnosis and sometimes you have to change doctors more than once.  Once diagnosed and depending on the diagnosis, it can also take time to get the treatment right.  Various drugs may be tried in various combinations and dosages.  For some the process is fast, for me it took 2 years and for others it takes much longer.  I believe the keys are being your own advocate, being willing to change doctors and educating yourself on the conditions the doctors are investigating BUT you have to be careful with that as you can scare yourself horribly.  (I read too much on a condition for which my labs were positive though I had no symptoms and it turned out I did not have that disease.) Things that will help the doctor include a family medical history (include aunts, uncles and cousins IF they have rare or autoimmune diseases.)  A detailed medical history for your son.  A log of all symptoms and pain, even those that seem unrelated, when they occurred, how long they lasted, what made them better (if anything), etc. Something that will help your son is to take pen and paper to the doctor appts and maybe take another person, too.  It is hard to absorb all that the doc says and writing it down may capture something important that may otherwise be forgotten. Try to stay positive, be supportive and let us know how you are both doing.
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