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Detoxing for first time

I have been on Norco 10/325 for about 3 years now, my dosage ranging from 4 to 8 per day and I drink alcohol everyday. At least a 6 pack a night or a bottle of wine. I want to quit, and I had planned on tapering off starting this week, but all of a sudden my Dr moved and I can't get another refill. I went from 8 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday, and now its been 24 hours since my last dose. I am having really bad hot and cold flashes, diarrhea, and I can't sit still, or stop sneezing. I have Xanax for my anxiety and have been taking .5mg here and there today to help with the anxiety I'm

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This is my first time doing a detox. I am currently on day 2 and feeling very positive. I have experienced a few small headaches but nothing too serious.
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weird weird weird

Bama that's some hard sh*t you're going through right now! No doubt about it. Before I talk nice let me tell u something that might not be so nice to read spite of all the stress and dramas in your life you always give yourself the 'out' to use again if it gets to be too much. And you consistently give people the power to control what you do in your life. The lines that we as mature people draw around us are not intended to be crossed. You draw your lines way,  way too close to your feelings and emotions thereby letting anyone in with a few harsh words. I can't do that Bama! I refuse to allow people on the outside to play with my emotions and get me to react certain ways that I don't want to act. Because if u really don't want to use then u would create a situation that helps you to achieve that.   I know from what you said in the past that there are so many issues involved , especially those dealing with pain....but you are creating more pain for yourself. It's never anyone else's fault when we use! And although you dotake responsibility for it , the one thin you aren't doing is making real and concrete plans how to deal with those trigger situations. Cuz that one you just explained was a classic trigger situation. Bama you help so many here (me included) but take some time to help yourself! You need this and you want this so bad I know! Serious changes need to be made for this work otherwise the cycle continues. Do it because it's what you want and need for yourself!
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Going to make the tri-fecta (quad-fecta actually) this year :)

Hey! I remember you: you wrote the utterly hilarious play by play on how you felt  detoxing. (Well, it's funny after the face.) Anyway, nice to see you. Gotta say, your post made me sad. Sounds like you've been struggling like crazy. Just sounds so exhausting. Cool that you made it thru these holidays. I got ask the 9 million dollar question: what do you for aftercare?
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To get off or not to get off...

Hi - I know you are humiliated to tell your dr but he has probably seen it all.  Tell him that you are humiliated but your childs life comes first.  He can advise you on the best way to withdraw without having a miscarriage.  You don't want to give birth to another baby addicted to methadone do you?  You have to know how painful that must be for the baby.  Plus,, won't the dr know when the baby is born that there is an addiction?  I would rather tell him now than later. Glad you came to the board so that we can help you.  Let us know what you decide.
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37 days off opiates!!

Lol....we as addicts know "one is too many and 1000 is never enough"....i dont know if its enough to know better. Maybe doing something pro-active to put some weapons in your arsenal in case temptation rears again??? Aftercare? This is the only thing that has kept me from relapsing.
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12th time detoxing....just need support

Just wanted to welcome you back and tell you not to feel ashamed.  As long as you keep trying, you are way ahead of those that aren't. I am on day 5 after several attempts at beating oxy's and I am praying that it is my last time going through this.  I have learned so much from this forum and I am glad you came back because if you want help, this is the place to get it.
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I had a major addiction to percs and morphine, prescribed for back injury, and am now 2 & 1/2 months into sub treatment.  already tapered down to only 2 mgs a day.  i had the same fear about trading one addiction for another, but doing really well so far.  
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2nd time so much different. kinda strange.

Also wanted to add today is day 5 for me I think
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yep... BIG TIME reflections... the good the bad the happy the sad... but we take each day at a time... we learn from this... we grow...dont beat yourself up... we cant change the past ....just make your future better by being sober ok....just remember why you are doing this ok....good luck!!!!
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an end to this madness?

There are no serious health concerns associated with cold turkey withdrawal. Yeah it is hell, like having the worst flu ever, but it is possible to get through.  30 10mg may seem like a lot, but I came off of doing 50 30mg Perks a day and I am here to tell the tale.  It wasn't fun, but it only lasted 7 days.  I treated it like I had the flu, wrapped myself up in blankets, took Theraflu, drank tea and gatorade, took Immodium.  Don't fear the withdrawal, embrace your desire to get clean.  It will be a tough road, but if you are determined enough you will find yourself on the other side in no time.  Do this now, before it is too late.
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Detoxing from oxy slow release, regular oxy and norco..

Hi..So you have been Lurking Around Huh! Well you seem to have all the things set up..I am proud of you wanting out at a young age..You have a future ahead of you..I went c/t from the hydo/oxys about 12 years ago..I did not understand this disease until it was too late..I just ran up the latter to Methadone for 12 years with 2 other meds..I did c/t off all 3 about 222 days ago..I am in my late 50s and it was not easy on this Body..But I did it and I am feeling pretty good..Have some emotional rides now and then that I have to stay tuned into..Also I have to go to the Meetings.I have all the information about the "Disease of Addiction and the Pleasure Pathway" that helps me to under stand all of this too! Support is a big one..This Journey was not meant to be walked alone..Well I am glad you showed up on here..Now just stay with us and you know as you have been reading around that we will help you out the best we can..
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