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Accutane not working?

Well Ive now been on accutane for 5 months and I keep breaking out. I said in one of my earlier posts that my face was clearing up but now I broke out again and its back to being crap. Im suppose to be on accutane for 7 months (two months left to go). When I first started taking the medication my doc said it be gone by 3 months, max. But now 5 months later... its still not gone and on top of that I have these dark marks that the acne has left behind.  Im really starting to get afraid that its not gonna work. Has accutane ever not worked for anyone? Does it usually take this long? Wil

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Accutane Not Working Doctor Answers, Q&A, Tips - RealSelf

Accutane is a prescription oral medication used to treat severe acne. The drug is a form of vitamin A, which reduces the amount of oil released by the skin.
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Seven Reasons Why Roaccutane Sometimes Does Not Work

Before 2009, Roaccutane was known as “Accutane” in the USA. How Does Roaccutane Work? ... Taking Roaccutane on an empty stomach almost guarantees it will not work.
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Accutane Not Working - Why? Doctor Answers, Tips

Accutane Not Working - Why? StarsMoons333 Appleton, WI 6 years ago I took accutane for 5 months and I have been off it around 5 months now. When I was done taking ...
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Accutane Not Working | 1stDrugstore

Accutane Not Working. Cialis Viagra Online Canada - Order Cheap Sildenafil Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) Online, It is the only drug which is not only fast acting (works ...
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Is there anyone accutane did not work for? | Anti ...

I’d like to know is there anyone accutane did not working for? I’m supposed to be on accutane treatment for I have some severe form of acne.
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Why is accutane not working for me? - Quora

Why is accutane not working for me? I live in a very humid climate and I've been on accutane for about 4-5 months now. ... How well does accutane work for acne?
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Accutane not working after 4.5 months in? : Accutane

Accutane not working after 4.5 months in? (self.Accutane) submitted 1 month ago by tipsycrow. Hi all! ... Does accutane not work for everyone?
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Accutane (isotretinoin) - How it Works, Side Effects, and ...

Accutane (isotretinoin), ... also produces fewer side effects but may not work as well. ... Do not buy Accutane on the Internet.
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What if Accutane doesn't work? - Prescription acne ...

What if Accutane doesn't work? Archived ... Sounds like it sucks but honestly it just means its working-im going on my 8th month for accutane bc it isnt working.
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Accutane not working?

Hi..I was on accutane for 5 months and had to stop due to my insurance getting cancelled. But it didn't start working for me until like 4 months at which she had to double my dose because it wasn't working. so maybe they could up your dose? but I have heard that it doesn't work for some people like 10% or something. ANd the dark spots that are left are not scars, they will go away, but it takes like up to 6 months. just make sure to not pick at your acne, but the marks will go away it just takes forever. i have been on accutane twice, once when i was 17, and now im 26. I have cystic acne, and it made it better but not like i wanted it to be. i just realize now that i'm doing the best i can at taking care of myself and if i still have acne then there is not much left to do. the people in my life who still stick around and think im beautiful are the people who are true friends and don't care what i look like on the outside. but what has helped with my acne would be washing my face twice a day with cetaphil face cleanser. then i drink 8 cups of water a day. plus i do a mask every couple days its by the brand queen helene and you can get it at walgreens called mint julep face mask. good luck!!!
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accutane and protein

Because accutane is already a high-potency derivative of vitamin A, any add'l supplement of this vitamin can be toxic, leading to liver abnormalities, reduced bone mineral density, and central nervous system disorders.  Toxic symptoms arise after consuming very large amounts of preformed vitamin A over a short period of time. Signs of acute toxicity include nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and muscular uncoordination. The medical term, hypervitaminosis A,  results from taking excess amounts of the nutrient in supplements.  So, its best not to drink those protein shakes while prescribed to accutane.
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Accutane - starting 6 months and not working yet? Anyone in the same boat?

Hi. I had extreme acne so i know EXACTLY what you are going through. I'm not out of high school yet, so i can't imagine the stress on your life. Sometimes accutane for a second time is good, but the side affects are so terrible at times, i'd understand if you didn't want to. (especially with your duaghter and all). As for other treatments, ive never heard of SURGERY per say, but im going to get acne scar laser treatment done in a few months. it's very expensive, but ive been saving for years! sometimes it's good to not look in the mirror and note all that's wrong with your body. start on a clean slate. just start by a simple face wash everyday. then slowly add a skin treatment set from a store (Bartells?) then maybe start considering more options. But i started on a clean slate after my accutane experience, and my face looks better, and i feel happier about my self! P.S. And about finding that "someone" you'll find him! i promise :)
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Accutane 16 wks not working

you can take accutane for 24 weeks.It can then continue working for up to 8 weeks after you stop taking it. Sometimes after taking accutane other treatments which failed before may work. If you relapse or accutane was ineffective you may need a second course. I know what it's like, i've had two courses. loiloi x
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Retina then Differin

Differin is considered to be one of the most effective and well tolerated topical acne gels. I recommend Diane35 birth control pill ahead of Yaz. You may be a candidate for accutane if your acne has not responded to a fair trial of other medications including oral antibiotics. The severity of acne has a lot to do with its persistance and how it affects you psychologically, not just the number of lesions. You're not alone, I'm 32 with acne. After relapsing after accutane I'm now on Diane35, oral oxytetracycline and topical Differin. Check out my journal and pictures :) Eloise xXx
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Never ending Acne

Hi. It is possible to relapse from accutane and sometimes a second or third course is necessary. If your dermatologist does not think you warrant a second course of accutane at this time what did she prescribe to help you? Often having taken accutane, remedies which were previously ineffective may work because accutane changes the skin. The most effective oral antibiotics are oxytetracycline or lymecycline. Erythromycin can be used but there is widespread resistance to it. The most useful topical preparation for acne is a retinoid gel called Differin which can be used concurrently with oral antibiotics. If you are female take an anti-androgen contraceptive pill such as Yasmin or Diane35. Never take medicines not prescribed for you and don't buy them online. A flashy website does not guarantee the product is genuine. At best it will be a placebo and you will have wasted your money. At worst it could harm you. You could also be breaking the law as online accutane is often imported from another country. Try some of the things mentioned above and if your acne continues see a more sympathetic dermatologist. Severity of acne has a lot to do with how it affects you, not just the number of lesions. Loiloi xx
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Accutane and joint pain

Joint pain is a common side effect to Accutane.  You should tell your doctor about it and have him reduce the dose of the drug.  Hopefully that will get rid of the pain and you won't need to take any additional meds to fight it.  Good luck!
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repeat accutate?

Yes, providing you have no contra-indications (high cholesterol, poor liver function, depression etc) a second course of accutane is the treatment most likely to achieve long-term remission from acne. Loiloi xx
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Accutane has permanent side effects

Hi. This is the Acne Community, not the expert forum. If you would like to ask Dr Rockoff a question please repost this accordingly. In my own experience, muscle and joint pain (along with other side effects) subsided 12 weeks into the therapy as my body became used to the medicine. I took Accutane twice, once for 20 weeks and once for 24 weeks before achieving a long term remission from acne. Accutane has a relatively long half life and can stay in your body for up to 5 weeks after discontinuation, during which time side effects may continue. A causal link between Accutane and ongoing side effects has not been proven, although much anecdotal evidence exists. When deciding whether to take Accutane patients and their doctors must weigh up the potential side effects against the expected benefit. Accutane has helped millions of patients with devasting severe acne which has not responded to standard treatments. Accutane is only licenced for treating severe nodular or cystic acne (pastules and papules +++/++++) with a risk of permanent scarring. Eloise.
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Accutane-redness/pink face

Check out this forum for more information... there are a lot of people that are dealing with the same thing you are that have been on Accutane.
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