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im kinda confused!!

i started shaving my private area bout 5 months ago and i started noticing little red bumps some look like ingrown hairs nd some look like pimples should i go get tested for anything imperticular cause at the same time i was sexually active with my ex who was cheating with the towns slut!! i mean we did use protection every time but cant you still get stuff??

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It's sounds like a classic panic attack. Anxiety causes these, but it is a normal reaction coming at the wrong time.  Your are getting the "fight of flight" response when there is no reason for it.  Your body gets flooded with adrenaline, has nothing to work on and this results in a panic attack.  If you were in a situation where you needed to either fight or run, you would need this adrenaline to do that, it's a natural response coming at the wrong time.  Anxiety normally has a root cause, usually something traumatic that happened to you in the past that you never really dealt with or forgot about.  When we do this, it does come back and demands that we deal with it and normally presents itself in the form of anxiety.  Therapy can help you and sometimes medications are needed.  You don't mention if you have been in therapy or on medication, but you do recognize that you have anxiety.  Panic attacks are difficult to handle on your own, so I would seek help.  Just remember that it is a normal response with the body and the best thing you can do is to not sit and think about it. Pace, walk, do things that are physical to work off the adrenaline, and try to get your mind on other things.  Pay attention to your breathing and make sure you are breathing deeply, not shallow.  Deep breathing exercises are good to do the moment you start to feel stressed.  Make an appt. to see a psychiatrist and get started on getting past this. You're not alone with this, we have all had/have them, so we do understand what you're dealing with.  Take care.
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confused with my health, please help

Hello and welcome! I'm sorry you've been struggling so much.  In my unofficial opinion, it sounds a lot like anxiety/panic, especially considering that you've been checked medically a few times, and everything has been okay.  Also, you admit to having a history of of anxiety and irrational fears, especially when it comes to death and dying.  Have you ever seen a mental health professional about your anxiety?  Have you been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness, like an anxiety disorder?  If so, have you ever tried to address it?  How old are you? I'm all for people making sure they rule out a possible medical cause for their symptoms, but I also think at some point, it's important to try very hard to stick to the facts.  In your case, the "facts" are that after many tests, several ER trips, and after seeing many doctors, there was nothing found.  While medicine isn't perfect, I can tell you that if there was something big and bad going on that would put your life at risk (ie with your heart), SOMETHING would have been abnormal.  There would have been some kind of red flag. When dealing with anxiety, one must focus on the FACTS not the FEAR.  Therapy would help you tremendously to learn how to do that, how to dismiss the anxious "what if" thoughts.  I would recommend asking your doc for a therapy referral ASAP.   And, while I would of course always encourage you to keep the lines of communication open with your doctor, be cautious about repetitive attempts at seeking reassurance, like going to the ER frequently.  While your anxiety may be much better after you get that reassurance, it actually feeds the anxiety cycle.  A therapist will educate you in how to handle the increasing anxious thoughts and sensations in a more reasonable and appropriate way versus just running to the ER. I wish you the best, keep us updated, okay?  Hang in there!
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Electric shock feeling

I have had this same incident occur. Trust me, you are not the first. First of all, are you on any meds. for your anxiety/panic? Do you take your vitamins daily? SSRI anti-depressants caused this adverse reaction to me, since I seem to have a very overly stimulated autonomic nervous system. The electrical shock feelings are all too familiar to me. I still don't know if they are related to Panic or not, but I just linked them as part of my overly sensitive ANS and the panic attacks, because the Lorazepam coupled with my Toprol seems to be doing the trick, and as well as taking a mult-vitamin to assure no vitamin deficiencies are causing my symptoms. Lack of Vitamin B12 is a good candidate to cause both neurological and physiological symptoms like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and the symptoms much like those you described, so I always take my vitamins. And low and behold, vitamins ALONE got rid of my withdrawal symptoms from the SSRI's, which just made the symptoms that they made appear while I was taking them 10-fold. I still would like a definitive answer though if panic attacks and the electrical shock feelings are linked, or if they are just part of my overly sensitive ANS or part of some other problem all together linking the two (the panic attacks and the electrical surges).
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Hello, A clinical examination and tests are important for determining whether you are pregnant or not. The symptoms experienced by you could possibly be due to premenstrual syndrome or pregnancy. If you have taken your pills regularly and as you mentioned taken 2 pills on missed days you are protected against pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations, stress, anxiety all can cause delay in periods. It is best to see a gynecologist and take up pregnancy test. Do write to me again on how you are doing. Best luck and regards!
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Finally took Lexapro, feeling confused mind blank

It's not uncommon to have strange side effects when you first start a new med. I felt the same way when I started Lexapro but after a couple of days the side effects got so much better. What does were you started on? Sometimes it's better to start off small and work your way up.
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put back on ativan told to stop the xanax

Hello; I saw your post and since I am a long time user of 1.5 mg/day antivan I thought I would respond to you.  I have never been on Xanax but see it on this site used by a lot of people.  I have been on paxil, which was hell to get off of after one year.  To stop you Xanax and go back to antivan in my mind, might have caused these symptoms.  How are you now?  Did you settle down a bit?  3 mg of antivan a day is what your Dr. ordered, so you should have maybe followed his instructions coming off the Xaxax and then going back down on your antivan.  Antivan is a very old drug and pretty well tolerated.  It is also a  very cheap drug, and the big Pharm want you to use newer drugs that are more expensive, in my mind anyways....  I think a lot of the new meds cause a lot more side effect personally. I am addicted to antivan after 5 years and have illness which it helps take the edge off.  They want to keep putting me on newer drugs, but my therapist and myself think I am doing okay on the antivan, so why change it up.   Don't hesitate to go back to your Dr. and see if you are still having these symptoms to see what he says about your antivan dose. Wish you well. Jannie1
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kinda confused not sure what to title this

Stick to your guns.  He needs to crash and burn before he will ever finally accept that he has to get clean.  Based on what you've written, I don't believe he has any intention to get any real help in the form of rehab or NA/ AA.  Who got the apartment for him?  Who's paying his food and other bills?  Whoever it is just enabled him to keep right on using in comfort so don't get your hopes up and keep your daughter far, far away.  Frankly, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't let him near her unless and until he completes an inpatient rehab program.  
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everything you described sounds like it could be anxiety, since i have had those symptoms..but you shouldn't just assume they are..did you go to the doctors or anything or get any tests could just be allergies since they can do the same things
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confused and scared about results of mammogram & ultrasound

Answered previously .......
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