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Hormonal changes or something more?

Hi everybody, I've been someone who's suffered from acne all throughout my teen years. My worst battle with acne was in early 2016, and just to give a little insight on that phase, my face was completely covered with all kinds of acne, from whiteheads to blackheads to cysts, and it was so painful that I couldn't sleep on my sides comfortably. Luckily it cleared up on it's own, and at 18 years old now I'm happy to say that I'm almost acne free :)  (my face is relatively clear until my period rolls around and then it's just a few pimples here and there, noth

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A sharp rise in the hormone progesterone before your period can make falling asleep more ... hormonal changes ... The cause of your irregular periods is something ...
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To help you escape from your chamber of "hormone horrors," WebMD asked Northrup and other ... "But if you can change the ... which adds more hormones on top of ...
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As men age their hormone levels will change, ... Hormones in Men. ... but the amounts are much smaller and women have other more dominant hormones that “drive ...
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Hormones or something more? -

Hormones or something more? : Hi everyone, I just want to get some advice/feedback. Prior to pregnancy I have always been a very level headed person who never got ...
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Hormones or clinical depression, how ... But let’s face it, hormonal change in adolescence ... so when is adolescent moodiness normal and when is it something more?
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what protection will suit me?

Hello, If you had side effects with the hormonal contraceptives then you can use barrier method of contraception or you can also get Copper T inserted after consulting your doctor. Even Nuva ring would be fine but if you have any side effects then it has to be taken out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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Depo Proveria

I saw one persons personality change almost 180 degrees while using the ring.  But have you had kids?  The ring is almost never recommended  except under those circumstances.  Or didn't used to be. Just as a side note studies have shown that under the pill the tastes of women shift from the masculine Care Grant or Clint Eastwood type to the more feminine Johny Depp type so it has been proven that hormonal treatment can affect mind and instincts.
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Medication before Mastectomy

What you are referring to would be either Chemo or Radiation prescribed by an Oncologist. I don't believe this would be the case if you are having a mastectomy though. This is usually done to reduce the size of a tumor before it is removed surically but NOT  When the entire breast is removed. Any treatment deemed necessary after your surgery will be the decision of your Oncologist.
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Morning after pill yeast infection

Hello, You may be having recurrent yeast infection or vaginal candidiasis, which typically causes swelling, redness, and itchiness of the vaginal area.  It also causes a curd-like vaginal discharge. There may also be skin involvement wherein the skin around the vaginal area also becomes infected and become red and have rashes.  Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants.  Wear cotton underwear as much as possible and maintain proper hygiene.  It would be best to see your Doctor so a pelvic examination can be performed.  You may need antifungal pessaries. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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thyroid nodule removal surgery canceled

Hi How is your father? Can you elaborate on the change of nodule character as well as the specific elevated hormone? What symptoms are present? Thyroid nodules are growths of cells in the thyroid gland which can be benign or from thyroid cancer or due to fluid-filled cysts or made up of thyroid gland cells. For proper evaluation, symptoms as well as results of diagnostic tests including the TSH level and other thyroid blood tests, thyroid ultrasound and even fine needle aspiration biopsy are important considerations. It is best that you talk to his attending physician for proper evaluation and to ease any worry. The endocrinologist will also help clear any issues with the abnormal hormone level. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Help, anxiety, weird feeling in head

Seems like you are going through a lot of anxiety right now...... Ok I remember about a month ago.. I believe it was Mele... who posted a question for the ladies, basically asking the women if their anxiety is worse before they are about to start their periods.  I believe all of them who answered said yes... You mentioned that, so this could be playing a role.....  I just wanted to mention that to hopefully help calm you down....  Have you had anxiety before?  I am no medical expert, but I would guess you are stressed out right now, and dealing with anxiety.  If it would truly make you feel better then you should go to the doctors and tell them everything/how you feel and let the experts decide. Sorry I am not much help for you, I just noticed nobody had responded to you yet, so I thought I would pitch in my poor opinion!
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Blackish pimple/mole

Hi there, These little bumps are called Montgomery glands which appear on the areolas or nipples and have nothing to do with breast cancer.These glands are sebaceous glands which produce an oily fluid secreted in small amount to keep the the nipples and areolas lubricated. Some women make the mistake thinking that these bumps are pustules or pimples and attempt to squeeze them.This is definitely not something that should be done, because it could lead to infection. On the other hand, true pimples,(aside Montgomery gland),are common and can appear on your nipple area as on any other part on the body.They can occur for various reasons, from pores clogged with dead skin and oil, to bacterial infection and also from stress and hormones. Usually these types of pimples go away on their own and are not an indication of breast cancer,especially because they are present bilaterally.Apply warm compresses,keep the area clean and wash with an antiseptic soap. However,if you feel pain, redness or swelling, you should see a dermatologist so this condition can be treated,whether it's a Montgomery glands,or pustules infection. Take care..
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