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sudden severe cheek acne

Hi, I'm 25 years old and up until about three weeks ago had very little to no breakouts. When I did have them it was never more than two or three at the most, large pimples on my cheek area, at a time. People were always telling me what "beautifull skin" I had. About a month ago I noticed a handful of smaller pimples begin to breakout on my cheeks, which turned into large, painfull spots, which are most painful at the onset. I now am breaking out all over my cheeks, but nowhere else on my face or body, with many large pimples that just won't stop. I've tried many things

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21, never had spots, now sudden breakout. Help?

Hi, How are you?  While gym or exercise may indirectly cause clog pores, this may indeed be attributed to hormone issues also ( i.e forgetting 3 OCPs). This breakout usually resolves after hormone levels go back to normal. Having a good skin regimen by washing your face regularly may also help. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.  
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severe acne and scarring

Hi. Differin is unlikely to irritate your skin, the other cream prpobably contained benzoyl peroxide and the combination of the two caused the irritation. Use only one topical solution (I recommend Differin) and use a bland cleanser such as one by eucerin or La Roche-Posay. Do not use a face scrub whilst using Differin as this will irritate your skin. Differin will exfoliate your skin without scrubbing. It is better to persevere with one type of oral antibiotic for what can be considered a fair trial, than switch to a different type before it has had time to work. Acne responds very slowly to oral antibiotics. Hydrocortizone is good for allergic rashes but can make acne and rosacea worse. It is not indicated for long term use on the face as it will make your skin thinner. There is no conclusive evidence that diet affects acne, so don't feel guilty about enjoying a normal diet with occasional treats. Deal with your acne first, by taking long term antibiotics and using a topical synthetic retinoid like Differin, then deal with the scarring. I recommend Clinique's Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, which reduce the marks acne leaves behind and is suitable for all ethnicities. Eloise x
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Acne - AFter delivery

It is common to experience acne in the early stages of pregnancy and after delivery since it is a hormonal problem. You cannot take oral acne remedies until you have finished nursing, as they may pass into breast milk. Do not apply external remedies to your chest while you are breast-feeding. if you still have acne when you finish breast-feeding try antibiotics, but i think it will clear up when your hormones settle down. In the meantime pamper yourself with some lovely products for oily skin such as those by estee lauder or clarins, and enjoy your baby. Loiloi
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Lifeless Skin

Rosacea is a persistant erruption which occurs on the cheeks and forehead. it is more common in women and is often made worse by sunlight. Rosacea should be distinguished from: Acne, in which there are blackheads and a wider distribution. Although acne can co-exist with it, hence the term 'acne rosacea'. Eczema, in which there are no pustules. Lupus erythematous which shows redness and scarring but no pustules, and Perioral dermatitis, which is a rash with pustules which often gets worse before menstruation. You describe your acne as 'lurking under the skin' in which case i would recommend Freederm, which helps prevent acne from becoming inflamed. Never squeeze any skin lesions as this spreads the infection and can lead to scarring. If you think you have acne-rosacea see a doctor for treatment with oral tetracyclines. Avoiding hot and spicy food can also help. Loiloi x
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sudden severe cheek acne

As you have found, over the counter treatments are of limited benefit. Go to the doctor and get a gel called Differin on prescription. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with an oral anti-biotic like erythromycin or an anti-androgen pill like Diane35 or Yasmin. Please do this now as acne will increase your anxiety and depression. Let me know how you get on, Loiloi x
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Wait Time for Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

He must wait 6 months as it says in the instructions. This is because accutane has a long half life which means it stays in your body when you stop taking it. If you have laser treatment less than 6 months after stopping accutane you risk irritation and scarring. Give my love to your son, i've taken accutane twice too. love eloise xx
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really frustrated

Hi Kitty, i think we have spoken before but I can't remember which specific products you tried. Acne is caused by high levels of, or a particular sensitivity to the effects of androgens- the hormones responsible for stimulating the grease-glands. The glands then become blocked with excess oil and bacteria which feeds off this oil. An effective treatment will therefore target one or more of the following factors: oil, bacteria and androgens. Diet has not been shown to effect the abnormal skin processes involved in acne one way or the other. There is a lack of medical evidence that natural or homeopathic remedies work. Your dermatologist will prescribe you a topical antibiotic/topical retinoid and/or a course of oral antibiotics. Female acne patients may also benefit from taking a combined or anti-androgen contraceptive pill. The length of time you will have to use your medication for will depend on how quickly your skin responds to the treatment. As a general rule you should see some clinical improvement after 8-12 weeks and further improvement with continued use. You may require ongoing treatment or further courses of treatment if your tendency to acne continues or you relapse after discontinuation of treatment. If standard treatments result in failure or relapse your dermatologist may consider you warrant treatment with oral Isotretinoin (Accutane). This is a strong drug with potential unpleasant side effects but it results in a long term remission from acne following a 16-24 week course of treatment, in 80% of users. Eloise.
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Facial rash

Acne along the jawline is often hormonal in cause. Hormones called Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. If too much oil is produced the glands become blocked with excess oil and bacteria which feeds off this oil, and inflammed acne spots occur. Try the Freederm range (contains nicotinamide) which is available without a presciption. If over-the-counter products are of limited benefit see your doctor for a prescription strength gel such as Duac (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) or Differin (adapalene). Your doctor may also consider that you warrant a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline. Female adult acne patients may also benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill since the oestrogen it contains blocks the action of androgens. Avoid the mini-pill, depot shot and hormonal IUD all of which can induce acne. Elose.
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