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Acne all over body and oily skin, connected to ibs?

Over the past couple of years I've started to develop severe acne all over my body. Mostly small whiteheads, with occasional cysts. I get it everywhere, back, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, butt, even on my legs. My face is actually the one place that has the least amount of acne, and remains pretty clear. My skin also gets pretty oily throughout the day. It all started in my mid-twenties, I never had a lot of problems with my skin before. It also developed at the same time I started to develop symptoms of IBS-C, which I have seen several doctors about. All blood tests I've had come

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acne and oily skin

Hi. There is no evidence that masturbation or sex causes acne. A change of diet seldom results in reduction of acne either. Acne is caused by a sensitivity to androgens (male hormones) in our bodies. Androgens cause skin to become greasy leading to spots. Roaccutane is considered the "gold star" treatment for acne as it results in a long term remission after one course for 80% of patients. However, due to the numerous potential side effects it is reserved for those who's severe acne has persisted after other treatments have been given a fair trial. Oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline are effective at clearing acne. Topical synthetic retinoids such as Differin are also helpful. Discuss this with your doctor who will prescribe one to suit you. Eloise x
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Mature oily sensitive and acne prone skin

I suggest a good skin care regime.Wash with a gentle water soluble cleansr like cetaphil am and pm.then use a beta hydroxy after cleansing. to exfoliate.I get mine at cosmetcs cop .com paulas choice. Since you have sensitive skin just use the beta hydroxy in the pm . Only moisturize if you feel dry.Now for active breakouts use benzoil peroxide to disinfect. I know how you feel I am still oily at 50 but  on the skin care regime that i suggested has made all the differnece in the work for me.I have been  doing this routine for almost 3 years and my skin looks great.I get complemnents all the time. For oil during the day get  you some of those oil blotting papers.Clinique or Paulas choice has them. Good luck Venora
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face and body acne please help!!!

As you have sensitive skin, when using a new acne product, apply to a small area to test for reaction before continuing use. Clinique make a good range for blemish prone skin, including a chest and back spray, a facial cleanser and concealor which also dries spots. If store bought remedies prove of limited use, see your doctor for a prescription product. If you use a contraceptive pill switch to Yasmin or Diane35 which also clear acne as they contain anti-androgens. Avoid progesterone only mini-pills or the Depo shot which can make acne worse. Sensible exposure to the sun will help clear the acne on your shoulders. Good luck and have a lovely time in Florida. Loiloi x
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Retinoids suck for me...

Hi. Topical retinoids like Differin can feel greasy when applied to the skin so are best applied before bed. Oral retinoids (isotretinoin/accutane/roaccutane) shrink the oil glands in your skin and often cause very dry skin and peeling. What type and brand of retinoid did you use? Estee Lauder make the best cleanser for oily skin i have found. You can use it regularly without any irritation. They also make a matifying toner and oil-control hydrator. These products are in green bottles and available in department stores or online. Have you tried oral antibiotics? Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline are probably more effective than erythromycin. There are also non-retinoid topical lotions, Duac gel might be good for you it is a combination of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide. Advances in laser treatments have been good recently and can be used to remove the bacteria from skin, and shrink oil glands. Ask for a consultation at a reputable clinic. Loiloi xx
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Extremely Oily Skin/Acne

Treat this problem before it gets any worse. Ask your doctor for oral antibiotics and a topical lotion such as differin. if you are female taking the contraceptive pill dianette will also help. Loiloi x
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When do males usually outgrow acne?

The average age that Teenagers grow out of acne is 18-19 but it varies from person to person. It's all about hormones and puberty and you know that, just hang on and you'll be out of it sooner than you think! Good Luck. EarlyBloomer
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Tired of this Acne!

You can take a second course of accutane (called Roaccutane in england) i did and may need a third. Have you tried taking an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Yasmin or Diane35 (called Dianette in England)? These help me and can be taken at the same time as an oral antibiotic for your skin although theorectically there's a risk of the antibiotics lowering the pills effectiveness as a contraceptive so you'd have to use a condom if you have a boyfriend. Some newer laser skin clinics claim to be able to treat all skin colors so don't rule that out. I'm sorry i can't really answer the other question you posted as i now live in england where we see our doctors and dermatologists for free on the National Health Service so don't need medical insurance. But as far as i know, only a dermatologist can prescribe accutane but your doctor can prescribe the pill and antibiotics. I really empathise with you, i'm very pale so spots look awful on me! Love loiloi xx
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Very oily yet very dry skin

Hi. I recommend products made especially for oily acneic skin which has become dry or fragilised due to acne treatments such as Differin and Duac. La Roche-Posay make a cleanser called Effaclar H (not the regular Effaclar which is just for oily skin). Lutsine Hydrafnia make a cleanser and moisturiser especially for this problem. Look online at pharmamudi and parasend sites if you can't get them in stores near you. Use an oil-free moisturiser on your face. Olive oil and body lotions are likely to be too greasy and block your pores. Eloise.
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