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How effective is Oratane?

Been  using oratane for 6 weeks and my face is getting worse.  My face is normally dry when i wake up, with scabs on the pimples but by midday, my face seems to break out again and seems a lot worse than the day before. Can this be cause by use of makeup? should i be using makeup at all?  My skin has scared since use of the medicine and i am also peeling, is this normal, (this is mainly the reason why i use foundation and concealor as cover)?  are the effects permanent?   I am getting frustrated and dont really see any improvement, but it is on

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Accutane oral Reviews and User Ratings: Effectiveness, Ease ...

Find user ratings and reviews for Accutane oral on WebMD including side effects and drug interactions, medication effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction
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ORATANE 10 MG (Soft Gelatine Capsules)

ORATANE 10 MG (Soft Gelatine Capsules) ORATANE 20 MG ... It is also contraindicated in all women of childbearing potential unless an effective contraceptive has been ...
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Acne Treatment Oratane Doctor Answers, Q&A, Tips - RealSelf

Acne Treatment Oratane Information and Tips. ... How effective is Oratane? Because I took it for four months and today I have small itchy pimples.
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Oratane - Introducing Oratane

Introducing Oratane Who Gets Acne? Acne is common. It affects most people during their teenage years. 80% of people have suffered from acne at some time in their ...
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ORATANE - Medsafe

ORATANE Isotretinoin 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg Capsules ... She must use effective contraception without any interruption for 1 month
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Oratane Capsules -

Oratane Capsules - Consumer Medicines Information leaflets of prescription and over-the-counter medicines
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Oratane Acne Treatment - Doctor insights on HealthTap

See dermatologist: Oratane is supposed to be most effective as acne treatment ,but it has to be used for 16 to 24 weeks to see the real effect of this medicine .
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Oratane - Side effects

Why Are There Side Effects With Oratane? All medicines have side effects. With Oratane the side effects are closely linked to Oratane actually working.
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How effective is Oratane?

Hi. Oral Isotretinoin (also branded as Accutane/Roaccutane) is the most effective acne treatment available, with 80% of patients experiencing a long-term remission from acne after one course of treatment lasting 16 to 24 weeks. It is normal to experience a temporary worsening of acne ("Initial breakout") during the first few weeks. This is a common side effect and shows your medicine is working. Use a bland cleanser and moisturiser (La Roche-Posay is a great brand for sensitized skin, available instores and online). Use Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for peeling lips or skin. Eloise.
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Seroquel XR side effects / tests on Beagles

Seroquel XR in lasting all day could have an increased likelihood of sexual side effects and it could be interacting with the the Amitiza. It would depend what you mean by "sexual side effects". Decreased libido could definitely be from the Seroquel. Anti-cholinergic effects from both medications interacting (those cause dry mouth and blurred vision but affect all areas of the body) could cause other problems that would make sex difficult and/or painful. I do know Abilify (and there is one similar anti-psychotic due for release like it) is less likely to cause either of these effects and the Phase II experimental antipsychotic I am on glycine, a glutamate antagonist in FDA study has none but I do have sexual side effects from the multiple medications I take for tardive dyskinesia which the new antipsychotics can't cause but I have in severe form from the previous ones.   Animal studies are done to test physical effects of medications (some people are opposed to them its complex imo, I do think some tests were abusive, of course though you would want to give a study medication to an animal before a person first because if it has dangerous side effects a person could be affected). They can't study psychosis in animals because animals don't have thoughts like humans. But medications affect them the same. And if you notice a previous post, someone did actually develop cataracts from Seroquel so it was good they noted that. Medications go through Phase I trials where they are studied on people who are completely healthy just to see the reaction and if they are safe and then Phase II (where the glycine is) to study effectiveness and finally Phase III to find exact specific dosages and then a new drug approval letter is sent. Regardless animal tests are done first as although people's brains work differently from animals their bodies function in much the same manner.
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Prozac Pill Change effects :(

When you say you've tried several pharmacies, were they different owners?  CVS and Walgreens, for example, tend to use different generic manufacturers because CVS owns its own pharmacy benefits manager and therefore is much more restrictive on who they'll buy from.  Because you should be able to special order the ones you had before if you know which manufacturer it was, assuming it's still available -- there's a lot of consolidation through mergers going on in the generic drug industry.
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Lexapro Side Effects, and fears about the drug!

The listed side effects on these meds are very long, but some are also very rare.  There are no meds without dangerous side effects.  Aspirin has probably killed more people than any other medication out there.  It used to kill as many people a year as auto accidents.  I'd go back on the Lexapro.
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Which antidepressant has the least side effects?

Probably Prozac or Lexapro.  But you answered your own question -- everyone is different.  Prozac does seem to have the least chance of the ssris for weight gain.  With the tricyclics weight gain is rarer, though it can happen, but then there are other side effects such as dry mouth and constipation.  Look, these meds are affecting your brain, they're all going to have some side effects.  The question is whether they do more for you than against you.  And you're only 23, you're metabolism isn't slowing down that much yet unless you don't exercise.  I'm 56, and my metabolism is still fine because I exercise a lot, but I still gained 50 pounds on Paxil.  You're not going to get a good answer.  But I will ask, are you in therapy?  If you can make that work, you might be able to get off the medication carousel.  
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Increased Zoloft dosage....will i get side effects all over again??

Your side effects, which were very mild, eventually stopped. The occasional nausea could be related to a number of other things, including stress related to your fear of this medication. The medication did not stop working when your side effects went away, the dose was simply not high enough and had no doubt reached a plateau where it had done all it could at that dosage level. Which is why the doctor increased you to 50mg per day. We all react to medication differently, but since your side effects were so mild on 25mg, it's POSSIBLE you may experience some of those same symptoms, but they are almost always less bothersome and go away much quicker. One thing those of us taking antidepressants must learn is patience when we begin taking these types of drugs. They ALL come with their own unique set of side effects and some people don't experience any, some have a mild response, (like yours) and some people have a terrible experience. I think you should begin the new dosage and don't freak out waiting for side effects...........that kind of anxiety will backfire and the great progress and sucesss your're having with the Zoloft will be jeopardized. Just about every psychotropic medication is going to have side effects. If the side effects you're having are bearable and in your case, stopped, then that is an excellent indication that Zoloft will be right for you. Sometimes we do have to push our way through some unpleasant side effects, but when we come out the other side and realize we're feeling better mentally, some dry mouth, a little nausea and some small lack of sleep was not such a bad trade off. I don't think you should spend any more time worrying about how bad you may feel and concentrate instead on how well you will feel very soon. Always discuss your side effects with your doctor and especially your fears about them. It's very possible your dose will be increased again and it would be so much more beneficial for you if you didn't go through this phase of anxiety each time. Give the new dosage a fair trial, you owe yourself that. You did not become depressed overnigt and you won't be "fixed" overnight either. It's a process that is best augmented with therapy to figure out the root cause of your anxiety/depression. The medication will help you feel better, but it's not a cure. It just masks the symptoms. The cause of your problems is still there and will remain there until you face them. Peace Greenlydia
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new supplement , does it have side effects?

Green lipped mussel arthritis treatment offers you some much needed relief from joint pain and inflammation. The most effective part is the relief from the inflammation, as that is most of what is causing your pain in the first place. By effectively controlling the inflammation, you will be decreasing you level of pain. The best part is, if you begin to take a supplement of the mussel extract on a regular basis, you may find that you no longer suffer from the pain and inflammation.This has become widely known as one of the most effective arthritis treatments available on the market today. As far as i know there is absolutely no side effects of green lipped mussel extract and is extremely effective for arthritis.
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