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Scared i have a brain tumor

ok.. i have really bad anxiety so i worry really easy Im 17 years old here are my symptoms Dizziness.. not bad dizziness but its with me all day. my hands feel sometimes my hands feel like a just woke up. sometimes out of no where ill twitch.. doesn't happen often but it does happen. my hands always feel like there shaking as well but there not. Please help me im so scared that i might have something really wrong with me. I can't go to the doctor right now because i can't take any time at all off school Thanks for all your help. - EastJ

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worried i have a brain tumor | Mental Health | Patient

I have very bad health anxiety and over the last month I've had almost a constant headache I'm scared I have a brain tumor please give me advice .
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So scared about a brain tumor! ... I'm afraid I have a brain tumor or MS. Has anyone had weird vision? ... So scared and obssessed; Do I have a brain tumor please help;
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Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Hines on scared i have a brain tumor: First of all certain symptoms usually accompany brain tumor.
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Guys, it won't go away!! (brain tumour scare) - Anxiety ...

Jul 12, 2017 · I completely understand & have been there. It's a miserable thing to be in daily fear. Really take into consideration the odds of you having a brain tumor ...
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It all started a few weeks ago. I had a headache, which I think was actually a migraine for a few hours. During those few hours I googled what could cause headaches ...
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Brain Tumor Anxiety Overblown. ... Often the fear of a brain tumor starts because of ... If you think that you have a brain tumor right now then chances are you don ...
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Hi, just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about brain tumours as i am really scared i might have one.A few weeks ago it began with a sharp pain
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I have struggled with anxiety with physical symptoms for a bit over a year now. Recently I have been having lightheadeness that last about all day...
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scared i have a brain tumor

Get back on your ZOLOFT!  It is not a medication that you can suddenly go on and off.  Yes, the anxiety will come back when you go off it.  It takes lots of work and longer than 2 months to work out the source of the anxiety.   The brain tumor thing is very common among us anxiety folks!!!  Hang in will be do need to, however, work with your doctor before starting or stopping any medication!
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Scared of Brain Tumor Symptoms

Perhaps you need to see an ENT... inner ear disorders can cause balance issues as can things like Vertigo and they cannot be seen by simply looking into the ear (at least that is what I read) and in my opinion if your doctor doesn't think you need a CT scan.... get another doctor... its prob nothing but better to do an exclusionary CT scan than not do it and wonder if you should....
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marijuana and anxiety

Marijuana can be stimulating and quite frequently makes people paranoid and fearful. What medicine do you take?   Anxiety frequently makes people fearful of having a brain tumor.  This is a very common symptom.  Be sure to discus these symptoms you are having with your doctor.  It's good you are having tests done and these will ease your mind.  Try to get as much exercise as you can, eat good healthy meals, sleep enough hours and try to keep your mind occupied with things you enjoy doing.
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Brain Cyst or Tumor?

There is just no way to tell without going to a doctor. Yes, tumors are scary. There is no way to get around that. But there is no telling if what you have is a tumor or not unless you get it checked out. Have you asked a parent to look at it? Removal and the risks all depends on where it is. I had one in the center of my head and they went up through my nose so no scar. Often they use small incisions now behind the ear or the eyebrow (again, all this depends on where the tumor is and the size) and so the scars are tiny). I think you should talk to an adult and get to a doctor - it is impossible to diagnose anything over the internet.
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Are Brain Tumors Herriditary?

No, brain tumors are not hereditary.
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Could this be a brain tumor?

Have you had blood tests done to check hormones and your white blood count??
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IMPORTANT, Please help

This isn't a migraine.  It's a headache.  Stop googling symptoms.  It will kill you faster than any disease.
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Losing my ever loving mind

Since you see the neuro on Tuesday you will have an expert study your situation, so there is no reason to be afraid now. Presently there is no professional diagnosis of your brain that indicates a problem exists, so you are in no position to be making up worst case scenarios and running what-if calculations - you are not a medical professional so best to leave it to them to analyze you instead. Not everyone can deal with anxiety easily but lots have overcome whatever mental block is in their heads and found a way to relax, so there is lots of reason for you to be hopeful. All your "symptoms" could be things you had before - most of them look like typical anxiety symptoms btw. Anxiety is making you over-analyze your body looking for clues to a mystery disease that no doc has diagnosed you with. I can't diagnose you but neither can you, so best to leave it to doc. You don't study how an airplane's engine works and try to predict if the engine is in good shape before you take a flight because you trust the professionals - same situation should apply here. btw, there are lots of diseases more likely for a person to have than the one you are focused on, and since you aren't worried about them try to relax and not worry.
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advise please help me

hi, i keep getting sharp pains in my head and brain tumors run in my family i have already lost 2 uncles and my nan to brain tumors. the sharp pains started in my 2 uncles and my nan before they was told they had a tumor and my uncles were young one was 25 and the other was 29 what should i do im scared of going to the doctors cause of what my family went through when they was told they had it please help
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I have all the symptoms of brain tumor? Not Migraine

I am only a fellow patient and not a doc... But I have three members of the family with brain tumors and they can vary quite a bit. If you have been to a doctor (or 4) and had what I hope is an exam and at least a few tests... Perhaps it can be a hormonal, nerve or even vitamin or mineral issue.   Dizzy is super hard it can be sinus to hormones to... Do you have a good PCP who has run some basic testing?
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