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Do you think it is a metastasis to the bone?

In 2008 I was diagnosed w/ Stage III-A Breast Cancer with a Grade 9 tumor.  I underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy (ACT & Taxol) and radiation.  About one week ago, I discovered what appears to be a malformation in my rib cage which is new.  The bony area is higher than my regular ribs and seems to be egg shaped.  Beside the enlarged area lies an area that dips down lower than the regular part of the rib.  Does this sound like a metastasis?  Could it be something else?  I am so afraid & my appt. w/ the oncologist isn

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Bone Metastasis: What Happens - WebMD

Bone Metastasis: What Happens. By Annie Stuart. From the WebMD Archives. ... This occurs because bone metastases weaken bone and puts you at risk for fracture.
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Bone Metastases: When Cancer Spreads to the Bones - Health ...

In some cases, your doctor may find bone metastasis before you have symptoms. In some cancers, where bone metastasis is common, your ...
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Bone Metastasis: When cancer spreads to the bones ...

Bone metastasis or bone mets occurs when cancer cells from the primary tumor, such as prostate, breast, and lung cancer, spread to the bone.
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Bone Metastasis - What You Need to Know -

How is bone metastasis diagnosed? Tell your healthcare provider if you feel pain in one area, or in many areas. Tell him if the pain is constant or comes and goes ...
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If You Have Bone Cancer - American Cancer Society

Mar 20, 2014 · When cancer cells do this, it’s called metastasis ... Why do you think I have cancer? ... If you have bone cancer, ...
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Metastatic Cancer - National Cancer Institute

Defines metastatic cancer and describes the process of metastasis. ... Main Sites of Metastasis; Bladder: Bone ... If you have been told you have metastatic cancer ...
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Bone metastasis - Mayo Clinic

Bone metastasis may be the first sign that you have cancer, or bone metastasis may occur ... "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "," "Mayo Clinic Healthy ...
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Exercise Choice and Bone Metastasis from Cancer

I asked Mary-Ann Dalzell to comment on exercise choice and bone metastasis. ... And I think these guides are extremely important for you to follow.
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Bone Metastasis Pain Relief - WebMD

Oct 20, 2015 · A wide range of treatments can help you control cancer pain from bone metastasis. Skip to main ... especially if you think you can't do anything about ...
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Bone metastasis Disease Reference Guide -

Bone metastasis — Reference guide covers symptoms and treatment of bone metastasis in people with cancer.
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bone scan

Many Oncologists do indeed order some type of scan before starting therapy. If the scans result in a negative finding; this is a good thing and clears the way for Chemo to be directed at only the primary cancer. Oncologists have valid reasons for ordering whatever treatment or follow-up imagery they choose and if we are to look for the optimum end result then we should follow their recommendations .... if not then we should seek a second opinion from another Oncologist.   Regards ....
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Do you think it is a metastasis to the bone?

I do not know enough to say whether or not this could be a bone metastasis.  If I were you, I would call my oncologist and tell them about this and see if they want to test this to determine what it is.  They may wait until your appointment or do something sooner.  But for your peace of mind, they are the ones to best determine if there is any cause for concern.  I am not an expert on bone issues, but I'm sure that there are multiple possibilities for a bump like that and the only way to know is to get it checked. All people with a previous history of cancer, when something new appears, are extra concerned that it might be cancer returned.  Do not let it panic you, but bring it to your doctors' attention and then find out what it is.  I always tell my doctors about things like this and then ask, "Is this prudence or panic?"  Because sometimes it is hard to tell if I am overly concerned or not.  My doctors usually chuckle when I ask that and say, "Prudence.  It's just a ....  But I'm glad you checked it out."  I am thinking of you.
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Bone Cancer

It's hard to assume how some cancers are going to spread and where it is going to go, although I agree with you as a bone cancer survivor, you might guess it would hit a closer organ.  Is an MRI possible to rule out cancer?  With my bone cancer in my right lower leg, it hurt and only got worse and worse until finally I could no longer walk and was diagnosed.  To cure bone cancer they use intensive chemotherapy, bone graft surgery and or radiation in most cases. That is - most cases that I have seen as a volunteer with cancer patients.  I would suggest an MRI to further rule out cancer, but the fact that a bone scan cleared it and it's healing, it could have been something as small as a stress fracture - which I currently have too!  Good luck in your battle with prostate cancer, live strong!
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I need help withdrawing from opiates. PLEASE

Hey man don't think you're alone cuz you're not. It just feels that way for now. With what you described its no surprise you take a lot of pain killers, youre in PAIN! Are you under a Drs care? I hope so. You need medical care. Are there any plans for surgery ie knee replacement?
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looking for info on liver cancer

Hello - I am sorry to hear about your mother in law.  My grandfather (on my mom's side) was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1980. He was 62 at the time.  When they operated on the colon, they discover mets to the liver, but it was too late to operate on the liver. So, they did chemo a couple of times, I believe.  He ended up very weak and down with nausea, much like your mother in law. (since I was a kid at the time, I cannot tell you from memory how much was achieved with the chemo alone).  He opted/they opted to stop chemo altogether because of his weakened state. After the last chemo was over and done with, he started to feel more like himself. He moved out to live near our family in Southern California.  When I first saw him, he looked very weak and skinny.  But, he loved to lay out by the pool.  He started to get his strength back after a while and he started golfing again (this is all about two years after initial diagnosis.) He lived a normal, happy life (even started dating a new lady or two, ha,ha).  He lived for seven more years and passed away following an elective surgery unrelated to his liver cancer.  He died from a blood-clot in his leg after the procedure. So, there is certainly hope that she is not living in the dark, but, instead, simply living.  She is very young.  My grandpa was in his 60's and he did very well with an equally severe liver, although he did not have it in his lungs or bones. Hang in there, she might bounce back and be fine for many more years - Take Care
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Hello to all. I just joined the forum

I have 2 types of arthritis, Ankoylosing Spondylitis and Reactive Arthritis. Pain never goes away.  My rheumatologist put me on Enbrel 4 weeks ago, today I had a severe flare up and the pain and stiffness is the worst it's been in 4 years.  He wants to keep me on it one more month and if there is no change we will try Remicade or Humeria.  Has anyone told you what type of arthritis you have, there are over 100 different kinds.  I would suggest finding a rheumatologist.  When I first got sick I went to an orthopedic too and he sent me the rheumy right away.  I wish you much luck and if you have any questions I would be happy to help you through this. Sue
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Bone and liver metastasis

The decision about stopping treatment should be discussed with the Oncologist who knows all the particulars of her case. The pain in the hip is due to the cancer or damage that it has caused to the bone. If you are not happy with the current treatment plan then by all means get a second opinion from an outside Oncologist. The decrease in the liver mets isn't all that much.  Regards ....
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breast cancer

I belong to a UK breast cancer support forum that has some male members. Those that are ER+ take Arimidex, as I do.
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Can bone scan detect spine metastasis?

This bone scan is a nuclear bone scan so it is looking for things to light up. I know I was thinking it would maybe find any bone stuff, but it turned out like a fuzzy X-Ray.
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