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Mom stage 4 breast cancer

My mom is 51 and has stage 4 breast cancer that spread to her bones, liver, adrenal glands, and brain. She was diagnosed almost three years ago. She can't drive, cook, or clean. My dad and I both live with her but we both work 40 plus hours a week. My mom can bathe and dress herself but not much else. I was wondering if there is anyway I could get paid to be her caretaker. When my dad and I get home from work we are too tired and stressed to do the cleaning and everything else. My mom refuses to have anyone come into the home to help. So that's not an option. I would love to do it for

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Breast Cancer Support; ... Mom Stage IV. MadeInMichigan. Posts: 35 ... when i found out that my 49 year old brother has stage 4 cancer.
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So I made another post but it was on pre-diagnosis. Today I got a phone call from my mom telling me that the mammography has shown that she has stage 4 breast cancer.
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My mom is currently Stage IV Breast Cancer with mets to bones, liver, and brain. There was a lung nodule, but it was not really considered cancer based on the scan.
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Stage One Breast Cancer

I have heard of cases where a woman was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer and within a very few months progressed to stage 4. With the people I know this happened to this happened in-spite of treatment. I do not know how often something like this happens, and how the the 'treated' cases compare to those women who are not being treated for one reason or another. You really need to talk with your mother's doctor about her individual situation, as we cannot advise about her case and know nothing about her, and even if we did, we are not doctors here on the forum. sometimes though, oncologists and other physicians do answer questions here. There is also a professionally staffed cancer forum here which you will see when you look to the right of your screen under related 'expert forums'. best wishes, kat
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will my mom survive stage 4 breast cancer?

duplicate post
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newly diagnosed_Lobular Breast Cancer

Hi - I was dx Jan 2003 with a 2cm invasive tumour (grade and stage 2) with associated DCIS. I was, at that time, offered either a mastectomy with no radiation, or a wide local excision with radiation. Chemo was not mentioned then. I decided to have the WLE. However, when the surgeon sampled 8 lymph nodes (we didn't have sentinel node biopsy then), 3 were cancerous. I went back for total axillary resection, and 1 more node was also cancerous. At this point chemo was strongly recommended and I had 6 x FEC. I also had 25 rads with 2 boosters. Doing fine now. I would guess that the status of your Mom's lymph nodes will determine whether or not she is offered chemo and rx.I would think her surgeon and/or Oncologist are the best people to ask. Liz.
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Stage 4 breast cancer

I'm so sorry I did not see your post sooner.  I hope you have found some help for your Mother by now.  My heart goes out to you and your Mother...I can only imagine how difficult and overwhelming all this must be for you two. I have no great answers....but it might pay you to call the "American Cancer Society' and see if they can direct you to some kind of help.  They ususally have a answer for everything.  Wishing you all the best for your mom.  Wish I could be of more help.  Bless you both. Rinda
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I don't know why you think that there will be a 6 month wait before you have a biopsy. I doubt that very much .... although someone may have told you that. It is quite common that a needle biopsy can't be done if a person has small breasts. A surgical or open biopsy is usually the procedure in such cases. Since it's microcalcifications and not an actual lump that will be biopsied there may be a wire localization procedure done before you have the surgery. A very fine wire is inserted in the X-ray Dept. to locate the exact area containing the calcifications. Please remember that all microcalcifications don't necessarily mean cancer. Regards .....
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Mom stage 4 breast cancer

Have you heard of Protocel? I had a lumpectomy and three months later the cancer came back as inflammatory....just went through 8 chemotherapy treatments (every two weeks for 2 months) and do not want a mastectomy. Go to the website "The Breast Stays Put" to get good info on Protocel.
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Breast Cancer spread to the liver

When your breast cancer spreads to the liver, that is not good and I am sorry you, and your mom,  have to go through all this. Often a diaqnosis of cancer, no matter what stage, is harder on close family members than the patient. When it comes back, like this, it's even harder, especially the iniyial shock. That does not mean it will all be suffering and hoing downhill from now on. Although chemotherapy can no longer cure the cancer, it is often so helpful in controlling and shrinking the cancer to a point where the patient can axtually feel quite normal. I understand that chemo is given as long and as much as it is woeking, and when it stops working, sometimes then you are switched to another chemo, anf so on. The pirpose of this chemo is to improve the quality of life as well as prolong life. Some people with liver mets live for quite a long time but i think they are usually treated constantly, and on a regulat basis. It is impossible to know or guess how well your mom will do, and how long her life will be.  No 'telling' you something raally bad, not really good(as in too p[timistic) is helpful in my experience. My advice to you is to not assume anything, like that your mom will be really sick when she feels good, or that she should feel much better when she is feeling very badly. It is very hard to make plans as some fays are better than others and you never know. Let her be, and let her tell you, (and ask her to tell you how she is foing) so you don't always have to ask her and which is annoying for both sides. Same  with helping. She may be independent for quite a while. It is really important that you take care of yourself,kbeebe, as that is the greatest gift you can give to your mother, that you are OK, It is also true with/got your kids if you have any. Your mom will die but this may not be for 'who knows' long. Take care, Katrin
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metastatic breast cancer stage 4 Hormone-receptor Positive

I am sorry to hear your mother has Stage 4 beast cancer, and that it is worsening. Did you have a question you would like for us to try to answer? If so, please include additional  relevant information, such as what your mother's oncologist is recommending for her at this point. (For example, has a course of chemo been discussed? Or application to clinical trials?)
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breast cancer stage 4

Hi.  The increasing serum liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT and alkaline phosphatase) may be due to two possibilities.  The first is that the drug oncolet (letrozole) may be exerting a toxic effect on the liver.  The increased liver damage manifests as increases in the serum liver enzymes.  If this is the case, the dose of oncolet should be reduced or the drug temporarily discontinued to allow the liver to recover.  The second possibility is that the increase in serum liver enzymes is a manifestation of recurrent cancer metastases to the liver.  This can easily be checked by doing a repeat ultrasound or CT scan of the liver, to see if there are new tumor lesions or if existing lesions have enlarged over time.
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