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hormone therapy for stage 4 bc

My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast and lung cancer. I have no idea about any of this, we have not known anyone who has had it. I am having problems trying to get information of survival rates of both cancers. I am scared and not knowing is really scary for me. Does anyone know the stats?  They are going to do hormone therapy first, is that normal? I always thought chemo or radiation was the way to go. Any info i can get would be greatly appreciated.

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Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer - Susan G. Komen

Learn about current recommended treatments for metastatic(also called stage IV breast cancer) ... Hormone therapy is usually the first treatment for hormone receptor ...
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I am 38 with stage 4 BC. I have had radiation, hormone ...

I am 38 with stage 4 BC. I have had radiation, hormone therapy, and my 21st chemo treatment today. When does the need to justify myself stop?
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Treatments for stage IV breast cancer - Canadian Cancer Society

The treatments offered for stage IV breast cancer depend on the ... Hormonal therapy is offered for hormone receptor–positive breast ... British Columbia and ...
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Stage 4 prostate cancer Treatments and drugs - Mayo Clinic

Stage 4 prostate cancer — Diagnosis, treatment and coping strategies for men with stage 4 prostate cancer.
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Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer Fact Sheet - National ...

A fact sheet that describes types of hormone therapy, its role in preventing and treating breast cancer, ... Adjuvant therapy for early-stage breast cancer: ...
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Breast cancer - Wikipedia

Stage 4 breast cancer. ... metabolic markers in breast cancer are the estrogen and progesterone receptors that are used to predict response to hormone therapy.
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Hormonal Therapy: What to Expect |

Hormonal Therapy: What to Expect ... Hormonal therapy is used to treat any stage of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer or to reduce the risk of developing it or ...
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Treatment of Stage IV (Advanced) Breast Cancer

Women with stage IV breast cancer are most often treated with systemic therapy. This may include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or some combination ...
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Breast Cancer Topic: Hormonal Treatment for Stage IV

... Stage IV and Metastatic Breast Cancer ONLY → Topic: Hormonal Treatment for Stage ... 4 mets to my bones, I am on hormone therapy ... with stage iv bc.
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Stage 4 breast cancer with bone mets - Cancer Survivors Network

Is anyone out there going through stage 4 breast cancer? ... which was pulled by the FDA in Jan. for stage IV bc ... I am doing well on hormone therapy and a ...
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Hormone Therapy Or Not?

Yes those drugs do have many side effects but not everyone will experience all of them or to the same degree. It has been proven that they do reduce the chance of recurrence by a rather high percentage but it is totally your decision. There is no reason that you couldn't try one of them and see what side effects you experience and then either switch to another drug or discontinue altogether if the side effects are severe. I do think it's the best path to take with lumpectomy.  Regards ....
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hormone therapy for stage 4 bc

Everyone is different and there are outliers on both ends of the spectrum, but you can get info on the American Cancer Society website about survival rates, prognosis, etc. Best wishes to your family.
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whether to have chemotherapy or not

Hi, Decisions about chemotherapy or hormonal treatment are based on several factors including tumor size, status of lymph nodes under the arm, the appearance of the cancer under the microscope, the presence or absence of hormone receptors for estrogen/progesterone, as well as HER2 status, your general health, etc. We can not make any recommendations about treatments for anyone in this forum.The decision regarding Chemotherapy has to be made between you and your Oncologist who has access to all the information concerning your particular case.You could seek a fourth Oncologist's opinion about your situation,if you are not sure how to proceed. Sorry if I can't be more helpful.But this is an important decision that has to be made only by Medical professionals. Best wishes and good luck...
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chemotherapy or not?

Dear Maia1, it is very important that you treat this as per your doctors recommedations.If you don't treat it then your chances of the cancer coming back are a lot greater. I am 65 years old and i had 26 weeks of radiation and now taking the tamoxifen. Yes the tamoxifen has a lot of side effects but if it will stop the cancer from coming back then it is worth taking the chance of getting uterus cancer as the chances of contacting uterus cancer are very slim unless you have a history of cancer. Of course this scares you as it would scare anyone but you have to think of what you are dealing with right now at this moment and not what might happen in the future. I have had 3 cancers and each of mine are non related to the other.You need to think positive and trust in our Lord.In 2001 i got pancreatic cancer and had to have surgery(whipple)and long term chemo.My chances were 3% survival and a 95% chances of it returning within the 1st year.Then in 2005 i got lung cancer and it was not related to the pancreatic cancer and i went through what they call stereotactic radiation.In the meantime i had to have 3 hernia's repaired,caterac surgery and a blood clot over my heart.Then in 2009 i got 2 lumps in my right breast, which they removed and then the radiation and now the tamoxifen.The only reason i am telling you of all of this is to try and show you that you are a lot stronger than you think and to give you hope for your future.You have 3 small children at home who needs you and you will survive, but you need to follow your doctors reccomendations.I would not be here today if i had not listened to them.I am a firm believer in our Lord and i do believe that He gives these doctors the wisdom and knowledge to help treat us through these cancers that come against us.Yes you might lose your hair and you will get tired and maybe some of the other side effects but is that not worth taking the chance of being here to see your babies raised.You can do this Maia1, i know you can and you have a thousand other women backing you and here to give you the support you might need.The word cancer scares anyone, but remember what Jesus said"through my stripes you are healed", don't listen to all the bad reports, there are many good reports out here and many of us survivors out here. God be with you and bless you.I am just one,put your fears behind you and fight a good fight as you can and will win. Love ya, maggiemae1944
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treatment for stage II, invasive ductal carcinoma, node neg.

It is impossible to speculate over the internet as to what treatment program will be recommended. Since your tumor was over 2cm (even though only slightly) and the closeness to the chest wall Chemo may or may not be advised. Many factors will be considered in addition to your Pathology report. Hormone Therapy is pretty much a given with the hormone positive finding. Your Oncologist will formulate a plan geared specifically to your particular situation which means it could be either 2 or possibly all 3 of the modalities you mentioned.  Regards ....
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Tamoxifen with bilateral mastectomy

Hi, Your oncologist is right with the treatment plan. Tamoxifen is known to cause increased disease free survival in patients with breast cancer after they have under gone mastectomy. It is also known to decrease the incidence of breast cancer in high risk group patients. You need to discuss all your doubts with your oncologist before you start the medication. Also ask him about the possible side effects that you might be having related to the medication. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Stage II, invasive ductal carcinoma

Hi, The only thing I worry about would be the narrow margin near the chest wall. I'd have to seriously think about the radiation. What does the doc say?
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Please help Cancer of the uterius and ovarian

There is a hormone used to treat some women. But each case is different. Some cancers this could be very dangerous because they feed off hormones. I'm not sure if Ovarian cancer is one of them, I know some Breast Cancers do. You say her uterine cancer is a Stage III? Her oncologist may not even prescribe hormone treatment at that stage, that is a later stage of cancer. How was her Ovariana cancer treated? Usually it is a hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries and then chemo. I've not met many women who have had radiation as a part of their OC treatment, but it isn't unheard of, it is usually a debulking surgery then chemo. In this circumstance it is hard. The want to have baby is very understandable and human. But then what if the cancer grows/comes back, or the pregnancy causes the cancer to spread? What good is a mother to her child if she is not here to care for them. But that is just my opinion. I would think she would've had a hysterectomy with debulking for the ovarian cancer. But I don't know all the treatments out there for OC.
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