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How long can a stage IV metastatic go w/out chemo?

My mom is going to be without chemo for two months due to recovery from pneumonia. In early Jan, her cancer tumor markers were stable but white cell count very low (thus acquiring pneumonia). She's so weak and is still recovering but I"m worried things are advancing. With her being off of chemo for two months, what can we expect? The oncologist said it is unknown but seeing how advanced her cancer has been, remarkably treatable/stable for 6 years, I can't picture it being a good outcome.

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Breast Cancer Topic: How long can someone go w/out chemo?

All Topics → Forum: Stage IV and Metastatic Breast Cancer ONLY → Topic: How long can someone go w/out chemo? Topic: How long can someone go w/out chemo?
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How long can a stage IV metastatic go w/out chemo?

My grandma went off her chemo treatment in July after it started making her too sick to function (3 months into her terminal prognosis). She decided she would rather spend the rest of her life living. She lived 2 months longer than their 3-6 months (estimated with treatment) without any treatment. For her going off chemo made all the difference, it didn't buy her any more time but she got to spend the rest of her time fishing, crabbing, and traveling with family. September she had to start slowing up a bit as the tumors in her liver were growing bigger and she took a nasty fall. November she couldn't be without a bathroom for more than a couple hours because of a tumor on her bladder. December and halfway through January she spent most of the time cuddling and watching movies or cat napping. The week before she passed away it was pretty bad, but she spent 90% of it sleeping. My grandma had colon cancer and chemo was nasty on her. I don't know much about your mother's health or her reaction to chemo, but my grandma would have gone faster with chemo because it made her fragile body so very ill. For her I can tell you she would definitely have needed a break from chemo to get better from pneumonia even if it hit before her terminal time line.  However, like I said, different cancer and different treatment- but if your mother reacts to chemo even a little like my grandma, and her oncologist thinks that this will help her get over the pneumonia it might be worth trying. Her tumors might grow a bit during the period off chemo, but hopefully they'll stabilize again. Also you never know in a month she might be strong enough to start chemo again.
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surgery after chemo time frame

There isn’t any hard and fast rule but some protocols plan surgeries within 4 weeks, so 8 weeks seems long. If you haven’t completed the full course of chemotherapy, you may consider doing so while waiting if surgery cannot be earlier. If you completed the treatment, ask your doctor about endocrine options.
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I would like to know about the long term side effects of chemo for breast cancer

I believe your question was answered quite well by one of the members earlier on this Community. I read her answer and it sounded like she was speaking from personal experience. If you are continuing to have side effects (and these sound like they are from the Tamoxifen) you should discuss this with your Oncologist and see if you could switch to one of the other drugs. All these drugs have side effects though and some experience them more severly than others. Before you try any type of medication it should be brought to the attention of your Oncologist --- this is VERY important as some drugs can cause even worse side effects than the original drug. Combinations can be dangerous and everyone is different as is their response to various drugs. Regards ....
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Severe reaction to CMF chemo for early stage breast cancer

Hi, What a terrible--and no doubt terrifying-- thing to go through each time you have a chemo tx! An allergic reaction, also referred to as a hypersensitivity reaction, is an overactive or misdirected immune response that results in local tissue injury or changes throughout the body in response to a foreign substance. These reactions can be caused by many factors, including chemo treatments. Hypersensitivity allergic reactions have been reported with most chemotherapy drugs, although they are generally infrequent.  They occur more commonly with L-asparaginase, paclitaxel, docetaxel, teniposide, procarbazine, and cytarabine.   One of the main things that is commonly done  to minimize the effects of chemotherapy-induced allergic reactions is for prophylactic medications to be given before the drug is given again.  But since you are still having reactions despite such medications that are severe enough to require ER tx,  a different drug may have to be substituted, esp. if the reactions you are having have been labeled life-threatening. Another possibility, if that IS the case and your oncologists can't come up with a suitable alternative  chemo regimen,  since your score was in the low end of the intermediate range for recurrence risk, would be to consider forgoing further chemo. It might be good to arrange a 2nd opinion consult, with an oncologist from a completely separate practice, to help you make this decision. Please let us know how things are going and what you decide to do by posting additional comments on this same thread, using the box below. Best wishes, bluebutterfly
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In your circumstance I believe I would get a 2nd opinion .. you wouldn't need to go to another facility but only have your records sent to another Oncologist for review. Most Dr.s would not object and most will even encourage a second opinion. Evidently you aren't 100% convinced that the Chemo recommended is absolutely necessary. You are talking about only a 5 to 10% difference in risk of recurrance with the Chemo. Any time you have even the slightest doubt you should seek another opinion. Regards......
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Breast cancer stage 4 mets bone

I'm sorry to hear that your Aunt is suffering with this dreaded disease. With mets to the bone one can live much longer than when the mets is to other organs. Often Radiation is used in this instance but I see that your Aunt's Oncology Team is advising the continuance of her Chemo which also helps with pain control. I have known many women with Stage 4 mets to bone to live several years and remain quite active. It would be wise for your Aunt to take the advice of her Dr.s and for you to offer her as much support as you can.  As far as length of survival time .... no one can say but we wish her a good quality of life for as long as possible.  Kindest regards ....
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Chemo effects after 1 yr

Chemotherapy effects can last for years after treatment. She might ck. with her Oncologist regarding her problem.  Regards
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