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What kind of cancer was it?

My daughter died of breast cancer a month ago.  She went through 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. Three weeks later it was discovered that she had breast cancer in her bones and liver.  She died one week later.  The doctor said she had a type of cancer similar to lung cancer that was very resistant to chemo and radiation.  What kind of cancer would that have been and why put her trough all that treatment if that was the fact.  Would they not have known that at biopsy.  I am worried about her three daughters who are in their

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Ductal Carcinoma in situ. Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) is a non-invasive breast cancer where abnormal cells have been contained in the lining of the breast milk duct.
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cancer treatment information wanted

My bf has just completed a course of chemo and radiation for his neck ... Throat depending where it is exactly can also be included in head and neck cancers too . He had radiation daily for a matter of months and 4 sessions of chemo , not just the once . Perhaps it may be better if you find out exactly where the cancer is and how far it has spread . Best wishes to your friend x
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What kind of cancer was it?

I'm very sorry for your loss. It's a horrifying situation to be in when your loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Doctors are usually pretty realistic about the risks associated with cancer and even in the best of circumstances they know there is a very real chance of loosing their patient. However, even if it's only a 10% chance of survival, that's still that reason to hope and they try to treat it. It sounds like your daughter was young and sometimes the young fair better. So they did have cause to hope and treated her with what I assume was an aggressive treatment. Sometimes all the doctors do is try to give someone more time. My grandma's doctor was shocked and amazed she was still kicking a year after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. She may be in her final days now, but she was given an extra 4 years because of treatment. As far as your other daughters go all they can really do is keep on their examinations. They can be tested for a specific gene to see if they have a higher risk of breast cancer, but I personally don't think that does much good. You can still get breast cancer if you don't have it and you can not get it even if you do. I would suggest they strictly follow their monthly self examinations (as do you) and maybe talk to their doctor about getting a mammogram earlier than 40. Younger women usually have less clear mammograms, but the faster something is found the better the chances are so maybe they can get one as young as mid 30's. I would also suggest for them to be well versed about ovarian and cervical cancer as there have been some suggested links between them and breast cancer. There is no real way to prevent breast cancer but you can limit your chances. Don't smoke, keep in a healthy weight range, eat your fruits and vegetables, get your check ups. Also if any of them are on birth control maybe they should see their doctor to make sure they are on the best form of birth control for them. (One of my college friends said she wasn't allowed by her Dr. to use a type of hormonal birth control because she had one of the breast cancer genes. However that could have been bad information, so no point freaking out about Birth control until they speak to a dr. about it.)
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Prior breast cancer current mammo requires biopsy because of clusters

The "clusters" they are talking about are a cluster or grouping of Microcalcifications that indicate there may be an underlying condition. These calcifications that appear as tiny dots on film are seen normally scattered about within the breast tissue. When they are observed in groups or clusters there is a need for further investigation. This does not necessarily mean cancer ... many biopsies come back as benign. This doesn't have to be related to your previous cancer in any way but definitely needs to be investigated to some conclusion.   Regards ....
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metaplastic breast cancer

Hi. What is the exact histopathology report? What is the stage of her breast cancer? Depending on the stage, she may undergo systemic therapy (hormonal therapy or chemotherapy) and/or radiotherapy. What you can do is try to talk to her, discuss the issues that are in her mind and try to resolve these issues.  Reassure her that your family is there to give continued support for her. Good luck.
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Does anyone have experience with breast cancer which went to the liver

Hi, When breast cancer metastasizes to the liver, it is still considered breast cancer (with liver mets), not liver cancer. Here is a link to a thread in the Breast Cancer 3 & 4 Forum which deals with this situation, and there should be a box labeled "Related discussions"  which will lead you to additional threads dealing with the subject. Best wishes...
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how to get tested

What type of cancer run in the family?
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Dx today w/ Ductile Breast Cancer

Birdies,  First, I am sorry that you have to join the club.  Second, it is a club of some of the strongest, bravest people you will ever meet.   Now...there is every reason in the world for you to think positive. It is difficult to make any statements without knowing the size of the tumor and all the relative path info, whether or not nodes are involved..etc etc.  But know that although the treatment might be a bear, your chances for recovery are great.   Has the doctor discussed treatment with you, or suggested the size he/she thinks the tumor is? Start now writing down your questions so that you can get the answers you want when next you visit the breast surgeon. Hang in is scary, but you can survive.
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fractured lower back 2x

Hi there! No, none of the known cancers is associated with fractures. The numbness, needle ***** sensation and pain could be due to complications of the fracture and would require an evaluation by an orthopedician or a neurologist for appropriate management; while the blood from anus is unlikely to be related to the accident or the fracture and would require a separate evaluation by a gastroenterologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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what kind of chemo i need. and the side effects?

Your Oncologist is the best person to advise as to the proper type of Chemotherapy. Treatment plans are formuated for each individual case after all reports are correlated. If you aren't comfortable with the Chemo decision then you might seek a second opinion.
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