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Inflammatory Breast Cancer = Anti hormonal

My 86 year old mother has been in denial about a lump in her breast for three yeas.  It started out the size of a bean and grown to a size of a grapefruit. She has refused to believe it is cancer until recently.  I came to visit her and finally got her in to see a breast surgeon yesterday who said it was Inflammatory Breast Cancer and the spread was way too large for surgery.  She will not take chemo or radiation.  The only option she said was to have a biopsy to see if anti-hormonal drugs can be used to shrink it.  In all my on-line research I

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer - National Cancer Institute

Inflammatory breast tumors are ... Anti-HER2 therapy can be ... et al. Long-term treatment efficacy in primary inflammatory breast cancer by hormonal receptor ...
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Inflammatory breast cancer - Wikipedia

Inflammatory breast cancer ... spontaneous or in response to conventional treatment or hormonal events should not be considered of any significance in diagnosis.
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Hormone Therapies for Breast Cancer Treatment | Susan G. Komen®

Learn how hormone therapies can slow or stop the growth of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer ... Inflammatory Breast Cancer; Paget ... they act as “anti ...
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Long-term treatment efficacy in primary inflammatory breast ...

Background: Subtypes defined by hormonal receptor (HR) and HER2 status have not been well studied in inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). We characterized clinical ...
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Inflammatory breast cancer - Understanding breast cancer ...

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of breast cancer that ... Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer ... breast cancers. Hormonal treatment is normally started once ...
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A Study of Anti-PD-1 (Pembrolizumab) + Hormonal Therapy in HR ...

A Study of Anti-PD-1 (Pembrolizumab) + Hormonal Therapy in HR-positive Localized IBC Patients ... Has confirmed inflammatory breast cancer by using international ...
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Hormone Therapy - National Breast Cancer Foundation

Inflammatory Breast Cancer ... What do hormone blockers do to get rid of breast cancer? The most common hormone therapy ... Hormonal therapy may also be called anti ...
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Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy - WebMD

Apr 09, 2015 · WebMD looks at hormone therapy, also called endocrine therapy, as a breast cancer treatment, including profiles of hormone therapy drugs.
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Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Unique Pathologic Entity

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Unique Pathologic Entity ? Sandra M. Swain, M.D. ... Hormonal Therapy ... Inflammatory breast cancer
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antiestrogen therapy Archives - Breast Cancer News

Among the treatment options used to address breast cancer and fight cancer cells, are anti-hormone treatments (also called hormonal or hormone treatment, or anti ...
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Inflammatory Breast Cancer = Anti hormonal

Hi there! I am sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. Inflammatory breast cancer is rare type of cancer which can easily spread. It is caused by obstruction of the lymphatics of the skin of breast by cancer cells. There is redness of the skin with oedema.The skin may appear pinkish, reddish purple or bruised. The first line treatment of inflammatory breast cancer is systemic chemotherapy which helps in shrinking the tumour.It can be followed up by a surgery to remove the tumor and then radiation therapy. A multimodal approach for treatment of breast cancer has been found to be more successful compared to a single line of treatment. Hormone therapy is an adjuvant option along with surgery, chemo or radiotherapy. If the breast cancer cells have estrogen receptors drugs like astamoxifen can be used. It prevents estrogen from binding to its receptor and in this way estrogen receptor cancer cells stop growing and die. The standard surgery for inflammatory breast cancer is a modified radical mastectomy. The prognosis of inflammatory breast cancer depends on many factors like patient’s age, grade of tumor and patients overall health condition. Other modalities of treatment are targeted approach, neoadjuvant chemotherapy but all are used along with surgery or chemotherapy. Your mother seems to be in the advanced stage of cancer. You need to convince your mother to start chemotherapy or radiotherapy depending on her stage of cancer. In ulcerations and pain associated with ulceration radiation tends to be very effective. Hope you find this information useful. Do keep us posted on how she is doing. Take care and good luck!
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itchy and or erect nipples

Hi. Can you feel any lumps in your breast? Any associated nipple discharge? Itchiness of the nipples can be caused by a dermatologic problem. It would be best to consult your doctor for proper evaluation. For the meantime, you may take any over-the-counter antihistamine to control the itchiness. Good luck.
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So Worried!

I don't know if it could be any of those things but I had that happen one time in my life and strange but true it was chapped nipple. Chapstick took care of it for me. Seriously. Best wishes.
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radiation mastitis

Since IBC was not a factor in the original diagnosis I doubt that it is anything but the result of the Radiation.  Mastitis no matter the cause can be VERY difficult to treat; sometimes even IV antibiotic therapy is required. It may recur several times even though it does respond to treatment at first. Unfortunately this condition is far from rare .... if you enter "Post Radiation Mastitis" in general search you will see how many women are affected by this condition. Regards ...
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breast cancer - mastectomy or not?

Hi there again .... I would NEVER take that chance especially since there is lymph node involvemet. Mastectomy isn't all that complicated these days and is often done as an Outpatient procedure ... speaking personally I was told that I HAD to remain in the hosp. overnight or Medicare wouldn't pay for the procedure. Whether that is true today or not I'm not sure but I feel that I could have returned home the same day after surgery. As far as stats concerning the option of no surgery and continuing with the hormone therapy I'm not sure there would be enough cases to get a good sampling. The only factor that would favor this type of choice would be if the pt. were very old and in very poor general health. Of course the final decision is yours and yours alone but please make it wisely and get another opinion if you think that would help in deciding.  Kindest regards ....
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Creepy Crawlies

So many of the issues you are citing could be caused by celiac/gluten intolerance. I know because I've had many of them (low thyroid, headaches/migraines, anxiety, creepy crawlies, etc.). I recommend you do some research online on celiac/gluten issues and get tested for celiac (testing is done through a doctor, but there are false negatives and many doctors are uneducated about celiac ... that's why 97% remain undiagnosed) AND also get tested for gluten sensitivity ( Just know when you look online, that no two sites will list the same symptoms and no two individuals will have exactly the same symptoms. Here is a link related specifically to the creepy crawlies and gluten ... scroll down to the entry on "Your Brain on Gluten...". I lead a celiac/gluten intolerance support group and I was doing a search for one of our members and found this article. I'd be happy to answer any more questions. One of our members even has high blood pressure when she eats gluten accidentally, so that could be related as well. All the best to you, Shirley
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Breast Cancer with mets

I am so sorry that your daughter has had a recurrence with mets in multiple locations. What a terribly difficult time for your daughter, you, and everyone else who loves her! I imagine the doctors have explained to you that the treatment she is receiving at this point is palliative care; that is, to keep her as comfortable as possible, and perhaps slow the spread. There is no way to predict  long a person will go on under these circumstances. Her oncologist would be the best person to give you some general estimate, but even doctors are often surprised by things either going far more quickly or more slowly than they ever imagined. The only things I can suggest is to get Hospice involved if you have not already done so, to help you with her care, and for you and all of her other loved ones to try to find  ways to make meaningful whatever length of time you have with her. My heart goes out to you, bluebutterfly
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breast injury

Hi, If the tree branch fell on you just lately, the lump could be a large hematoma (bruise). Like a bruise or "black and blue" anywhere else in your body, it can take a long time for the blood that has leaked into tissues to break down and be reabsorbed by the body. Since your breast is so painful, perhaps you could ask your doctor whether she could order an ultrasound instead of a mammo as a first step, if she feels imaging is needed at this point? (This would require much less pressure that a mammo.) If it had been a long time (months) since the tree branch injury, she may want to do further evaluation to make sure the lump is actually related to the injury, not just a coincidence. In that case some imaging would be in order, so that something important is not missed. Best wishes, bluebutterfly
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