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Fluid buldup in lung cavity -2nd recurrence after masectomy

My wife had a mascetomyleft breast in December 2003 followed by chemotherapy. She had a recurrence in december 2007 in the mastectomy scar that required more surgery which was followed by radiation treatment, In Aug 2009 her pet scan showed fluid  around her lungs. She just had the fluid drained and the doctor said there was a reasonable chance there are cancer cells in the fluid. He suggested she go into the hopital to have all the fluid drained as he could not drain all the fluid at that time.We have not gotten the results back from the fluid analysis yet. What will the fluid analy

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Fluid buldup in lung cavity -2nd recurrence after masectomy

Hi there! Unfortunately, it may mean that the cancer cells have spread from the breast to the area outside of the lungs. It may indicate that there are other cancer cells. They may be visible on scans or can be just micro metastatic and travelling in the blood stream. Did the PET scan identify any such other area? Treatment would generally be a systemic therapy like hormone therapy or chemotherapy, but that depends on the specific features of her cancer and the extent of cancer involvement that they find. Xeloda is used in metastatic breast cancer that is when cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Metastatic breast disease is not a hopeless condition. Many women continue to live long, productive lives if treated at an appropriate time. Discuss all your concerns with the treating oncologist. Hope it helps. Good luck!
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Hi.  I'm really sorry for your mother-in-law.  Her cancer is in an advanced state and has spread to her lungs, liver, pericardium, esophagus and chest bones.  It has started interfering with her function of breathing, and it will eventually interfere with her food intake as well, since it's already in her esophagus.  She's already 84 years old, and she probably won't be able to withstand the stress of chemotherapy.  The doctors seeing her are right to suggest that she consider hospice care so that she can be made as comfortable as possible in the remaining time that she has.  It's really impossible to give an exact estimate of how much time she has left, but it isn't much.
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Cancer effects

Sorry to hear about your Mum's issues. Is it possible that the fluid was not IN the lung, but around it, caught in the pleurum, which are sacs surrounding each lung. Any tumour in the lymph nodes in that region can cause them to cease draining properly and cause fluid build up.
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mouth sores and fluid IN lung

Hi, Sorry about your sister. With the kind of history you have posted, prognosis appears to be dim. She has an extensive metastasis to distant organs( adjacent viscera). At this stage not much options are available to be offered. She has entered the stage where in palliative care is all that can be offered. Wishing her all the best and mental strength to fight it out..
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My mom's cancer is back! )':

I understand how you feel. My dad is 56 and was diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 2012. He went through chemo and radiation and his last Pet scan showed no activity. We were so happy. He had a seizure last Tuesday and come to find out the cancer is now in his brain. I'm s nurse but by no means an expert but from what I've learned I don't think that just BC you get cancer twice automatically means death. It depends on the type of cancer and how well it responds to treatment. In my dads case he has small cell carcinoma which is very aggressive and fast and now that its in Hus brain the outcome isn't good BC they can't treat it without taking away his mental and cognitive function. So my advice is stay positive BC cancer isn't always a death sentence. They have so many treatments out there and even the doctors aren't always right. Miracles do happen
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Cynthia's question for friend

Hi, Do you know if your friend is on any other medication? Was the fluid that was removed sent for lab examination? Do you have a copy of the report? Is the fluid on one side or on both sides? From what you describe this is Pleural effusion or fluid in the pleural cavity - the cavity surrounding the lungs. Does she have any past medical history? The answers to the above question are required if a diagnosis needs to established. If you dont have the answers, discuss this in detal with your physician about what he/she thinks it is and what do the lab reports say. Get a copy of the reports for sure. Goodluck.
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limited info ? about pleural effusion

Hi. How are you doing? I think the first thing that needs to be established is whether the pleural effusion is caused by a malignancy or other benign conditions.  There are many benign conditions that can cause pleural effusion.  Examples include pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis.   You were diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago.  There is a possibility that the pleural effusion may be unrelated to the breast cancer seven years ago due to the long interval.  However, another primary cancer that can cause pleural effusion should be ruled-out like a breast cancer on the contralateral breast (the other uninvolved breast) metastatic to the lung, or a primary lung cancer. You already had a biopsy done and is just waiting for the result.  Hopefully the result turns out to be benign.  If the effusion is moderate in amount, there may be a need to do thoracentesis.  This will relieve you of the shortness of breath you are experiencing.  The pleural fluid can also be analyzed to determine possible cause. Take care.      
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Sudden weeze and itch

I would try to keep a diary of what you have eaten or inhaled (odor in air, etc.) that may be a trigger.. Also, I would see an allergist to see if there are things you may be allergic to that you may not be aware of or may be triggers in the future.  Sounds like an asthma attack of some sort, but not being docs here we cannot diagnose . . . only your doctor can do that, of course, C~
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T.B question

Hi.  The implication of having fluid in the lungs (this is called pleural effusion) is that the tuberculosis has also infected not only your lungs but the pleura (the tissue lining the lung and chest wall) as well.  This means that the infection has gone beyond the lungs, so you may need to take anti-tuberculosis medications for more than the six month period used to treat ordinary pulmonary tuberculosis.  Your anti-TB treatment course is likely going to be extended to nine months.
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