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Rising tumor markers

A tumor marker has been rising for two months. I have Stage 4 with bone mets. I was taking Zometa until a year ago, when my oncologist stopped it because it was destroying my jawbone. Since then, things have gone downhill. Lots of joint pain. I am concerned about the tumor markers though the oncologist is less so.

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Tumor Marker Tests | Cancer.Net

Tumor markers are substances found at higher than normal levels in the blood, urine, or body tissue of some people with cancer. Although cancer cells often produce ...
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Tumor Markers Rising? - KarenSusan's Question - Cancer ...

Cancer Support Network - Tumor Markers Rising? Anyone have tumor markers rise but the Cancer didn't spread. It was the Ca27.29 test. I had DIEP reconstruction surgery ...
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All Topics → Forum: Stage IV and Metastatic Breast Cancer ONLY → Topic: Tumor markers rising - but no change on scans? Topic: Tumor markers rising - but ...
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Breast Cancer Tumor Markers and Tumor Marker Tests

Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Test Overview ... Help! My Tumor Marker Levels Went Up! Rising levels on your test results can be, but are not always worrisome.
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Tumor Markers: At a Glance - Lab Tests Online

Overview of tumor markers, what they are, how they are used, and some examples
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CEA tumor marker rising | Cancer Survivors Network

after 9 years of stage 3, cc,my CEA tumor marker is rising ,tripled in a few months, creating much anxiety & worry, follow up tests & scans pending
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Breast Cancer 101: Tumor Markers - Wendy Nielsen

Breast Cancer 101: Tumor Markers. ... H told us that her tumor markers have been steadily rising and really jumped up in the last three to four months.
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Tumor marker - Wikipedia

A tumor marker is a biomarker found in blood, urine, or body tissues that can be elevated by the presence of one or more types of cancer. There are many different ...
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tumor markers number keeps rising - Inspire

My ca27-29 tumor marker number keeps rising, it seems to rise by approx. 15 points every month. My doctor states that the number alone means nothing but i am very ...
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Rising tumor markers

Hi there! Usually when your tumor marker levels decrease it means that the cancer is responding to the therapy. An increased level indicates that the cancer is not responding to the treatment, and a change in treatment may be needed. Rising levels of tumor markers may be worrisome but certain noncancerous conditions can also cause a rise in their levels. If Zometa was affecting your jaw bone an alternative drug should be started. It is best to talk to your oncologist about your test results and discuss your concerns with him till you fully understand it. Also discuss about your prognosis and treatment plan. I sincerely hope you find this information useful. Do keep us posted. Good luck!
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scans vs tumor markers

Hi, You need to fix another appointment and discuss this in detail with your specialist again - not so much about the values and scans - and about your symptomatic improvement more importantly. He/she would be the best person to offer some insight into this - as he/she has access to your entire case history, records and investigations. Let us know hat he/she advise once you talk with them. Also keep us posted on how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
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C2729 results & Bone Mets- little to no pain

Hi. Cancer Antigen 27.29 is a tumor marker that can be used to monitor treatment, whether there is progression or not.  However, nonmalignant conditions can falsely elevate this type of marker.  Just like in other tumor markers, the result should be used in conjunction with clinical evaluation. You may not be experiencing pain because you were given Aredia.  This drug can prevent bone pains, as well as relieve existing bone pains. In order to find out if you have progressive disease or not, you need to undergo diagnostic evaluation like a repeat PET scan. Do consult your oncologist regularly. Good luck.
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After a Pet Scan

Not that I can think of ... you know there are many factors that can have an effect on Tumor Markers; it could be from something totally unrelated to BC but it is good that your Dr. is going to monitor the situation. Just as a matter of my personal curiosity; how often are you routinely monitored since you are having blood work done after 14 years ??  Thanks and Best Wishes ......
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breast cancer to lung cancer?

Hi. Smoking is a risk factor for several cancers including lung, bladder, esophageal, kidney, laryngeal, oropharyngeal, stomach, and pancreatic cancer.  Just like in any risk factor, a patient who smokes may or may not develop any of these cancers.       Smoking also places one to develop heart and lung diseases.  COPD is an example of a lung disease that is caused by smoking. Hope this helps.                            
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CA 27.29 and CA 15.3

The post from "I need your help for CA15-3" drew my attention also. My PCP continues to provide the CA 15-3 twice a year for me at my request. I was diagnosed also in 2002, and treated with CAFx6, rads, and 1 3/4 years tamoxifen and have remained in remission. I have the CA 15-3  done twice a year rather than once a year because as a T1c HER2+++ I never received trastuzumab. For those who read the discussion in "I need your help for CA15-3", I would like to address some aspects of that original question more specifically. 1. Tests like the CA 15-3 are just one arrow in your quiver as a cancer patient. Some feel that this arrow is more problematic than helpful because if it is high but no cancer is evident by other means, it increases anxiety so much. Others (including me) see it as being just one of many possible indicators and because it happens to be one that is nontoxic and not overly expensive, I have it done. 2. Tests like the CA 15-3 do provide some possible insight into inflammation occurring in the body. There is enough information indicating that there is a relationship between diet and inflammation and chronic disease that I use this test to help me monitor the status of inflammation in my body in trying to eat in ways that are more beneficial (and less detrimental) to me. If my CA 15-3 were to start rising I would not freak out since it is just ONE indicator, but I would take a closer look at my diet and exercise habits and try to improve them. I would not want a doctor to prevent me from having this test. AlaskaAngel
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Tumor Markers

Hi.  Hematomas should not affect the accuracy and reliability of tumor markers.  However, you are correct in your statement about tumor markers being produced by both benign or malignant tumors. For breast cancer, there is presently no standard recommendations regarding tumor markers (either CA 15-3 or CA 27.29) and it is up to the accepted practices of the specific institutions on how they would interpret or correlate the results of these tests. Regards.
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