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my wife has breast cancer which has spread to three areas of her liver.ishe has had three sessions or chemo so far , and is doing well . i would like to know if chemo can really help her ,or is it just to prolong her life.i would like to know if there is any hope for her .. thanks steve

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Anxiety Symptoms need desperate answers. bi polar?!

Also, sorry i must mention memory loss, severe, i will be taking a phone call the last words i might say is sorry whats your name and what company your from (at work of course) and ill say okay ill put you on hold and already forget their name and also company, if im lucky maybe a rough idea of their name, then my memory loss of the last 3 months since this started is poof! gone i lost my virginity in this point and that i even thought never happened and the day after thought i dreamt it up. finally even though i know i feel i need to add more ill keep it with this last one and thats restless legs, and body, where i have a massive massive feeling of uneasyness in the body like it needs to be moved but even then they may go numb or still restless like blood is over pumped in the areas. I dont know about all this however do know ive rambled on, but even with hope someone might read this and relate which may help themselves. its really hard not being able to catigorize myself under any of the anxiety disorders though i know i have some form of disorder with anxiety, i cant pin point it i think thats what scares me as well. i dont fit into any of them, i am my own disorder with problem after problem. my life is no longer controlled, my pyscologist doesnt understand, and i feel everday is a dream, and my anxiety creates my days and future, i dont know who i am literally!! i cant look in the mirror. Thank you guys soooo much and im sorry for taking so much time. Much Respect, Troy.
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can anyone answer this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am not really sure...I guess it would depend on the person, but there are a MILLION other reasons why it would by high or low.  You can take comfort in the fact that you are not having one because of your negative testing and the reassurance from your doctors...which is a good thing!
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What are my chances to live

I cannot tell you if you will survive, I can only tell you it's very possible you and and will survive.  I'm 38 (39 on Sunday), had Stage III (5cm, very aggressive, 9 on nottingham, too) cancer 2 1/2 years ago...Sept 05.  Had a mastectomy, 1 node positive, did 4 rounds A/C, then 4 rounds of Abraxane, radiation therapy.... and finally got my new boob and tummy tuck almost a year ago. I'm still here, pray every day that I'll get to be here for my 2 little ones.  Pray that I don't ever hear those words out of my docs' mouths anytime in the next 50 years (that would be really nice!).....  Just trust that this is the way things are supposed to happen and that there is a plan. So, have some faith, pray earnestly.  Enjoy your children and your grandbaby all you can.  Cancer doesn't have to keep you from life while you are trying to fight it.  Bald can be beautiful, and sometimes chemo is a blessing in disguise.  Even if your head is in the toilet.  If they don't offer, ask for something for nausea like Zofran. Do you have an oncologist ready?  Talk with them NOW before the surgery so that you'll have more of an understanding.  You'll probably need radiation, too (but I'm not an expert, that's just what I had to do).  Find you a good plastic surgeon.  And, I'm not an expert, but I had better luck fighting the cancer before they did reconstruction.  But that was me.  Chemo will inhibit your ability to heal, so in a way, it makes more sense in my little head to have the boob removed, then wait to put it back on until after all the cr** is overwith.  But, that is also a very personal decision, and one that should be made with your docs. Best of luck to you, I hope it all turns out well for you.   Lisa
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I need answers to my hand/foot pain!!!!!

I have heard that the goal of treatment is to get your disease under control therefore the labwork should reflect that and be "normal" if the treatment is effective. I don't think bloodwork always gives an accurate picture of what your body is currently experiencing. About 6 years ago I was having tons of scary lupus-like symptoms but they didn't diagnose me b/c my labwork was normal. Now I'm not having nearly as much trouble but my labwork shows an ana of 1:1280, etc. I have heard others say a good rheumatologist will treat your symptoms not just your labwork! Maybe they need to switch some of your meds around b/c it is possible for your body to build up a tolerance to some medications.
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Feels like adrenal exhasution

The vast majority of the symptoms you have listed are symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency from extreme fatigue to nerve damage to memory loss to cervical dysplasia (mistaken for being due to HPV) to an enlarged spleen and liver (hepatosplenomegaly).  Celiac Disease is a cause of vitamin B12 deficiency.  If nitrous oxide was used during your dental procedures this is yet another cause of vitamin B12 deficiency.
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We need answers!

Hi, Is this your mom's choice or is it that you are unable to afford treatment? - I sincerely hope it is the latter. Cervical cancer, depending on the stage you're at, can be cured with treatment successfully.  Why would she not want treatment, it is the best option possible for your mom.  Please help her to want to be healed. I will be praying that she gets all the help she needs Take care
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Xanax cold turkey

Omg, I just got done reading your post! Why did your doc cut you off like that?? And you get seizures when you stop Xanax? Did your doctor know that? And ur hubby has no idea that you're on Xanax and he's abusive?!? Damn, I'm really sorry to hear about all of this. I can't really give you advice about your seizures and Xanax. I got Xanax off the stret a few times but, I really don't know much about Xanax. Why can't you see a new doctor? Keep checking this post. More friends can help you and give you advice.
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Positivie ANA

Hey sickntired4years. Welcome to the forum. I don't like to meet people under such circumstances, but we are are here to make the best of this online meeting. Having just returned last night from a trip out of the country, I will have to play catch-up for the next little while. I will study your post as soon as I get some slack. For now you can do a couple things that may help. Avoid carbs and sugars as much as possible, take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily and buy the best probiotics you can afford. Cut out all junk foods, sodas etc. Consume only fresh unprocessed foods, organic if possible. Fresh salads, pastured meet, mercury free fish, farm raised  free raised chicken, should be the foundation of your diet. Drink spring or filtered water one hour away from meals. Some  daily activity is vital and proper breathing is crucial. Go to the normal breathing website and check out deep conscious breathing.the above should be done multiple times daily, minimum 5 minutes each time. Also do transdermal  daily magnesium oil treatments daily, followed by full body brushing. Multiple times each day massage well, all the lymph nodes where lymphatic drainage is required (swollen). By doing the above you will experience much needed relief. You are most likely suffering from an underlying difficult to detect pathogenic infectious systemic condition, activated by the original dental mishap. I'll have to study your post in detail to put all this together and connect the dots. Best wishes and please message me if you need any details asap. Niko
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Epilepsy and Alcohol

Hey i take effexor and serouquel and i have had a seizure and blackout recently , they think its coz of the meds i wasnt drinking when it happened and i dont remem a thing from it but my advice would be to be carefull when you drink, doctors cant guarantee that it will or wont bring on a seizure but it def does increase the risk of having one plus once you have had one the odds of having another are much greater. Its another worry you dont want to have. hope this helps you out
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