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Is anybody able to share with me the likely outcome of stage IIIa breast cancer?

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Prognosis | Definition of Prognosis by Merriam-Webster

Define prognosis: a doctor's opinion about how someone will recover from an illness or injury — prognosis in a sentence
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Prognosis - definition of prognosis by The Free Dictionary

prog·no·sis (prŏg-nō′sĭs) n. pl. prog·no·ses (-sēz) 1. a. A prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease. b. The likelihood of recovery from a ...
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diagnosis vs. prognosis – The Correct Way to Use Each ...

Keep using diagnosis instead of prognosis? Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse diagnosis and prognosis again!
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Prognosis - Wikipedia

Prognosis (Greek: πρόγνωσις "fore-knowing, foreseeing") is a medical term for predicting the likelihood of a person's survival. When applied to large ...
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Prognosis | Define Prognosis at

Prognosis definition, Medicine/Medical. a forecasting of the probable course and outcome of a disease, especially of the chances of recovery. See more.
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Prognosis | definition of prognosis by Medical dictionary

prognosis [prog-no´sis] a forecast of the probable course and outcome of an attack of disease and the prospects of recovery as indicated by the nature of the disease ...
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Understanding Cancer Prognosis - National Cancer Institute

Prognosis describes how serious your cancer is and your chances of survival. Learn about survival statistics and how they are used to estimate prognosis.
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Medical Definition of Prognosis - MedicineNet - Health and ...

Read medical definition of Prognosis ... Surprising Health Benefits of Sex. How would you like a stronger immune system or better sleep?
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prognosis - Dictionary Definition :

If you come down with an illness, you might ask your doctor what your prognosis is. A prognosis is a prediction about the course of a disease.
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Prognosis - Definition, Meaning, and Importance with Cancer

What is the definition of prognosis when you have cancer? What terms might your doctor use, what does it mean, and what does that say for you?
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is my treatment of my breast cancer enough & what is my prognosis &chance of reoccurance

These are questions that can only be anwered by Your Oncologist; if there are any answers.Some questions can only be answered by speculation as each and every case is different. We here on the internet could NO WAY even begin to speculate regarding those questions. Have a detailed discussion with your Oncology team.    Regards ....
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results and prognosis for recovery

I hope you understand that we really cannot tell you that. This is something you need to discuss with your oncologists who have all the details about your history, etc. And even then you most likely be given different answers to your question. I myself have been told anything from that I am completely cured and that the doctor is sure 'it' will never come back to 'I have maybe two weeks'?
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Causes, treatment, and prognosis of cerebral atrophy

Hi, Thank you for your question. Cerebral atrophy occurs when brain tissues lose cells (neurons) or in simple language brain shrinks.  Common reasons could be stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, brain infections, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Common symptoms could be dementia, fits, and language disorders. Unfortunately there is no permanent cure of the condition, rehabilitation is the only effective way to help the patient regain function to the possible extent and prevent from permanent losses. If rehabilitation program is appropriately instituted, most of the stroke patients can regain maximum functions with appropriate therapy, training and support services. For coordinated rehabilitation program a team of a neurologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist, a nutritionist work together to help you in your recovery. Therefore, I would suggest following the suggestion made by them and recovery will be although slow but most of the functions may be restored. Hope this helps.
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Prognosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast

I'm afraid that you are asking a question that has no definite answer. Your Oncologist would be the only person that could even come close to an estimation of chance of recurrance in your case or any other for that matter. I know there are statistics but they are usually so general that they aren't of much value in individual cases. I'm assuming with your amount of treatment stated that you had only a lumpectomy but even the type of surgery would be a factor in determining prognosis or chance of recurrance.  I suggest you have a detailed discussion with your Oncologist and possibly discuss a type of testing that might give some indication about chance of recurrance.     Regards .....
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Pancreatic cancer stage IIB

hello.. would you mind telling me what your fathers exact symptoms were of the cancer? I am worried my mom might have pancreatic and I know some of the symptoms, but are trying to figure out more exact. My grandmother died of it but I was young so I do not remember her symptoms too well. Also, as far as your father is concerned, stage II is good, it means it hasn't spread and i believe has not spread to the lymph nodes. Make sure with the doctors though they biopsied areas around the tumor and pancreas and the lymph nodes to triple check it has not spread. Also, depending on his age and how he will hold up, it might be good to do radiation on the area or chemo to kill any lingering cells. If it has not spread radiation should be fine... but if it has chemo would be a good course of action.
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prognosis from tumor size and lymphnode involvement

Hi Anil, First of all, I'm sorry for your sister's diagnosis.  It is such a difficult time for her and your whole family.   Hopefully, she is being cared for in a medical center where the physicians work together as a team and meet to come up with a comprehensive plan.  They should discuss with her a comprehensive plan.  Knowing what I've learned from the last year of my own cancer treatment, I believe given what you've told me, that she would benefit from both chemotherapy and radiation.   I think probably your sister's best option is to get a second and even third opinion until she feels comfortable with her plan -- that she believes it gives her her best chance for a long healthy life. Please feel free to keep in contact with us and ask whatever questions you need to.  I hope we can be of help to your sister and your whole family. Warmly, Chris Healingwell62 Breast Cancer 1 & 2 Community Leader
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TNBC with unusual mets

Sorry to hear of your Mother's recent diagnoses .... the questions you have ask would best be answered either by your Mother's Oncologist or on our Expert Forum where Physicians who are associated with The Cleveland Clinic answer questions. Kindest regards to you both .....
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Avascular Necrosis, what is Prognosis and what is Pain like?

Hi there! Avascular necrosis of the hip refers to death of a portion of one of the bones in the hip joint (usually femur/ thigh bone) due to reduced blood supply. The prognosis of ANV is independent of the DDD and would depend on the severity or extent of the necrosis and may require surgical reconstruction. You could read more about the situation online or discuss the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating orthopedician. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
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prognosis for chiari????

  Hi. u r sooooooo right...seize the day...but in moderation as we all know too well even post op we can over do it ....especially those of us with other conditions like EDS and AD.... It is like asking a person when r u going to feel sick, do they know? No, so how should we? May I ask who asked u this? What type of counseling was it?
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