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Liver cysts in Luminal B breast cancer

Pre menopausal Diagnosed end of january with 2.2cm tumour ER+ 15%, PR-, KI76 95%.1 lymph node. Modified radical mastectomy beginning Feb. Due to start FEC x3 plus Dx3 this week (Beg March) then Radiotherapy and tamoxifen. Was initially told that my CT scan prior to surgery was clear. After visiting oncologist yesterday was told 2 x 2mm cysts on my liver, these were on the original scan. It is 6 weeks from the CT scan and im terrified that these cysts are cancer and with such a high proliferation rate are now quite large. If they are cancerous is there a chance that the chemo will clear them

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Breast Cancer Discussion Forums ... HER2+ (Positive) Breast Cancer → Topic: Cat scan showed liver cyst ... But when I researched online about liver cysts, ...
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Are liver cysts a sign of cancer? -

Apr 20, 2010 · The most interesting liver cysts I have personally seen were a series of hydatid cysts caused by the Echinococcus. ... breast and lung cancer.
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In female breast cancer patients, ... lesions were shown to represent cysts in ... including histologic type and initial stage of breast cancer, results of liver ...
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Breast Cyst - National Breast Cancer Foundation

What is a breast cyst? A cyst in the breast may feel like a lump, ... Do cysts lead to cancer? Nearly all “simple cysts” are just that - simple.
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breast cancer FAQ questions and answers ... Answer: Cysts are very common and rarely turn into cancers. But it's extremely important to find out whether what you have ...
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Occasionally, liver cysts can cause pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen.
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Liver cysts can have rare complications of liver failure and liver cancer. How are liver cysts diagnosed? Since most liver cysts do not cause any symptoms, ...
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Liver cysts in Luminal B breast cancer

what is talc?
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multiple questions....

Signs of a breast cyst would be a lump felt when doing self breast exam. If a lump is felt it should be ck.d out by your Dr. and some testing may be recommended.  Your other questions should be posted on other specific forums .... this forum deals specifically with breast cancer. You might also search the internet for symptoms of various cancers as all are different.    Thank you
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Breast Biopsy

Sorry it has not been a good year for you and your girls.  Loosing your husband must have been terrrible and now this on top of everything else.  To be honest, I think you would be hard pressed to find a person who does not have some sort of cancer in their families, I know my Dad's side has a lot of it. You said you were diagnoised with DCIS in the left breast.  Well that is not cancer, it is Stage 0 which is pre cancerous.  There is no guarantee that it would have definitely turned cancerous but the possibility was high.  You were caught early hence no radiation or chemo.  My friend was diagnoised with microcalifications just recently and her results came back fine.  Microcalifications is not the same as DCIS.  You need your doctor to define the differences for you, I am not too such on this.  Also ask your doctor what are the chances of the microcalifications in your right breast becoming maligant.  Until you have this factual information you cannot make your decision or do yourself justice.  Any operation is serious as an anesthetic is involved.  I can totally under your panic and worry and that of your daughters too.  However, take a step back and get as much information on your current situation as possible.  The best of luck to you making your decision.  
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hypoechoic lesion/small cyst

Hi, Well the fact is that a hypoecoic lesion could be either a cyst or a beign tumour or a malignant tumour. A hypoechoic lesion with smooth walls would be a cyst usually, one with irregular edges and would be malignant usually and one with smooth walls could be benign. But only your doctor can tell you definitively and for that he would need a biopsy. If the cyst is painful the fluid from will have to be removed also. Maybe you could ask your surgeon to recommend someone else. Or else discuss the situation with your physician and see whetehr you can wait till your surgeon gets back.
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CT scan reliability Breast cancer/lymphoma.

Hi, While this is a breast st 3/4 forum, there are still people who post outside this category so I am including some comments for people without cancer also: if you are a diagnosed case of breast cancer or lymphoma: The CT scan is a fairly reliable test and it is still largely the choice imaging tool for investigating metastatic disease from known cancer. If the main problem is the back pain, the problem may be limited in the spine. For evaluating the spinal cord, the CT scan may have some problems resolving such tissues especially if there is no apparent involvement of bone. The MRI is the optimal test to perform as it would adequately visualize these soft-tissues. If you are neither a diagnosed case of breast cancer or lymphoma; The CT scan is not a screening test for breast cancer or lymphoma. The screening tests for breast cancer include a clinical breast examination (done by a doctor or trained medical personnel), mammography, and for some high-risk women (based on personal and family history) a breast sonogram or MRI. There is no screening test for lymphoma. However, the CT scan may find potential lymph nodes to evaluate with a subsequent biopsy, Why was the CT scan requested? Discuss with your doctor what was being sought specifically with the scan. The physical and neurologic examination would be important in finding the area most involved. Stay positive.
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under the arm pit cyst like a ball

Hi, An underarm (axillary) swelling or mass symptom described as "Underarm lump" is most likely related to swollen underarm lymph nodes, of which there are numerous causes. Other possiblities include a skin lump that appears under the arm, such as an infected skin follicle in underarm hair. Less likely is a particular local underarm condition. The cause for the swollen lymph nodes can be virus, bacteria or it can also be an allergy. Cysts, cancer or even a lipoma( a benign fat tumor) can be the cause. There is the possibility that it could be any one of them.So it is better to see what the report concludes and then the appropriate measures can be taken. ref:
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Denied Cancer Medical Coverage

I think that is outrageous.  I don't think they can deny you coverage if you do, god forbid diagnose you with BC.  You might never get BC, but if you do, they have no way of denying you coverage for that.  It wouldn't be a pre-existing condition.  I can't believe that they don't have to cover it by law.  What kind of insurance is that?       And what does having alot of cysts have to do with it?  I will be anxious to see what comes of this.  I also don't have the best insurance plan and I worry, since my husband is a non-tenured teacher and I fear my coverage might stop (can't afford COBRA) in the middle of treatment if, god forbid, my diagnosis comes back bad and he isn't rehired by his school next year  I hope someone fixes this ^%&*^(^ health insurance crisis for people.  We should never have to worry about being taken care of in this country.  Good luck.  But, you are healthy now, and don't have a reason to worry.  Just keep up your mammos.  You are entitled to those.  
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Questions about Secondary Breast Cancer

ER+ cancers depend on the hormone estrogen for growth. ER- cancers do not but are considered a more aggressive form of cancer.
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liver spot

Hi there. Breast cancer can indeed spread to the liver and the spine.  This can also spread to a person's lungs.  Whether the liver or spine are the firsts organs to be affected is not standard and not the rule for many patients. The spot in your liver can be both benign or malignant lesions (cancer spread).  These can just be simple liver cysts or adenomas.  Rather than an MRI, I would suggest you discuss with your doctors about a PET scan, as this would differentiate between a benign a malignant lesion.   Regards and God bless.
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secondarybreast canver

I'm sorry about your recent diagnosis. The treatment is something that you will discuss with your Oncologist and the prognosis in your particular case will depend on the response to therapy. The answers to these two questions would have to come from the Dr.s who have all your medical information (past & present). It is to your advantage that you are otherwise fit and healthy.  Wishing you a successful treatment program .....
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