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taxol for ascites symptoms

9 months ago I contracted peritoneal ascites associated with my breast cancer.  Drained twice then put on xeloda.  Ascites disappeared for 8 months and then stopped working.  I am now being put on weekly infusions of taxol.  Will this help kill the cancer cells again and give me the same results?   I am stage 4 lobular er pos,pr pos, her2 neg.   Have extended bone mets and have been on zometa for 2 years currently stable.  How long can taxol work for the ascites?

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Taxol official prescribing information for healthcare professionals. Includes: indications, dosage, adverse reactions, pharmacology and more.
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Has anyone had abdominal ascites ... We are all very worried about these new symptoms and the switch in ... He actually switched her from weekly carbo/taxol to Doxil ...
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Can Paclitaxel cause Ascites? Ascites is a known side effect of Paclitaxel. Complete analysis from patient reviews and trusted online health resources, including ...
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Malignant Ascites in Ovarian Cancer. ... Other evaluated parameters included the time to repetition of paracentesis, signs and symptoms of ascites, ...
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taxol vs. abraxane

I can't make a doc's decision for you... since you made it through 1 treatment your allergy is not quite as bad as mine.  My reaction was instantaneous to Taxol after that  I was switched to Abraxane. This I do know... Abraxane has no pre-meds required.  It looks like milk.  It took approximately 30 minutes to administer.  It has basically the same effect on the body (tingling fingers and toes, hair loss, etc).  And it is a lot more expensive than Taxol, hence the reason they don't use it first. Now, whether or not this protocol is right for you is something you should discuss with your doc.  He will know if this is a good change for you or not.  If you cannot tolerate Taxol, then it will probably be one option your doc will consider. Best of luck in your remaining treatments!  
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Ascites post neo adj chemo and debulking

Hi! I am sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. I am sorry, but return of ascites only indicates a fresh tumor or return of tumor. The Ca-125 would also show a rise in such cases. New methods to treat this malignant fluid in the abdomen are being tried. Please read this link: Also, please discuss with her treating doctor whether she can register for a trial where newer drugs are being tried. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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Tumor size increasing even after 6 rounds of chemo

Hi.  The fact that the tumors have increased in size means that the disease is probably  progressing in spite of the chemotherapy.  It is unfortunate that your doctors decided on giving a course of chemotherapy without exerting more effort in determining a tissue diagnosis first.  I feel that the treatment could have been more directed if a biopsy of those ovarian masses were obtained.  You are right.  There is still a distinct possibility that those tumors signify metastases from a previous breast cancer.  This possibility could have been investigated more thoroughly.
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Post Chemotherapy & Neulasta Bone & Joint Pain

Hi - don't let it continue - I have suffered for 4 yrs now with after chemo/rads and Arimidex,and stopped the Arimidex 4 weeks ago. Joint pains have miraculously gone. Seeing an Oncologist soon for alternarive meds, Aromasin or Femara. I could only sleep 2 hours before being woken up by the pain in my left hip - bone scan and DEXa scan showed osteo arthritis and bone density loss, but don't believe they could cause such debilitating pain...and I have been proved right. What took me so long? absolute naivety and ignorance of the side effects...why don't our doctors tell us about these? Are you on any kind of hormonal therapy? These could be the culprit. Take care Liz/
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Need advice about strange symtoms

I don't really know, I would definitely let the doc or his RN know all about ALL of your symptoms.  Sometimes with the Taxanes there can be mild allergic reactions which can mean red skin, and is frequently pre-medicated with low-dose medrol or the like.  Also, redness can be a sign of infection or cellulitis, in which case it should be hot as hell, inflamed, and very painful ----- requiring antibiotics.  I am not a doctor, and it really does not sound like either an allergic reaction or an infection.  So please commuicate with the nurse, even after hours if you need to.  Best of Luck.  They are your best resources, or even your internist or GP.   Good Luck with everything.
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Allergic reaction to taxol

Hi.  Allergy to Taxol can still happen even when all the necessary precautions and premedications have been given.  However, the allergy is usually related  to the rate at which the Taxol is being given intravenously.  This means that even if you've had an initial allergic reaction, it is still possible to continue with the drug without experiencing further allergies for as long as it's given at a markedly slower drip rate.
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alcoholic with cirrhosis drinking - what to expect?

Well, i'm so terribly sorry that your mother started to drink again, and of course, that's the nature of the disease of alcoholism. It's a terrible thing for a child or adult child to watch. One thing that you can do for yourself, and therefore for her, is to go online and check out Alanon. There you will find their mission statement and meetings in a town close to you. It is a family group for the spouses and children of alcoholics. It will allow you to desensitize yourself from the situation to a degree and not allow your mother's drinking to make you crazy. It will allow you to discuss how not to enable your mother., for her own sake. There you can talk about Interventions, and how they work. I don't know  if you can get access to the show "Intervention" but basically the family of the addict get together and tell the addict that they can no longer support them when they are actively engaged in addiction. That's too much for anyone to bare for  a lifetime. It doesn't help the addict. Only by an addict feeling their consequences do they usually do something about it. If you are not willing to set this standard, you can learn how to not let the addict's poor choices daily affect your life, to the maximum that it could. This is the website for online Alanon This is a meeting list for Alanon and Alateen...... Also, there is a group called ACOA or Adult Children of Alcoholics. A great group that I went to for a spell. There you can vent really , about how the alcoholism has affected your life. I met some fine friends there when i was experiencing the worst effects of my dysfunctional family, and simply could not go on one moment longer without talking to people that truly understood. You can reach their website by going to .... First things first. LOOK AFTER YOU. This is a family disease. And like they say on an airplane, you must first grab the oxygen yourself in order to be alive, to help anyone else. Then there's your mom. So your mom needs a "program" . Many need to go to a detox unit prior to going to rehab for 30 to 60 to 90 days, There are then sober houses available that continues to walk the addict through how to live sober, and work, or go to school. There's a gambit of resources available for your mom In "rehab" there is an Addictions Therapist component. There the addict goes back into their lives and finds out why they drank in the first place. Many times it can be post traumatic stress, from childhood. There may be a dual diagnosis. A mental health issue uncovered. For my husband it was Paranoid Schizophrenia. No problem. There's help for that and everything under the sun. Many times an "Intervention" must  be held . That would be with an Addictions Therapist that you can find in the yellow pages. They can help the family plan a meeting to get together and give the addict an ultimatum saying that they as a group (ideally) will support the addict if they accept help for their addiction, but will walk away if they continue using. Is that cruel? You think that maybe that's not the way to go, because aren't you hitting the addict when they are already so down. ? Well, the addict is on a downward spiral and without that type of ultimatum, the next step is often not being here to complain about the tough love. This sounds like where you're at, so an Intervention might be well warranted. if you are determined to save your mom's life. This would probably honestly be the best thing you could do for your mom, It sure is not for the faint of heart, which is why you need to gather around you a support system for yourself, and your family, and your mother.  You see? Your mom's life cannot be your responsibility. but you can equip her with the right resources to use her free will to save her own life. In short, without the "process", your mom has a less than average chance of living through this. You Need Help. So, thank you for posting for your mom, and for your family. Anyone of us here, would be happy to hear from you, and work with you. You need not be alone. You are among friends here. Truly. Liz
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