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worried about pain

I need women who have had their breast removed and reconstructed I was thinking about having this type of treatment and wanted to hear from people who had this done already. I am considering the tram flap surgery How long was your surgery? How did u feel when you woke up pain wise? How long were u in the hospital? How was your recovery ? How long did it take for the pain to lessen? How long were you in the bed?  Thank you to all who respond.

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Author Posts Author Posts June 28, 2014 at 9:59 am #1264655 knic: My dad was dx with nsclc 3b squamous in feb 2012
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Painful breast lump

Hi, You could get the lump removed if it is causing pressure symptoms, pain or you feeling uneasy about it. A benign lump is otherwise managed conservatively, with regular breast self exams and periodic follow ups with your physician. Does the lump increase or decrease in size? Is it painful or tender?   Has a mammogram, ultrasound and MRI been done? Since when have you noticed the lump? Are you lactating? Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like skin changes, breast lump, nipple discharge , etc Have you seen a breast specialist or your doctor for your symptoms? Till then you could try some warm compresses, breast massage and oral pain relief medications. This seems to be a fibroadenoma , but nothing can be said with surety without a clinical examination and relevant investigations. Let us know about what your doctor or breast specialist advises. Let us know if you have any other doubts and also about how you are doing. Regards.
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Having surgery while on methadone maintanence?

Doesn't the surgeon know what meds you're currently taking?
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2 cancer worries - Please help!

I'm not a doctor, but have you had your wisdom teeth pulled? As for the other aches,it is silly to think Cancer. There are many more symptoms that come with Cancer. Fever,night sweats, weight loss etc... Please make an appointment with your doctor and get some tests done. I'll say a prayer for you. Please stay positive.
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Sudden headache (WORRIED) :(

You did the right think by scheduling an appointment. The eye doctor can pick up a lot and if the doctor was halfway decent, they can pick up a lot by looking at the optic nerve so if she did not see anything, So that should be one step in the right direction. The doctor should not say migraine and send you home - you should be treated (after evaluation, of course). If you are not treated, see another doctor. Brain tumors are rare and that is not going to be the first thing the doc things and they will do some tests and if you are normal, you can stop worrying. There is a migraine community here - why not stop over there and ask questions?
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Worried and Confused

Stress could make ANYTHING happen; you'll be surprised. There is no guarantee that it's causing it, but yes, it can cause anything to happen: loss of balance, vision, sexual problems, heart burn, acid reflux, it and it could affect it.
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Worried about pains followed by dizziness

I too get the sharp shooting pains up the neck and into my temple area.  This is always followed by dizziness or I develop a headache.  I have had this symptom for so long now that I have realized it only happens on days where I am extremely anxious.  We seem to share quit a few of the same symptoms of anxiety.  I hope you felt well today and that this helps ease your mind.  If it worries you too much demand that your doctor run the appropriate tests, not because something might be wrong, but because you need the peace of mind.  Good luck to you!
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So worried that I may have cervical cancer!

Cervical cancer is VERY slow forming (it can take up to 20 years to full develop).  I had severe dysplasia of the cervix (CIN 3) three years ago and had a LEEP procedure done to remove the pre-cancerous cells.  I had zero pain whatsoever.  My guess is that what you are experiencing the pain from hormonal changes.  I had extremely bad pain with my period, which was why the doctor put me on birth control.  It has been a Godsend, but the first month I took it I was in excruciating pain.  I know it's easier said than done to relax in these situations, but I'm 99% confident you don't have cervical cancer.  I would, however, schedule a pap test to alleviate your worries.  I'm actually surprised your doctor prescribed you birth control without doing a pelvic exam.  I have to have one done annually in order to get refills.  Good luck!
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