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breast cancer 2002 now pain in sternum

R Breast CA in 2002 Stage 2? microinvasion and micrometastases to sentinel node -chemo was 4 cycles AC . In Sept 2006 started having pain in sternal/right rib area that is just getting worse.  Bone scan showed area of concern possible mets or trauma,  Pet scan showed SUV of 3 in same area and CT shows 8mm area of lucency.  Oncologist is not concerned and wants to re-evaluate in 3months - but I hurt! and I am of course worried

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Breast Cancer Discussion Forums - Access the shared knowledge of thousands of people affected by breast cancer. Main Site; ... Sternum Pain Topic: Sternum Pain
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sternum pain after breast cancer | Cancer Survivors Network

is anyone experiencing sternum pain and/or tenderness after breast cancer...I had chemo and radiation 6 yrs ago and lately i feel like i have pulled a muscle in my chest?
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During breast cancer treatment, you may have different kinds of pain in your chest. After surgery, you may feel a mixture of pain and numbness in your chest in the ...
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Hi I was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms 4 years after breast cancer? I was HER2 postive and had ACT and herceptin and radiation. I have been experiencing ...
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Radiation-related chest wall discomfort is not uncommon. ... After breast cancer surgery, ... Relief for inflammed rib cage due to radiation? New pain means new problem?
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Pain After Breast Cancer: Costocondritis - Therapy-A

Rib or chest pain after breast cancer may be costochondritis. Physical therapy uses thoracic mobilization, breathing techniques & stretches to reduce this pain
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7 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer. ... Pain in the breast or chest. ... Im unfortunately on my 2nd round of breast cancer. 2007 and now in 2016.
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I was diognosed with breast cancer @ sternum cancer

So you had no other than hormonal treatment after the cancer in your sternum was discovered? And before this showed up, you had both chemo, radiation and lumpectomy, right? What were you told by your doctor and his confidence that hormonal therapy would keep the cancer in check? did it initially get better, the cancer in your sternum? Right away, let me tell you that I cannot give you medical advice, just because I am not sure about your case and situation. (I would do so if I knew) It does sound very scary, and I would be nervous too. Did the pain come on suddenly, or did it sort of start slowly and then get worse? Is it there all the time or only sometimes? i think these are all important questions you will be asked. I was told that with bone cancer, it sometimes is not very painful at first but most patients complain of pain. Also, that the pain is usually steady, and all the time and then gets worse. it's not a come and go thing. I am sorry you have to sit on this over Christmas. maybe you can call your doctor, or speak with his nurse, tomorrow? I really wish you the best, and please ley us know what happens. truly, Kat
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burning breast pain

Hi, When the BIRADS score is 0, means that not enough information was given for the radiologist to make a clear diagnosis. BIRADS 1, means that the breast tissue looks normal,with no suspicious lumps or calcification to report. BIRADS 2,means that the breasts are same size and shape and tissue looks normal.A BIRADS score 2 was given on your mammogram and US test and it means BENIGN. BIRADS 3 means probably benign and a follow-up is usually recommended to confirm that no cancer exists.The follow-up is also needed if your radiologist does not have a previous mammogram for comparison. Try to eliminate your caffeine intake ( Chocolate,coffee, colas etc..),and also your salt intake to lessen the pain.Wearing a good supportive bra also helps.Talk to your doctor about taking vitamin E and ask him/her what else could be suggested to lessen the pain.   I don't believe that you have IBC, this is a very rare form of breast cancer and the symptoms present with Swelling, usually sudden, sometimes a cup size in a few days, Itching, pink, red, or dark colored area (called erythema) sometimes with texture similar to the skin of an orange (called peau d’orange). Ridges and thickened areas of the skin, nipple retraction, nipple discharge, may or may not be bloody,breast is warm to the touch, breast pain (from a constant ache to stabbing pains). I hope I've been of some help.In my opinion you are okay and you have nothing to worry about. Best wishes...
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21 year old lump on right breast. Is it cancerous?

Hi, Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors known to increase in size and tenderness in relation to the menstrual cycles due to hormonal changes. These benign tumors are not related to breast cancer in any way. As long as your radiologist is sure it is a fibroadenoma, there would be no need to biopsy or remove the lump, because in many cases they could go away on their own within a few years. There are some reports stating that low fat, high fiber diets, limiting caffeine intake ( coffee, chocolate, colas) could decrease incidence of fibroadenoma. In young women your age, the tendency is not to remove fibroadenomas, unless it enlarges too much or causes considerable pain. If your radiologist is certain that the lump has all the characteristics of a benign fibroadenoma, then conservative management with regular follow ups is advisable. However, if there is any concern, a biopsy of the tumor is done to identify exactly what types of cells are there. I consider that waiting 3 months to follow up as your first radiologist suggested is normal standard when a Fibroadenoma is not suspicious to warrant a biopsy for now. Best wishes..
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Bone Scan Positive, mammogram and ultrasound negative-what now?

Unless your friend has been previously diagnosed with breast cancer I can't see why this would be even considered at this point. If the areas of concern are pain and the results showed uptake in the spine area I would be thinking something related to bone rather than breast cancer. Bone Scan will pick up "everything" .... mine showed uptake in the jaw where I had an abscessed tooth several years before. With neg. Mammo and Ultrasound it's highly unlikely that there is a breast issue here. Keep in mind that everything I have said is based on the fact that there was no previous diagnosis of breast cancer !!!
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Severe sternum pain

Not sure what RX of the sternum means but have you had a bond scan? Maybe you could ask your doctor to schedule one. Are you still seeing your oncologist?
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Another lump...

Just a comment:  I'm a mom of 2 babies, daughter of a breast cancer survivor, and now a breast cancer survivor myself...and 38.   If the lump hurts to the touch, it's probably still nothing to worry over, but get checked out.  My lump was very findable, but did not hurt to touch, did not move, and was very solid.  I waited almost 4 months before getting a biopsy.  It was just over stage 3 in size at mastectomy time.  It was probably already a stage 2 in size when I found it during breast feeding. Having said that, enjoy your holidays (as best you can).  Even if you find out the lump is "something", waiting this short amount of time is not going to make that much of a difference in anything. My little benign lump that I had a few years earlier was painful when pushed on, but not to notice unless touched, it moved, and was just a twisted duct. Think positive and enjoy the season. Lisa
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I found a hard mass in my left breast and chest wall. Now my left arm is weakening.

Please get it checked out by a proffesional - cancer is serious if it is cancer, and your outlook is much better if you do something now; don't wait and risk being sorry.
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Confirmed with Breast Cancer?

First may I suggest that you follow your first posting on this Community and not start another "thread" so that we may have all the information concerning your questions. This would make it a lot easier to give you appropriate answers. Now to your current questions ... did you have the Mammogram and/or Ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis of your problem and the cause of your pain. Pain is rarely associated with breast cancer except for one particular type which has several other obvious symptoms. You never state what the Dr.s have told you regarding this pain but I'm sure if this had anything to do with BC it would have been confirmed after having the routine tests for the disease (Mammogram/Ultrasound/Breast MRI) as well as the clinical exam. I would be interested in what was stated in the Radiology reports from your imagery.  Regards ...
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breast pain

I am sorry that I can not say what is causing your pain. You should however, be concerned and let your docotr know ASAP. It could be something rather normal and simply related to breast feeding, especially if you are switching breasts to feed. On the other hand, with family history or not, it is hard to say, but I would take all your family history into consideration and the docotrs should also in order to do what ever is needed to determine the cause. I have heard, but can not say all is 100%,  that early stages of cancer are not generally painful. There are always exceptions to all the rules. I would be on the phone with my docotr or in her or his's office ASAP. Now days, it seems that we need to get answers fast. Anything out of the normal it reason to be concerned and reason to let our doctors know ot these concerns and what needs to be done. Again, I hope it is something simple and related to breast feeding only, but do not take this fro granted. I wish you and your baby the best and am glad to hear that you are still breast feeding. I think this within itsself is so beneficial for you and your baby. Wise decision!!!
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Dear Harleymoma:  You are so right about BC being painful.  I had a horribly itchy nipple for well over two years, and like an idiot I thought it was my bra and often switched.  Also I had shooting pains in my breast like a poker going through the breast and out of the nipple.   I was stage four and Her2 positive by the time my Doctors believed me.  I am once again getting the itchy nipple and the pain shooting, I really dislike when a doctor says things aren't painful.  Good luck on your journey.  
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