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breast biopsy result

I had a core biopsy--result: Papilloma with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia. My question is--is this the same papilloma virus that is advertised on TV that says women can now receive a vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus that causes cervical cancer. I just wondered if that is what I am fighting-- a wart-like growth caused  by a virus? The same kind that causes cervical cancer? I was told it usually comes back and also in the other breast. Is this slow growing or fast growing? Does it go to other parts of the body? Where is it likely to go to next?  Does it ever go away on

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What is a breast biopsy? ... In the case of a surgical biopsy, the results reveal data about the type, grade, and receptor status of the tumor, ...
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May 31, 2016 · When other tests show that you might have breast cancer, you’ll probably need to have a biopsy. Needing a breast biopsy doesn’t necessarily mean you ...
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If the biopsy shows benign breast tissue without cancer, you will likely not need surgery. Sometimes the biopsy results show abnormal signs that are not cancer.
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The breast biopsy diagnosis may reveal that a breast abnormality is benign, or non-cancerous.
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What to do when you have to wait. Waiting for the results of biopsy testing, scans, or lab tests can understandably weigh heavily on your mind. Some people cope by ...
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Different techniques can be used to perform a breast biopsy. Learn more about breast cancer biopsy procedures ... tell you when and how you can get the biopsy results;
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I'm feeling a bit better as eventually got to speak to my GP who said 2 weeks is about normal to wait for biopsy results. ... biopsy last week..query breast cancer ...
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This paper will address various issues relevant to core-needle biopsy of the breast under stereotactic imaging guidance. Patient and equipment selection, indications ...
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BIRAD discrepancy

I too have microcalcs.  I was wondering how you are doing?  
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mammo results

It could very likely come back the same as your other biopsies have BUT you NEVER should take the chance when a new finding is seen on film. The irregular shape does raise suspicion to some degree and is always an indication for a biopsy. Most anything can appear in 6 months and as to what your latest finding represents as you know will have to wait for the biopsy results. Hoping you have another benign result and know that you are evidently receiving excellent medical care.  Regards ....
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reccurance of breast lump

Please see my comment related to this in your previous post.
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Abnormal biopsy results

Abnormal doesn't mean too much at this point. There must have Surgeon and we could help explain the meaning of that if you had quoted it here. The word "abnormal" means that something was found that wasn't "normal" but like I said you would need to know the entire report to explain any more than that. Sorry we couldn't be of more help but there just isn't enough information.    Regards ...
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Is it normal to wait a long time to get an appointment for diagnosis or treatment?

Hi,  I can totally understand you, I had my mammogram in late October and 1 1/2 week later after I was called to get it re-done, I had a cluster of microcalcification on my left breast, it was a Friday when they called me, so Monday I had an Ultrasound which they found 3 more fluid filled cysts on the same breast.  The next week I was scheduled for a core needle biopsy but it was too painful for me the doctor decided to schedule me the next week for a surgical breast biopsy, I had it done on November 8th, after 1 week I went back to see the doctor and he said there was no firm results yet because they sent the biopsies to another hospital for a second opinion, I was really, really worried. Finally on November 27th, my doctor called me and he said its a good new what I have is "Atypical Ductal Hyperlasia" and it is less that 2 millimeter.  So I can totally understand you and I wish you all the best.
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biopsy results

I think that you should follow your doctor's recommendation to have the lump surgically removed.During an excisional surgical biopsy, the surgeon will attempt to completely remove the area of concern (lesion), often along with a surrounding margin of normal breast tissue. If the lesion is palpable (can be felt by examination), excisional biopsy is generally a brief, straightforward surgery.A core needle biopsy takes only a few samples of tissue from the lump.Your doctor is being vigilant and in my opinion he is taking good care of you because in your ultrasound and mammogram report it states that there is an irregular mass and a suspicion for breast carcinoma.I really cannot say if the lump could have been an infection.If I were you I would certainly go for the surgery and have this lump removed.Wishing you all the best.
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Biopsy results benign, surgeon still wants to remove

You don't state your age but Fibroadenomas are often removed in women of a certain age. They can increase in size and often they are removed for this reason or if they cause a great deal of discomfort. I doubt that the biopsy missed anything but I don't think removal is out of the question. If you are having serious doubts then you are entitled to a second opinion so don't hesitate to consult another Surgeon to review your reports.    Regards ....
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3rd biopsy -with sentinel node -help

Though what you've been thru is far from pleasant, it is a necessary process. Clean margins are VERY important and there is no way to tell at the time of surgery if this has been obtained. Only after the Pathology examination of the tissue is this known. Enough tissue must be removed so that no cancer cells are left in the surrounding tissues. You should ask your Surgeon about what you might use on the scars ... different Surgeons have various preferences and I hesitate to advise any particular product. With this type of surgery there is some damage to nerves which can't be helped so you may have pain for some time until complete healing takes place. Radiation won't be started until healing has occured from these surgeries. Let's hope you've had your last surgery now and the healing can begin. Kindest regards...
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biopsy results ???

Hi.  Sclerosing adenosis is a non-cancerous breast condition characterized by disordered growth of the cells lining the breast glands.  It looks similar to breast cancer on mammography, that's why a biopsy needs to be done to distinguish it.  A core needle biopsy can already provide enough sample to make an accurate diagnosis, so that diagnosis of sclerosing adenosis should be correct for as long as it was read by a competent pathologist.  If you're really worried about it, you may still choose to have the lump excised, but this is not absolutely necessary.
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Fine needle biopsy followed by core needle biopsy

Hi there. I understand your concern.  The disadvantage of fine needle aspiration biopsy is that it is able to only sample a very small area of the intended lesion, and also that the architecture of the biopsied lesion cannot be determined.  The core biopsy can provide a larger sample and a more accurate diagnosis.  The findings of abnormal cells in the FNAB should be confirmed by core biopsy.  There are other benign conditions such as hyperplasia, dysplasia, or fibroadenoma (most common) that can give rise to these abnormal fnab findings and does not automatically mean that this is cancer.  I hope your core biopsy will be uneventful and will have as minimal pain and discomfort as possible.  Regards and God bless.
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