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Cyst/Lump or just Tissue --- how can I tell???

Hello I have had fibrocystic issues in past ... I have had bleeding from right breast resulting in excisional biopsy ... and removal of ducts -- all good/benign.  Some time after that a small lump was felt on left breast - at approx 1:00.  Ultrasound showed it to be simple cyst.     Approx 3 mos ago I found another "something" at about 9pm, further away from ----.  This one feels different. ... not necessarily in a scary way ... but in a "what the heck is it" way.  Has survived 3 mens. cycles with no change. 

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Breast Cyst - National Breast Cancer Foundation

What is a breast cyst? ... How would I know the lump is a cyst and not ... and means that you have denser breast tissue and may notice lumps and bumps that are common ...
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How Can You Tell If A Breast Lump Is Normal Or Abnormal?

How Can You Tell If A Breast Lump Is Normal Or ... Only a doctor can truly decide if your breast lump is something ... Normal breast tissue can sometimes feel ...
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Can a general doctor tell if a lump is a sebaceous cyst and ...

Can a general doctor tell if a lump is a sebaceous cyst and ... Can doctors tell if a lump is dangerous by feeling ... without knowing more about the new tissue.
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Cysts, Lumps and Bumps: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Cysts can develop as a result of infection, ... Dermatofibromas contains scar tissue and feel like hard lumps in the skin. ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, ...
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Tumor vs. cyst: What's the difference? - Mayo Clinic

Tumor vs. cyst — Mayo Clinic ... cysts — small bumps that form just beneath ... A tumor is any abnormal mass of tissue or swelling. Like a cyst, a tumor can form ...
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Breast tissue or lump? how do you tell the difference ...

How can you tell the difference between breast tissue/fat and a lump that should be looked at by a doctor? Tissue feels lumpy regardless, so are there certian ...
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I have lumps in my breasts and you can feel them. They are ...

I have lumps in my breasts and you can feel them. They are cysts and tissue. How do I know which ones are of concern when doing a self breast exam?
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FACTS FOR LIFE When you Discover a Lump or Change

A doctor can tell a lot about a lump from its size, ... sac called a cyst. Doctors can drain cysts by ... When you Discover a Lump or Change
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Scar tissue PLEASE HELP

I'm with you I thought scar tissue was always scar tissue.
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Dense breast tissue then ultrasound

Definately check it out! It's important that you ask your gyno to send you a copy of the actual radiology report so you can see for yourself what it says.Look for the birads rating. Yours might be a birad 3 which can be interpreted different ways. (Birad 3 means probably benign) Sometimes doctors recommend you check out a density or a lump even when the radiology place says everything is fine. They prefer to err on the side of caution. Or, it's possible your gyno was looking at the wrong report when he called you. I've had it happen, too and it's very frustrating because of the roller coaster of emotions it puts you on.
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ct scan results???

The report confirms that there is a mass in the area where you felt a lump, and the radiologist recommends that the area be removed by open surgery (called excisional biopsy or  lumpectomy), rather than trying to  analyze it by core biopsy (pulling out small pieces through a needle). The BI-RADS 4 rating means it raises suspicion and a biopsy is needed; however, many  BI-RADS 4 abnormalities turn out to be non-malignant. Easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. (If it were highly suspicious for malignancy, it would have been labeled BI-RADS 5.) Please let us know how things are going for  you by posting additional comments on this same thread--we care! Wishing you all the best, bluebutterfly
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Cocaine Damage Help

I'm no expert but I believe there are surgical options. They can repair a lot of damage now a days.....There are many options for where skin and tissue can be taken from and then grafted into the affected area. Go get a consult with a plastic surgeon. Start with your GP and tell him you want the problem fixed (if you have an HMO). Don't worry, you can get help. Hopefully you are done with the drugs and are looking to get back on the right road. You need to get help with the drug abuse. NA or some counseling.....your pick. One of our members, Gizzy32 is very knowlegable in this field. Hopefully he'll be around soon. Stay strong, Greatgreebo
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What is the difference between scar tissue and density?

Hi, It could mean the same thing. You would ahve to talk to your doctor about this and ask her/ him what they were refferring to. Do not worry and get the mammogram and USG done next month and get a re-evaluation done by your doctor and surgeon. Ask them what you need to avoid post operatively and about when you need to come in for a clinical examination. Do let us know how you are doing. Good luck.
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pathology after sentinal node dissection: no nodes present in sample

Try posting this on the Ask a Doctor forum and see what their answer is.  I'm also curious about this and don't understand why your path report would say that. Chris
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Is it scar tissue??

I'm glad that your biopsy report returned with benign findings. After my surgical biopsy, I also felt a distinctly hard lump or knot just beneath the incision. It was, in fact, scar tissue and after several months of gentle massaging with vitamin E oil, that stiffness went away. But, do have your doctor check it out during your follow up.
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Insist on an MRI. It will show abnormalties in dense breast tissue better than mammogram or sonogram. But sonogram also shows better than mammogram, so maybe that will show what's going on.
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anti tissue transglutaminase blood test level high

This is very suggestive of celiac disease. It might be a very good idea to talk with your doc about starting a gluten-free diet.
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Lumpy Breasts

Hello, Sounds like a cysts ,but please call back your doctor for another appointment to check this lump and maybe order an ultrasound test to make sure it's a cyst.You said that you don't like to do BSE because of your breasts being lumpy, so I would think that the reasonable thing to do is to go back to your doctor to have him check this particular nodule you seem to worry about.Take care...
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