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More confused than I was before! Please help!!

I was told I had to have a biopsy after two mammograms found a 10 mm lesion in my left breast.  I went to the breast surgeon yesterday.  She did a breast exam and couldn't feel anything and said that to come back in 6 months and get another mammogram.  As if that wasn't enough, about 30 minutes later at Applebee's, I met a woman who had the exact same situation I did. 2 bad mammograms, ultrasound didn't show anything, deep location of lesion, and SAME dr. couldn't feel anything on her.  She did do a wire biopsy on her.  I ha

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The difference between than and then (grammar lesson)

Than and Then The words then and than look similar, ... Russia is even more spacious than Canada. (More spacious is a comparative.) ... Please help to improve Grammar ...
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I'm more confused than usual,,, Please help,,, Am I ready for ...

Aug 01, 2011 · I'm more confused than usual,,, Please help,,, Am I ready for my 1st water change? ... Should I wait until my nitrite is zero before doing a water change
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More confused than before - ActiveBass Equipment Forum

Thanks to everyone who reponded to my other post, but now I feel more lost than before. Everyone had such different opinions. Example, some people said they liked Behring
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More confused than I was before. - Anxiety Support ...

More confused than I was before. ... iI found this book a great help with understanding all the symptoms etc. and does gives some good ... More questions than answers;
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More confused than ever. Help, please. - AVS Forum | Home ...

But return shipping on a pair of the Wharfedale 220s should be no more than $20 ... as a whole before we ... > Speakers > More confused than ever. Help, please.
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I am more confused than before - Panoramio - Google Groups

I am more confused than before ... Herman PLEASE do not delete this, as I am confused and waited more ... I have the feeling that Google is just as confused as ...
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I'm more confused than I was before.... - TeenHelp

So as most of you know, I'm living with the guy I like. (We're three years apart, he's 20, I'm 17.) Well, a couple weeks ago, I finally got the guts
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More Confused Than Before - Questions about Asexuality ...

I was reading the sexual identity lexicon earlier and I'm even more confused than before. There's so much to sexuality that I didn't know before. The only t...
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To start medication again? HELP PLEASE

This is so very typical of anxiety/depression sufferers.  We start to really feel better, so we decide to give things a go without the meds....for a while, everything is good, and then BAM!  Right back to where we started from, if not worse.  :0( This is a personal decision as to whether you want to get back on your meds.  You MAY try just therapy for a while, see how you do.  If things don't improve, then you may just have to re-start your med regimen.  Sometimes these meds end up being for long-term, and that's ok.  If I had high blood pressure, I'd take a if I need something to keep my anxiety and depression at bay, so be it.  That's how I feel about it! Good luck, hang in there!
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I'm stopping my meds, nothing helps me, I give up

I'm sorry you're so disgusted, it's understandable. My advice to you is get a second opinion from another psychiatrist.  It seems like not only is your doc not listening to your concerns and trying to make any changes that would help, but it sounds like you may be misdiagnosed as well. Treatment for ADD versus an anxiety disorder will vary greatly.  If you DO have ADD, treating you for anxiety could actually be making all of your symptoms worse. Please seek out an assessment from another doctor and explain to him/her what you've been through and what you've tried thus far. Best of luck to you...I hope you get some answers and some relief soon.  Update us when you can!
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Effexor not effective anymore!!

Hi, Teks.  I have been through just about the entire gamut of 'let's try this' with my doctor.  Effexor did not work one iota for me.  It was like taking very expensive baby aspirin.  I think Effexor just doesn't work for some people.  If this were me, I would ask to be tapered off this and look into a different antidepressant, like Zoloft.  I have been on Zoloft for YEARS at the same dosage, and it still works.  One of those 'tried and true' things.  Blessings - Blu
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What is wrong with me? Do I need to up my dosage of Zoloft?

If you are still reading, God bless you. To the point here..  I have SERIOUS social anxiety that is absolutely debilitating at times. I absolutely go out of my way to AVOID interaction with people (strangers AND people I know).  It has an ENORMOUS effect on my life and the lives of my family! All negatively!  I don't even want to talk about it, it's so stupid.  I HATE being this way. I just want to be normal. I don't want to feel so panicked and scared when I have to interact with someone. It is EXHAUSTING!  When my doorbell rings, INSTANTLY I feel all the blood just leave my arms and shoulders, blood rushes to my face, my heart beats like I am running, I feel like I am not getting enough air like I am running out of breath, I get really, really, REALLY nervous. I feel AFRAID! And it is the stupidest thing! It is SO irrational, it makes NO sense.  I am not afraid the person, what I am afraid of is literally that I am afraid to interact. I am afraid I will not say the right thing, I won't know what to say, I will sound stupid, I will look stupid, I will sound rude, I will sound too nice, I will sound nervous! I am afraid they will know I am feeling afraid!  And the thing is, I can most of the time pull it off and not look like I am being so uncomfortable. I do not think most people even have a clue I am so nervous! Just the people who know me well know that I have the social anxiety issues, and they are supportive of me and really don't think too much of it (though most of them do not know quite how bad it actually is for me!).
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Just a General Question

Well many people have asked that question (myself included), do you see your Dr. for therapy or medication only? what kind of Dr. is he? also have you tried CBT or any of the other therapies? you are correct that pills only relieve the symptoms! that is a great start! you would not believe how many people think it's the cure! get into some therapy and remember, NEver ever judge your anxiety/Panic with anyone elses! you have your own set of "circumstances" why you have Anxiety/Panic, get to the root and WORK on recovery! it is possible, I mention the above about not comparing your Anixiety with others or your recovery with others, because you will find on here and other places, people who have had Anxiety/Panic for YEARS! but this is NOT the norm, you see most people have Anxiety t in different degrees of thier life, most just once and some once or twice. I really want you to know that long term Anxiety/Panic is NOT THE NORM! keep your head up and WORK ON THE ISSUES, if you have 2 steps back, remember the one steip forward, this sounds easy, but it is NOT, allot of work on recovery , but the rewards down the line are great!. keep your head up !
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could therapy really help me?

The answer to your question in my opinion is a RESOUNDING YES.  Gaining the knowledge and understanding of what your going through can really help you cope and even thrive with this.  The old saying, 'knowledge is power,' is a saying for a reason. Sometimes finding the right therapist can be a little tricky and therapy can also take a little patience.  There really is no quick fix to this, but you will be amazed that the majority of anxiety experiences follow certain patterns, phases, etc...I guess that is why there is a whole profession that deals with it.  You will also see that in this community, there are probably multiple experiences just like yours.  I encourage you to become an active member here and keep those questions and concerns coming!
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No sex for 90 days or a year?  What?  I have never heard of that before.  did they give you a reason? It sounds like he is depressed.  When you are depressed, it is extremely difficult to show any affection. Is he on anti-depressants now?  
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help me

  Might want to check out the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) forum.  Some of it does sound a bit like ADD.  Try this link for more info on that.
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confused and scared

Tough..I am a HC professional as well...but also an addict who came to terms with my addiction a few years ago.  I would say you can trust him to do whatever he trusts hi mself to do...but he has to do it.  Being a HC professional, we are caregivers so it is natural to want to "fix" is in our nature.  But, in reality this is about him and something He has to do...but u can be there for him.  I would avoid badgering him about it, if he wants to talk, I would be there for him.  Dont become his spy and check up on him constantly...but dont be blind either.  Tough place to be but if he is up to stopping then he can....and support from u is an added bonus he will have to make his chances of success even better Does he go to meetings?  Most addicts resist them like the plague and aftercare is the only proven long term medicine for insulin to a diabetic.  It is hard to do this alone, and your support is great, but meetings are proven to be the most beneficial part of not just getting clean...but the hard part which is staying clean!  Addiction doesnt just go away like the lays there dormant like a cancer and can recur at any time.  Meetings long term can help prevent relapse which is rampant among addicts..unfortunately.  the chances of an addict getting clean and staying clean on the first try and long term are very very low.  With aftercare, the chances improve tremendously.  You could even go with him. Hang in there,,,be there for him...and learn what you can concerning this disease.  The health pages r full of great info
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Yes they will. You will get coy selling and group therapy. Rehab is all about getting clean and sober and learning how to live from there Drake you an do this.  
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