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Does anyone else have a Cavernoma? (bleeding brain tumor type lesion)

I was just recently diagnosed with a Cavernoma of the brain. I don't know much about it besides it is a raspberry shaped tumor type lesion that sometimes bleeds small amounts of blood into your brain. I have had a bad headache since the day after I was diagnosed with blood on the brain. Went to the ER twice, and one of the times they did a CT scan that did not show any active bleeding, just a previous bleed. At first I couldn't get in to see a neurosurgeon for 4 weeks, but decided to take my aunts advice when she referred me to her neurosurgeon. However, he is 3 hours away from where I

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Cavernous Malformations of the Brain (Cavernomas)

Explanation of a Cavernous Malformations of the Brain (Cavernomas), ... They are not a cancer, ... uncovering the lesion. 6-10% of patients with a cavernoma will ...
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Cavernous hemangioma - Wikipedia

As the tumor grows and ... If the lesion caused by the cavernous hemangioma is destroying ... patients who have had bleeding from their brain cavernoma in the past ...
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Cavernomas - Symptoms & Treatment - The Mount Sinai Hospital

Cavernomas can occur in the brain and on the spinal cord. ... Anyone may have a cavernoma, ... How the cavernomas are bleeding: ...
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Angioma Alliance -- Brainstem Cavernous Angiomas

For the individual, a brainstem cavernous angioma can ... the outer covering of the brain. This type of lesion is ... Other studies show varying rates of re-bleeding.
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Cavernous Malformations - MGH Neurosurgery

Cavernous malformations typically hemorrhage in small amounts with bleeding ... to have cavernous malformations as ... lesion or into surrounding brain ...
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Cavernoma - NHS Choices

a type of stroke called a haemorrhagic stroke ; ... Some cavernoma cases have also been linked to ... MRI and CT scans can be used to detect bleeding on the brain, ...
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Cavernous Malformation - WebMD - WebMD - Better information ...

Feb 26, 2013 · Vessels of a cavernous malformation lesion have a tendency to leak because they ... (bleeding) from these vascular ... CCM do not have brain tissue within ...
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Cavernous Malformation (Cavernoma) | The Stroke and ...

Cavernous Malformation (Cavernoma) ... that creates a “mulberry-like” lesion in the brain or ... If there is low risk of bleeding and seizures are ...
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WHAT IS A CAVERNOUS HAEMANGIOMA ? ... lesion that appears in the brain in a small group of people. ... Bleeding If you have had a small bleed and the lesion is in the
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Does anyone else have a Cavernoma? (bleeding brain tumor type lesion)

I hope you got this resolved and are weaning off the steroids. How are you feeling now? I had surgery, and seems no one else replied.
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Brain tumor and Brain aneurysm

I have known one other person. She had surgery on her aneurysms last I heard, the pit thing was in limbo (as we all know, it sort of takes forever for docs to diagnose and treat those).
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Lung cancer

Hi.  Whatever type of lung cancer your mother has (whether small cell or non small cell variety), she is in an advanced stage because of the brain metastases (was this documented by CT scan?) and what I assume to be metastases to lymph nodes behind the ears (post-auricular nodes). The primary treatment for brain metastases coming from the lungs is still radiotherapy.  Although there is a chance that the brain tumor will come back after radiation treatment, doing the radiation still confers a survival benefit and should be done if your mother indeed has brain metastases.  As for the  post-auricular lymph node metastases, I'm not sure that surgical removal is going to be beneficial, since the disease seems to be widespread at this point, and removal of those nodes will not control the spread of the cancer.  Chemotherapy is, in my opinion, a better choice for treating those ear node metastases.
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Can Brain Tumors be Hereditary???

I found this definition on line: "Gliosarcoma Links     Rare mixed tumors of the brain and rarely the spinal cord which contain malignant neuroectodermal (glial) and mesenchymal components, including spindle-shaped fibrosarcoma cells. These tumors are highly aggressive and present primarily in adults as rapidly expanding mass lesions. They may arise in tissue that has been previously irradiated. (From Br J Neurosurg 1995 Apr;9(2):171-8)" I have had three members of my family with brain tumors (on mother and father sides), so I understand your fear - and you should discuss with your doctor the likelihood of cancer and about it being passed to another child. I have, and since I have had a couple of pituitary tumors which have left me debilitated, my docs have basically told me that the tumors in my family are not inherited directly, however, that there is something in some people that makes that more likely to develop tumors and that is not understood at this time. I would in your case consult with your son's records with a geneticist so that you have some comfort.
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Any feedback regarding Pineal Neoplasm/Partially Calcified Lesion?

Sorry for the delay in responding - Sandy knocked out my power, heat, internet etc. There have been quite a few posts on pineal lesions - but our search here is strange and just throws up the oldest stuff and not the newest (ACK!) so you are not alone. I can tell you from experience - scans can be iffy on a lot of stuff especially with smaller glandular lesions - and I don't know if the calcification makes it more one way or another. Have you had any blood tests that help? Any news since the post?
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treatment after having a brain tumor removed?

These are questions you should be asking your mother's Oncologist. Each case is different and treatment is specialized based on the type of cancer, location of the tumor and condition of the patient.
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brain tumor?

  How long have you had this problem? You could have anything from an infection, to severe hormone loss, iron deficiency, or hypoglycemia. Have you seen a doctor yet for these symptoms? Be sure you're well hydrated, and not salt deficient. If this continues, get to a doctor for some tests. Take care,   Enzy
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Internal Quivering With Anxiety Anyone

i cant say that i have had any quivering with my anxiety but i have major tension in my head - similar to migraines- neck and shoulders constantly. Ive recently had to start wearing glasses as the tension has caused eye problems.. not pleasant so now trying to adjust to life with them.. which have caused their own list of issues. How long have you been on effexor for?  Any chance you could have a quick chat to a gp in your area? Anxiety does a whole range of unpleasant things to us.. i was once considering lyme disease as i was trying to self diagnose myself.. im currently in the middle east so chances are pretty small of me having it.. but that didn't stop the brain thinking the worst. good luck but im pretty sure its your anxiety. sorry not much help.. but you are definitely not alone with this.
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New Symptom: Visual Disturbance? and CSF FLow Study?

  Hi Tess, the Flow study is the CINE MRI it is done very much like the other MRI's u have had and it will concentrate on the brain ...not ur spine...U go in the machine twice....the 2nd time u have a dye injected and a clip to monitor ur BP....they check to see the flow of the CSF if it pulsates in real time.If so, it would indicate an obstruction, and the possibility u might have a syrinx. Many NL's and NS's feel they only need to check the cervical spine for syrinx's. but too many with chiari also have them in the thoracic and lumbar spine, plus this allows ur drs to rule out other issues like tethered cord and disk issues.   "selma"
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