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Hi everyone, has anyone had three c-spine fusions done several years ago and now need to add more to it?  I had 3 levels done way back in 1995 c-4,5,& 6 corpectomy with fusion and hip bone allograph.  Titanium plate & 5 screws.  All due to degenerative spondylosis and spinal cord compression.  Latest MRI shows more of the same at c-6&7.  Neurologist is referring me back to Neurosurgeon in 2 weeks, and I know already what will be happening.  My question to all of you is this:  has anyone had multi-level fusions do

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Thoughts on Fusion for young child with Chiari I (plus regular decompression)

  Hi...such a conundrum of a situation...I had the same question pop into my head as I read this , what about him growing...did u ask them at TCI in regards to that ? I do understand the need for a fusion, he has other issues that need attention as much or more so then the decompression....but I am not sure how this works on a child. Can u ask about a neck brace until he is older...not sure he would want to wear one, but it may be an option ....not sure what else to suggest.... Keep us posted and do ask TCI about ur concerns.
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Neck fusion, level 4

Just a brief about me: I have had 2 cervical fusions (bone spurs pushing on my spinal cord) at the same location because my body rejected the donor bone. (One March 07 Second Jan 08) (c3-c6) Last MRI showed a slight fusion at c5-c6 and no fusion at c3-c4. The plate is now pushing in the vertibrea at c3 and new bone spurs pushing on my spinal cord that have formed at c1-c2. You didn't say why you had the fusion, but my outcome has been truely painful. I look back quite often and wonder if I would be better off not doing the surgery. But I can't think that any bone pushing on your spinal cord could be good. But - I have extreme pain daily. Neck, shoulders, arms, hands and if I sneeze I am in for snap that almost paralyzes me for a few seconds. And extreme headaches daily that will sometimes keep in bed for the day. Bone spurs are a form of DDD and it happens with age. Along I could understand this if your over 60, however I am not even close. I go back to my Dr. in January to see what he suggests, but since I have no insurance, I really don't know what he will be able to do. I don't know if this helps, but at least you know that you are not alone. Good luck and God Bless. Keep us posted.
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Will I need Another Spinal Fusion?

Hi,sorry to know it,Clinically ,if symptom constant,perhaps another spinal fusion should be done.don't rush to surgery,give enough time for your conservative healing.This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Zak Han
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Cervical Fusion

I think that is what no Dr. tells you about the first fusion.  I am in the exact same situation and have NOW been told that fusion puts additional strain on the vertebrae the screws and plate are into.  I had my first fusion in May of 03 as well and now have degeneration of the discs above and below my fusion/plate.  I've also been told by two neurosurgeons that I will need an additional fusion.  I have tried epidurals, trigger point injections, PT, tens unit, postural pump...everything to avoid an additional surgery.  The first was not a pleasant experience for me at all.  I know I can't go through this every 3-4 years!  I am now on vicodin, lyrica for the nerve damage this recent impingement has caused, sleeping pills yadda yadda.  I too have heard of a few people that seem to be ok,  but they are only new into their post-op (year or two).  I thought everything was somewhat better after the first fusion, but little by little all the symptoms came back and then some.  This is so discouraging.   Good luck and I wish you a pain free future!  
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Secondary Fusion Success Rate?

What part of the country are you in? Did they do your fusion from the front or back?
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rhBMP for L5 Spinal Fusion

You have really done your research, I saw a couple studies that confirmed what you said about the radiculopathy problem with BMP. Its too bad, because the fusion rates have definitely been shown to be higher, although in my opinion a 98% fusion rate is totally unrealistic,  their probably doing their own studies. Have the Doctor's been able to give you any insight into the possible impact long time steroid use would have on your fusion? Would it be similar to lets say a patient that had smoked all their life? The reason I ask is I was a smoker and I had a PLIF about 8 years ago using my iliac crest bone graft, and about 5 years ago I had a ACDF using allograft. And in both cases everything went great and I had no problems what so ever, fusion wise, now pain wise that's a different story.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.  
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Advice Needed About Fusion & Pain

I'm not a dr, not even close (well, I worked for one once...) but that doesn't sound right to me either.  Is it an option to maybe see another dr for another opinion if you're not comfortable with the care you're receiving from this dr?  That may be my next course of action.  You could get all your records and the new dr. could see everything.  That is completely up to you though.  Or maybe does he have another dr. in his practice? I wish you good luck.  I'm having my 360 fusion in 2 days and I hope mine goes well.
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Spinal Fusion with Pedicle Screws coming loose

I had the same surgery you did in 2007, same levels. after about 6 months I felt just fine. Not a young man, but no pain. OK so I overdid it and after months of pain and test had to undergo another fusion of the level above. L2, at that time he took out all my old hardware, "since i am there" was the answer i was told why they took it out. It was not bothering me, but the new hardware was not compatible with the old stuff. go figure, only a couple of yrs and its already outdated. So........if you are solidly fused, then you do not need to have the hardware in, especially if you are suffering from them. I know plenty of people that have had them taken out from pain generation. So trust your DR, although If you can avoid surgery then try, but if not, then trust your DR.
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