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bad discs

Hello, can you give me information on my discs, I'm a 51 year old female, I had an MRI without and with contrast . T 10-11 has disc degeneration with a moderate sized right paracentral and lateral disc herniation attenuating ventral thecal sac with possible mass effect on the traversing right nerve root,with spinal stenosis.T 7-8 disc degeneration with left paracentral disc herniation, with spinal stenosis. L 4-5 and L5-S1 disc bulge without spinal stenosis or neural foramina stenosis.L 4-5 disc bulge is a broad based disc bulge and with facet  joint degeneration.C 3-4 disc degen

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T7-T8 upper back pain

Im tired of all these local Docs who dont know what to (EDIT) do (EDIT) because there has never been anyone they have seen with a T7-T8 Injury. I need a place who isn't scared to help and just tell me its all in my head. Its 3AM here so missed that one.
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Back Injury, crushed by hydraulic lift

Unfortunately whenever we overcompensate such as you are doing by walking "differently" i.e., the limp and the rigidity of your body by not bending, we put pressure on other areas of our body that do not normally see this type of pressure and next thing you know, those areas are now hurting.  Do you have a pain management doctor or are you getting your meds from a GP?  
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disc protrusion

Welcome to the Back and Neck Community.  Members are here to provide assistance and support to individuals experiencing symptoms related to possible abnormal conditions of the spine.  Advice given is non-professional and is primarily based on personal experiences. The MRI of your cervical spine shows foraminal encroachment at the C6-7 level.  The foramen is the opening through which the spinal nerve roots travel from the spinal cord to the parts of the body they serve.  Your symptoms of stiff neck and shoulder pain can be directly related to this.  The extent of nerve involvement is apparently not significant enough to produce sensory changes such as arm pain, tingling and/or numbness in your  arm/hand.  The muscle pain is probably more related to your activity level and playing tennis. Surgery would be indicated if the nerve involvement was severe enough to produce neurological changes that could become permanent if the compression of the nerves is not resolved.  Conservative treatment such as anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy and epidural/cortisone injections can be tried to reduce the pressure and improve your function.  If you have already done medications and physical therapy, cortisone injections would be the next probable treatment.  Sometimes a prescription steroid such as a Medrol dose-pak can help as well. Discuss your options with the pain specialist and you could consent to one cortisone injection to see if it reduces your pain. I have osteoarthritis everywhere in my spine, knees and hands.  I am four weeks postop anterior cervical discectomy and fusion C4-C7 due to extensive disc degeneration, stenosis and nerve involvement.  Surgery was the only option for my cervical spine. My knee osteo has been controlled with periodic cortisone injections, and I hope to delay any surgery for total knee replacements for a few years if possible. Please post again with your progress and with any additional questions/concerns you may have. Best wishes -----
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Back Surgery AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Nuggetone, I'm sorry to hear you are in such pain.  Here is my story:  L5/S1 rupture, laminectomy discectomy in March 2007.  Reherniation in July 2008, second laminectomy/discectomy in August 2008.  It has been almostn 13 weeks and I am in moren pain than before my first surgery.  Had repeat MRI in October 2008.  Showed annular tear nat L4/L5, grade I spondylisthesis atn L4/L5, moderately extensive post-op scarring around thecal sac and nerve roots, L5 sacralization.  I do not know what half of this even means!!  OS wants to hold off until February.  It hurts, I know. Have a good day!
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Pain Med Withdraw this quick? ur Dr and let him know, u need more meds to taper from this is  very possible that this is with id not life threatening,...but since u have Chiari I would advise u to call ur Dr ASAP to get more and set it up so u taper down if he feels u no longer need the med.
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lower back disc problem,can someone help me understand

1st: you're not too young to have a degenerative condition. 2nd: The x-rays don't mean a thing. It should have said, "Indicate the possibility of moderate or greater disc disease." It may show structural change. It may show osteophytes. (SP?) [arthritis) However, an MRI would be needed to evaluate the actual conditions of the disks. The MRI would show hydration content of the disks. (the lighter/whiter they are, the better) With that said: Quality x-rays, showing specific changes and indicators, can give a pretty accurate guess on stage of degeneration. You don't mention numbness, tingling, pain, why you had x-rays, etc... I wouldn't be too concerned. That doesn't mean you don't/won't have problems. It means, most likely, you will have many options and excellent recovery.
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bad discs

Sorry to hear you are in pain...  It *****!  I am a 45 yr old female and have similar t-spine, cervical, and lumbar issues.  Your MRI seems to note some disc buldges but w/out spinal stenosis which means it is not pinching your actual spinal cord which is good but doesn't mean it is not causing you pain or that it will not herniate.  I would hope the doctor is following up with some PT and epidural shots...  Disc degeneration is a part of aging something that comes with the wear and tear on our spine.  Did you have an accident?  Pain  what was the reason for the MRI additional symptoms?  Osteophyte is a bone build up form of Arthritis and can become ver pain ful.  If your disc matter gets into the area of your nervse can also cause lots of pain.   Disc osteophyte complex occurs when more than one spinal vertebra or intervertebral disc is affected by osteophytes, which are more commonly referred to as bone spurs.... Again Arthritis and again can be very painful...  Comes with weakening of the spine!!!  "Osteo-" means "bone," and this type of arthritis mostly affects the weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees, as well as joints in the hands, feet, and spine. Spinal Stenosis at your C4-5 and C5-6 levels is concerning..  What did the doctor say?  What percentage of stenosis?  if it is real bad normally the recomend surgery if not so bad then shots, pt, maybe laminectomy or discetomy vs and actual fusion. I have had both a fusion in my cervical area and laminectomy and discetomy in my lumbar region.  Stilll have several issues but a little different than yours.  I have lesions herniations, osteophyte on almost every level. Please let me know you symptoms and any modailities you have tried so far.  Also, when to you see your doctor?
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numbness in leg

Hello Aqeela, welcome to the spine forum. I have no idea what's going on with you, but your symptoms are consistent with sciatic nerve impingement, and perhaps a condition called pyriformis syndrome, that also compresses the sciatic nerve. Yes, injections are the next logical step, and if you have some success, perhaps a nerve ablation procedure might be helpful. Physical therapy can also be effective in reducing pain. In the meantime, gabapentin is an effective medication for nerve related pain, and morphine is one of our best pain medications. Yes, it is an opiate-based analgesic, and can cause dependence. So can gabapentin. Always take medications as directed. The dizziness can be caused by either of these medications, or amitriptyline. Report all side effects of medications to your doctor and ask for instructions. Have you been directed to use an anti-inflamatory medication like aspirin or ibuprofen?
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